SPECIAL EDITION OFFICE HOURS: Live Q&A with DC Universe Product Manager, Aric! Thursday, March 25th at 12pm PT/3pm ET!

Ever wonder how we decide what wonderful toys to implement on the DC UNIVERSE INFINITE platform? Curious about what’s next for the technical upgrades to our lovely little service? You’ve come to the right place!

On 2021-03-25T19:00:00Z, we’ll be welcoming back to the DC Community a very special guest- seasoned veteran of the software development world, Aric! :hammer_and_wrench:

Aric works tirelessly across technical development as well as business leads to optimize and perfect our search and sort functionality, add new features, and turns many other gears of our service day in and day out.

With DC UNIVERSE’s transformation to DC UNIVERSE INFINITE, we’ve got a whole new future laid out before us- so we’re inviting Product Manager Aric Phillips back for another Community Q&A to answer your questions about technical features, functionality, and more!

Add your questions in the comments below, and come back 2021-03-25T19:00:00Z to read Aric’s answers LIVE!


Thanks for for answering our questions :grin::grin:


I’m curious about some of the choices behind the site design… if I could ask a few blatant feature requests questions:

  1. What was the motivation behind the switch to the light theme from the dark theme? I know the dark theme is still available on the forums (and use it), but it’s not on the main site area that I can find, and it’s the default when not logged in.
  2. I use LastPass and am constantly re-logging in, and right now, the community login seems to be the bane of my existence. I’ve been trying to get a good URL to put in the LastPass URL area to open when I click “launch,” but when I leave the SSO parameter in, it’s only good for one time (I assume it must be a single sign-on key, possibly for coordinating logins between community.dcuniverseinfinite.com and dcuniverseinfinite.com) and when I omit it, I still get weird behaviors a lot of the time. Is it possible that we’ll be seeing a more unified experience between dcuniverseinfinite.com and community.dcuniverseinfinite.com in the near future?
  3. Is there any possibility of custom zoom levels for the desktop reader in the cards? I know that I can zoom in on individual pages, but that only lasts for one page. I have a small Surface Go running Ubuntu that I love to use, but it seems like it gets the worst of both mobile and desktop experiences when using it for DCUI. (It’s actually so small that I can’t even see the controls at the bottom when I click on the page because they get cut off.)
  4. I gotta come out and ask… why is the search feature so janky? I’ve had so many times when I’ve put in an issue exactly as it’s listed and had it only come up halfway down the page of results, or worse, not at all. It’s particularly annoying when I’m trying to find a specific issue of a longer series, such as Detective Comics, where I can’t just easily go to the series page and scroll to the issue I want.
  5. Is there any chance we could update the controls so that paging back from the first page of an issue goes to the previous issue? Going to the next page from the last page in an issue offers that option.
  6. An odd request, but is there any possibility of ever being able to do scheduled posts/comments? While there’s not a huge need for it, there’s a lot of events which start at precise times where it would be nice to be able to schedule a new thread or comment in advance to make sure it goes up at the right time.

Sorry if I sound like I’m being a buzzkill! I’m a programmer myself, so I know full well how much work you guys are putting into this, and it’s really appreciated!


Hi Aric,

Thanks very much for coming back to the community to answer more of our questions. My question:

Applejack let it slip in Office Hours a couple weeks back that she’s seen some interesting upgrades to the user reading lists feature that are in the pipeline. When might we see these new and improved reading lists roll out?


Hello Aric,
Thankyou for your time, my question is will these go away soon?

They can be both annoying and rude sometimes when liking or writing. Thankyou for your time.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, Aric! Thanks for coming by for this Q&A, it’s always really great to get the opportunity to speak with the people who fine-tune the service experience. Most of my questions about long-wanted features and concerns are addressed above. But I’d like to know, what’s the weirdest bug you’ve encountered, and how did you resolve it?


:wave: Hello thanks for coming.

How was it transition form DCU to DCUI?


Sadly, I start working at 3 Eastern :sleepy:


You can always ask a question and check back on the response later, if you’re curious about the technical features of DCUI!


Would it be possible to have this menu locked at the top and bottom?

I think it would make navigating a bit easier. I often end up at the bottom of a topic and then have to scroll up to navigate back to the menu. Or perhaps have these drop-downs at the top and bottom of every topic?


Hi Aric,
A couple of questions
When might we see more complex search queries? For example: I want to search in all titles, except Batman where Riddler appears but Penguin doesn’t. Something like

Title=-Batman +character Riddler -character Penguin

So it’s basically search all titles except Batman and find all issues where Riddler appears but throw out any issues in which Penguin also appears.

2: Any chance we might see the community integrated back into the app?
Since the DCUI launch, the community and the comics feel more disassociated then before, when the community was part of the app. IMO, it takes away some of the sense of fan engagement with the two separated.

Thanks for taking the time to do this.



Hi Aric,
I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a “remove issue/series from dive back in” feature? This would be great for those of us who check an issue of a series they don’t wish to read fully.
Thanks for taking the time for this q&a!


Thanks for doing this, Aric! Three questions:

  1. Will you be developing an app that will work on Amazon Fire Tablets? It’s nice to read the books on a large screen and I enjoyed that with DC Universe - was sad to see it taken away on January 20th. I know it wasn’t part of the re-launch but is it something we will see at some point in the future?

  2. When reading a comic and there’s an * editor’s note like “* = See Teen Titans #7 - Ed” at the bottom corner of a panel is it possible to make that a hot link that we can click on and either have it take us to that issue so that we can read it or add it to a list for future reading?

  3. My Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 recently developed an issue when reading comics on just this platform where there’s a hiccup, for lack of a better term, when going from one panel to another or one page to another. It starts to transition, stops briefly, then finishes. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice and there’s been no change. It does not do this if I read the comics through a web browser on the same device nor does it do it when reading comics on Hoopla. Any idea what would cause this or how I can fix it?


I would like to see this as well. I used to enjoy checking the app for a list of Hot Topics in the community and flipping thru them. I liked finding new topics to follow, kinda like a management recommendations thing.

And excuse my rudeness, Hello Aric and thank you for your time.


I know, I really can’t think of anything right off hand, but thanks!!!


Hello Aric,
Hope @Applejack doesn’t mind me popping in with the 1 more question, Anytime I try to get to DC Universe Infinite community board from Google homepage, sometime it won’t load or it’s taking to long to load.
Sometime being on this board the loading seem slow when visiting other thread or profile. Will that be fix soon?
I’m using Samsung Galaxy A Tablet.:slightly_smiling_face: Thankyou again for your time and help, hope you have a great day.


I am looking forward to this, I remember seeing something about being able to change you home screen icon for the DCUI app, what would that feature look like in the app?


What is your favorite dc product?


I don’t have any technical questions/requests ATM, but I just wanted to drop in and thank you for your time with DCUI, Aric. It’s greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


I may or may not be trying to resist the urge to ask his thoughts on certain food topics such as Pineapple on Pizza and Biscuits vs Sausage :joy::joy::joy::joy: