:renegade_robins:🎄❄ Christmas with the Robin :renegade_robins:🎄

Happy Holidays to all! Our session this month is a short one and this holiday tale features Damian, Jon and their dads enjoying Christmas together. Hope you enjoy the story and that you all have a great Holiday Season in whatever manner you celebrate.

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What to Read

* DC Rebirth Holiday Special #1

Discussion Point

  1. What did you think of this story?

And that’s all for this month folks! Next month we will be returning to Damian’s Teen Titans for the story: “It Ain’t Easy Being Green”. Hope to see you there.

For February We are back for the conclusion of the first leg of the Super Sons journey with the story “Parent Trap”


Oh, nice! A story from our club that’s actually timely! (You know, perhaps we should’ve just claimed all of the Robins from the start so that we could do this sort of thing more often!)