Back in the day, I used to create a comic book reading challenge based in the comics available in the library service. Wonder if anyone remembers this? Guess what? I am returning this to the forums as of the first of the year! You know, TODAY! I wrote this out last week and posting it TODAY! Time to read the library and discuss what the heck we are reading people!

This is not to be confused with the Comic Reading Challenge that is about keeping track of what you read overall in the comic book world, which can be found HERE: 2024 Comic Reading Challenge - #20 by Jurisdiction
This is more of a prompt that challenges you to read certain things within the library and to challenge yourself to potentially touch corners that you haven’t previously. It is just a fun way to engage with the library and each other, but it is not a track your entire reading post. Again look for the link above for that one, which I love that it has been going for years now. WOOT WOOT!

The goal is by the end of 2024 to have check marked all the categories on the list. Some of the categories are very cut and dry open to not a lot of interpretation, while others will be open to how you interpret them without having to ask if something fits. You just have to create the argument of how it fits if someone questions it. There will be 20 main challenges to complete within the next year. They are as followed:

  1. Read a mini-series of 6 issues

  2. Read 12 issues that feature an obscure female character. You must be able to state who the obscure female character is or why you feel they are obscure. NO HARLEY OR WW permitted for this challenge.

  3. Get a recommendation from a fellow forum member. You must post with the @ and the forum members name that gave you the recommendation and what title they recommended.

  4. Create your own challenge!!! You must state what the challenge you created for yourself is. It can be as easy or as hard as you desire, but you must have completed it by the end of the year for it to completely count. You can post what the challenge is on your list at any time.

  5. Trinity Special - Read 6 issues featuring Wonder Woman, 6 issues featuring Batman, and 6 issues featuring Superman. No other rules and YES, they can overlap.

  6. Read a kid oriented title such as Tiny Titans or Scooby-Doo for example. You must have read at least ten issues and must be able to state what numbers you read.

  7. Read a title that has Adventure (Adventures is acceptable for this) in the title. EVERY SINGLE ISSUE IN THE TITLE! (The only title off limits is the 1 issue of Batgirl Adventures in the library, as you need a title that has more than ONE issue for this to count).

  8. No Names – Pick a title that does not feature the name of a DC character in it. Read at least 6 issues of that tile.

  9. Government Names – Pick a title that is only the name of a DC character and read at least 6 issues of that title.

  10. Short read for the win – Read a title in the library that only has 1-3 issues within it

  11. A Bat that isn’t a Man? – Read a title in the library that contains the word Bat in it, but does not include the word MAN anywhere in it.

  12. Read a title that contains the name of a character that is usually seen as a villain character. This title may have any number of issues.

  13. Convergence saw numerous 2 issue titles within it. Select three from the event and read them.

  14. DC Retroactive saw various characters having 3 issues being set in three different eras: The 70s, The 80s, and the 90s. Read any title from each of the three eras. They do not have to be the same character, but the 70s, 80s, and 90s must have all been read for this challenge.

  15. Read at least 5 issues from a title that features at least one character that has been seen within the DCEU (live action movies only).

  16. THE THE challenge – read all of a title that starts with THE at the beginning. No other rule to this one except THE THE and reading ALL OF IT!

  17. READ 20 ISSUES OF A TITLE THAT HAS MORE THAN 100 ISSUES IN IT! Any title that has more than 100 issues is fair game.

  18. COLORS – Read 6 issues of a title that has a COLOR within the title.

  19. ERAS – On the sidebar, click ERAS. Read at least one issue of a comic from each of the featured Eras. Report back what you read.

  20. GET TO KNOW – On the sidebar there is a “GET TO KNOW” section for various characters. Pick a character you are not familiar with and read at least 6 of the comics that are on their “GET TO KNOW” page and report back who you read and what you thought of them for this challenge.

