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The BatFam is serving up a big helping of Barr and Aparo’s BATO just in time for Thanksgiving! It’s a massive turkey drop of issues covering a year’s worth of Outsiders adventures! Carve into the earliest escapades of the Sensational Sextet and leave room for a slice of New Teen Titans!

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I. For DCUI Ultra Subscribers:

  • Batman and the Outsiders Vol. 1

II. For Standard Subscribers:

  • Batman and the Outsiders #1-4
  • The New Teen Titans #37
  • Batman and the Outsiders #5-8
  • Batman and the Outsiders #9-13

(It’s the same material either way. No one’s left out!)

Poll: Was Batman right to quit the JLA?
  • Yeah! Down with those squares!
  • No! Bruce is out of control!
  • Well, it’s not the JLI, so it’s fine.
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I will begrudgingly support Batman’s decision to leave the Justice League in this instance, and put the blame for his exit on my boy Supes. Superman probably shouldn’t have promised the State Department that they wouldn’t interfere with the Markovia situation without first consulting Batman. There’s also a fair amount of hypocrisy in Superman’s decision since I know he was willing to interfere in international politics around the same time period (see his intervention in the Borotavian Civil War on the UN’s behalf in Action Comics #467). Considering Batman’s intervention is being done in service of a friend and because it ends up thwarting Bedlam’s fascist uprising, I will side with Bruce on this rare occasion. However, I will point out, Bruce does engage in a similar form of hypocrisy as he would go on to try and reign in Superman’s politics during the New 52 and refused to support Superman’s most recent excursion to Warworld along with the rest of the Justice League. It does kind of feel like both Superman and Batman are cool with unilateral political interference when they are the ones doing it, but are fairly uncomfortable when the other is engaging in it.


As usual. :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s consistent, if nothing else :laughing: