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Yeah, sorry, I wasn’t getting into ethics and stuff…i just saying that I always thought it was crazy to burn those sweet sweet comics. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Plus helping Alec out with the spooky movie rabbit hole. :joy:


Oh, no you were fine! I was saying that I could keep talking about it and I figured no one wanted that. :sweat_smile:


You bet. Ty for considering it even if it doesn’t change. I just feel bad cuz I tag people & ask for help unlocking me. It just depends on what I’m reading, how much, & how much they packed it reference wise. I’ve been locked out on the same thread 3X’s in one reading session, just the other week that happened lol. I don’t grab just anything either. It’s not like I’m just randomly choosing things. I consider every panel 2-3Xs b4 I even (Austin Powers not a better word than the one I just used situation) consider (lol) posting it. I didn’t realize it was a universal thing. 20 plus could be a problem on most threads. I was just thinking maybe there’s a way to set the discovery type ones higher. But, if it’s a pain I’ll just keep bugging people til they stop responding :joy:. Ty for all of your wisdom.


I hope this is an appropriate place to ask this. Is there a reason why some issues are incomplete? For instance, I would like to read the early Zatara stories in Action but they tend to not be available but at least one is. I haven’t gone through to see if more are. I was wondering if they weren’t digitzed yet or if there might be rights issues.


For the Penguin 80th anniversary can you try and pitch an idea to someone at DC to do a 'Penguin’s Best" or “Penguin’s Essential” stories graphic novel?

@Row.Harper, some horror movies I’d suggest would be “Vertigo”, “Psycho”, “The Lady Vanishes”, or “The Birds”


@Sean-Malloy, I really love those Great ideas! :smiley:


Next week, we need to spend the entire time accusing each other of being Applejack.


I can promise you that I’m NOT the Hustler from the mystery game show or Applejack!:laughing:


Following up on this, RF. Are your badges fixed, or are they still a little broken like in the screenshot you sent?


It’s fix! Thankyou @Alec.Holland, it looks great.:grinning:


The team works fast! Happy to hear it. Let me know if you see that same issue again :slight_smile:


@Reaganfan78, I believe they did something similar with Joker that includded his first appearance


You know what I have to do here @capo-mage :wink::green_heart:


I picked a mellow one to go w/ the cozy swamp bar pic @DickGrayson_TheBoyFriendWonder posted in OH Vol 2, but now I’m wondering why I didn’t think of this one?! I strolled right by it. :laughing: This is true.


There’s always next time!


Hey Idle!

Thanks for the question :slight_smile:

There’s a variety of reasons for missing issues and you’re pretty much spot on with it usually being that they haven’t been digitized yet or there’s a conflicting rights issue that prevents us from hosting on the service.

If there’s any issues you’d specifically like to see, you can request them on our request thread which usually gets it onto the team’s radar.


I do have a Q for you, Dr. Holland, but I’ll have to come back. Here’s these for now!


Falling through the Speed Force… Lookin’ for the front door, oh boy!
Got to find a nice comfy chair to sit down, catching up on the swamp ground…
Imagination starting to run, pretty soon a song is being sung…
Doo, doo, doo, lookin’ to get out of the Speed Force…

Oh, hey there Alec. :wave: :sunglasses:

Looks like another fun time in the Swamp was had again. :smiley:

Also good to see the badges were unsquished as I also noticed that. :thinking:

Thank you @Reaganfan78 for pointing that out. :clark_hv_4:

Well for a question for now would be… :face_with_monocle:

If you were stuck in the Speed Force, what would be the first thing you would do once you were set free? :flash_hv_3:

Recently upgraded and had some tech issues on my end, but hopefully all is well and back to our regular scheduled programming. :crossed_fingers: :sweat_smile: :eyes:


Dr. @Alec.Holland, I have a query:

Have you been privy to any conversations that can be shared with us as to whether DC Universe Infinite will be more heavily promoted in the comics :notes: “in the not-too-distant future” :notes:?

DCUI is arguably and absolutely one of the top 5 DC products on the market. Those of us in the world of marketing/advertising realize that advertising an existing fan-favorite product so as to grow it’s base and make it even more of a fan-favorite product is an excellent idea.

The above said, why doesn’t DC advertise their digital comic service in the actual comics more, and (as stated above) will they do so in the near future?

It’s a win-win for them in every possible way to shine the marketing spotlight on DCUI in the comics as often as possible, especially when we shine the 'ol marketing spotlight on upcoming and/or brand new comics every week.

Speaking of spotlights in the comics, DC missed an opportunity to spotlight Richard Donner in its pages.

A simple black page with a white text that read “Richard Donner, 1930-2021: He made us believe a man could fly.” and featured the S-shield from Superman: The Movie below said text is all that needed to be done. Yet the window of timely opportunity has now passed, unfortunately.

I sincerely hope DC honors other passing legends better than their lack of memorial commemoration for Mr. Donner.

I don’t believe any disrespect was on purpose as DC is substantially smarter (and more respectful/ knowledgeable of their rich multimedia past) than that.

However, to put it mildly and succinctly, Mr. Donner deserves better when it comes to DC memorializing him and their lack thereof so far, at this time.


Got any new info on the Jim Lee and Frank Miller book “All-star Batman and Robin”?


Dogs are just the best, aren’t they? And your pooches are adorable!!!