For an extra fun challenge here are some additional bonus challenges -

  1. The @Don-El Classic – Read at least one issue of a series featuring LEGION in the title (LEGIONNAIRES is acceptable for this challenge). Then attend one of his group activities, like the monthly first Thursday listen-along. This is probably the longest “DC FORUM” friendship I have had. Going off Discord in the early days and to this day I make sure to drop by on them every once and awhile, even if sometimes we bicker like old pals.
  2. The @HubCityQuestion Extravaganza – Read at least one issue of a series featuring THE QUESTION! Umm, you know he hosts a weekly Tuesday Trivia event here right? You should join into that. He is basically a DC Forum Celebrity at this point, so if you don’t know them umm where you been?
  3. The @DC89 Star Blaster – Read at least one issue of a series featuring STARFIRE within it because she is the spectacular. She joins into numerous WALs and you can always find her witin the wonderful ICEBERG LOUNGE. She is one of the hearts of these forums, so if you are not familiar with her you are missing out on someone that brings love to these forums with every single post. Not sure how to get into the Iceberg Lounge? Ask the bouncer.
  4. The @CassTheStreet Gem Polisher – Read at least one issue of a series featuring Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld. Shameless plug, I host a Wednesday night WAL of something DC related. Currently watching the end of season 4 of YOUNG JUSTICE.
  5. The @Razzzcat Garden – Read at least one issue of a series featuring Poison Ivy within it. Razzz hosts a lot of WALs during the month. A mean a lot lot and they are wonderful. They are fun and they do them with the next person.
  6. The @Mae day special – Read at least one issue of a series featuring any LGBTIQQA+ or Queer character within it. OMG, the wonderful MAE hosts WALs every month as well. Numerous and they are great. They host with the person directly above.
  7. The @Vroom races – Read at least one issue of a series featuring Yara Flor, the new Wonder Girl. This is a person I actually like met during the fan event and it was in an elevator. They discuss a lot of the comics within the General Discussion area. They also host a lot of various events all over the place. They are also a co-host for the DC TV & Movie Club that I am a co-owner for. Look for their name, they will be around.
  8. The @Jurisdiction Trials – Read at least one issue of a series featuring Hitman (Tommy Monaghan)! OH GOODNESS, this is the individual that hosts with a fellow forum member the DC Hunger Games (it has a different name, but it basically is this). They are also the esteemed host of the OBSCURITY CLUB here on the forums. You should check that out.
  9. The @Shayera.Hol Wars – Read at least one issue of a series featuring a Hawk character (i.e. Hawkman, Hawkgirl, or Hawkwoman all count for this one). I had to include a mod on this list. What better one to include than one that has the name of one of the primary characters of the DC Universe. They are also very friendly and always willing to help out when called to do so. We couldn’t ask for a better moderator in them!
  10. The @TravisMorgan Time Gone By – Read at least 1 issue of a title featuring the character WARLORD within it. An esteemed friend on these forums that I had to include. They have a panache for comics gone by and have a deep passion and drive for them. You will see this person sharing their love of the old around and their knowledge is so appreciated.

For those of you with ULTRA access, Read 4 collected editions or omnibus editions and report back what four that you read!

I am creating my challenge post immediately following this post.


CassTheStreet’s 2024 Comic Book Library Challenge Post -

Where I will keep track of my ability to complete the challenges.

Challenge 1: Read a mini-series of 6 issues- Completed on January 2, 2024 with “The Ruff and Reddy Show” 1-6

Challenge 2: Read 12 issues featuring an obscure female character. Completed January 7, 2024 with issues 1-13 of Justice League Task Force.


Ohhhh hell yes. I loved this the first time around. Can’t wait to take this on! You’ve made my day, Cass.


I love this! Super excited! Thanks for the tag!


Happy New Year 2024 @CassTheStreet !


Happy New Year @CassTheStreet! :tada::confetti_ball::tada:

I am honored by the shout out. I will be participating in both yours and @Jurisdiction’s reading challenges. I need the encouragement to read comics rather than random web pages.



Today, I read ALL-STAR SECTION EIGHT by Garth Ennis and John McCrea. It’s very much a return to the more puerile elements of their previous HITMAN saga from which it spun off, though none of the new Section Eighters hold up to the original team – except perhaps the new Dogwelder. I think Ennis and McCrea knew this too, which is why their subsequent follow-up focused specifically on Sixpack and Dogwelder as opposed to a fuller ensemble.


YES!! Great series!


Just reread Joker: Killer Smile which is 3 issues. Still my favorite comic series ever!


@CassTheStreet does Hawk (as in Hawk and Dove) count?




The connection should be to the Hawkworld characters, which unfortunately Hawk is not. It really wouldn’t be in alignment with the spirit of the bonus challenge as the characters are attached to the people that received the @.


Oh alright cool! Thanks!


I read issues 9-12, 21-24, and 63-66 plus 76 of Green Arrow (1987-) for a total of 13 issues written by my favorite creator Mike Grell. These issues all feature Shado the Yakuza assassin with a bow. She was introduced in his Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters series and even had a Four Issue Miniseries. Her skills with a bow match or exceed Oliver’s, but I think she is obscure outside of us Green Arrow fans.


Cough “Yara Flor” Cough. :wink:

Thanks for the shout-out, Skip! :raised_hands:t2:

I have absolutely no idea when I’ll have time for something like this (I’m busy with an impending move), but I’ll dip my toes in these waters when I can.

SN: If you could please add “Vroom’s also the go-to guy for DC Comics-based toy and collectible info around these parts.” to my part of the OP, I’ll snag ya lunch from your favorite lunch joint. :superman_hv_4:


Fixed Yara Flor :laughing: :rofl:



I just finished the 6 issues of this. What did I even just read :flushed: This was something else. I should have known as to date I have never fully enjoyed any title I have read by Chaykin. This was bizarre for the content it was coming off of. I wanted to like the commentary on the Hollywood business world, but it just didn’t feel done right here. I still got all 6 issues read and never will ever have to touch the series ever again.


I definitely agree that Shado is obscure. I have surprisingly read The Longbow Hunters so I am familiar with her, but not sure most fans would be. Good selection!!


Done for Ghost-Maker


This sounds like fun. I think I will try it. @CassTheStreet a couple of questions.

  1. Do Ultra titles count for all challenges or just the Ultra challenge?
  2. When it says “Read a title” it means the complete series (or at least what is on the site), correct?
  3. Should I list the challenges I finish as I do them, or create a single post and continually update it?