[RR: Red Hood 3] Brothers in Blood: June 22-July 5

Outsiders v3 44

In this session, Jason Todd of the Renegade Robins Club drops the Red Hood getup for a bit and tries on that sweet, sweet Nightwing costume! Don’t get too used to it, though: he dons the hood again in a crossover with the Outsiders! Tell us what you think of these stories below!

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  • At the end of Infinite Crisis, Dick Grayson and Tim Drake leave with Bruce Wayne for a year. All DC stories at this time pick up a year after the Crisis, with the weekly series 52 filling in the events of the missing year.

  • The Outsiders were originally formed by Batman in the 1983 series Batman and the Outsiders, but the version of the team in this story was formed by Nightwing and Arsenal after they left the Titans in the wake of Graduation Day (the same event that led to the version of the Teen Titans we saw in the last Red Hood session). This incarnation came together at the beginning of Outsiders Volume 3.

Here’s our schedule: 2020-06-22T05:00:00Z2020-07-05T05:00:00Z

Session 3 Selections (Eight Issues)

Note: The final issue of the Outsiders story arc is missing from DC Universe. A link to a summary of the story has been provided.

I. Nightwing: Brothers in Blood

  1. Nightwing #118
  2. Nightwing #119
  3. Nightwing #120
  4. Nightwing #121
  5. Nightwing #122

II. Outsiders: Pay As You Go

  1. Outsiders #44
  2. Outsiders #45
  3. Outsiders #46

Missing Issue: Outsiders Annual #1 (Summary)

Poll Question: Who wears the Nightwing duds best?

  • Dick Grayson
  • Jason Todd
  • Cheyanne Freemont
  • Superman (Silver Age, baby!)

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In two weeks, Jason will stir up trouble for Green Arrow and Tim Drake! Next week, the @RenegadeRobinsClub will rejoin Dick and Damian for “The Sum of Her Parts”!


I’m glad that the Outsiders arc is in here so that we don’t have an entirely dud week

Wow, that Nightwing arc was sure an arc that happened, huh?


You know, it was almost kinda halfway okay until the very end when Jason…uh…


They weren’t even the fun type of tentacles

I mean –


Forgive my ignorance, but who’s Chyanne Freemont?

Nightwing’s love interest at the time.

A character who might have been fun if introduced by a good writer in a good plotline.

She’s in the Brothers in Blood arc. She picked up the Nightwing title, for… I will not lie to you, I can’t actually remember why. By this point, I have a good enough memory of most Jason arcs to discuss it without doing more than skimming the reading, but I can’t say as I ever felt the need to reread this arc after I read it the first time, for some reason… guess I probably should do that, but we did just make this topic.

(In my defense, I did still reread all the Robin issues earlier in the club, because I still love those. Didn’t actually reread Under the Hood, though, because at this point I know it so well I’m pretty sure I could legitimately give a blow by blow recounting of it from memory.)


I’ve heard about these issues, but haven’t actually read them. It should be fun to see just how bad they actually are. :laughing:


Well, now you have a reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the ending should’ve gone full Akira. I mean, if you’re already going in that direction…


Gee, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


I sincerely want to ask the writer for Brothers in Blood what on earth they were thinking. At some points I was just frustrated with the story but by the last issue I was laughing because I was too emotionally numb at that point to comprehend just how our there this story is. The beginning was not my cup of tea but at least it made some kind of logical sense in a story telling way. But then it just slaps you out of left field with whatever the heck that final issue is. At that point I was too dumbfounded to be angry. I was just in pained confusion.


Let’s never speak of that again shall we? Not something I care to discuss if ya know what I mean.


I love how basically every Jason fan in existence has made a mutual pact that, whatever our other differences, we do not speak of the ending of Brothers in Blood.


You got that right. It’s unspeakable.


looking forward to this one! Never read this or even knew that they had a story where they teamed up.


I’ve just read the first few issues, but the ending is rather…infamous. Looking forward to seeing your reaction. :laughing:


i don’t know if I’d really call this story a “team up”


I’ve read some pretty bad Nightwing stories in my time and this was definitely one of them. Can I assume this is not considered in-continuity at this point?

Although it would be cool if Red Hood one day just randomly sprouted a tentacle, with no real explanation…


I don’t know if I’d really call this story a “story.”


Okay, so I finished the Nightwing story and honestly…push aside the…weird direction they take with Jason at the end…I’ve read far worse Nightwing stories than this. The dynamic between Dick and Jason is compelling (even if it starts a bad trend of Jason basically wearing other people’s clothes), and while the villains are kind of boring on their own, they make for an interesting contrast between them. Cheyane has potential to be a cool character.

I’m totally fine with it not being in continuity anymore, though. Like, New 52 had it’s issues, but at least it gives us an excuse to pretend stories like these don’t exist.