OFFICE HOURS SWAMP EDITION: Ask DC Universe Infinite Your Questions Every Tuesday Night!


Shout out to @Razzzcat for this truly amazing GIF

Join the Swamp Thing himself this Tuesday (2021-07-28T00:00:00Z) with your questions about DCUI, cats, swampy things and everything beyond!


I will be carrying the torch for Office Hours for the next few weeks/months. We still want to stay connected to you all as a community and Office Hours is a BIG part of that!

And, pray tell, who exactly are you?

I’m the Community Admin for the forums. In @Applejack’s stead, I ensure that everything runs smoothly. I assist the club leaders with their efforts and make sure that you, the community, are taken care of!

What is Office Hours?

Previously, a well-structured event with the Sr Community Manager for DC Comics. Now, an exercise in panic and flounder. I WILL do my best to answer your questions about DC, DCUI and the greater universe though!

What ISN’T Office Hours?

It’s not a replacement for our help center and our troubleshooting threads. You can find all the assistance you need over at our Help Center.

Please feel free to start populating this thread with questions and comments. I’ll be here from 5:00PM PST until 7:00PM PST every Tuesday!

Looking forward to it!

See you in the Bayou. :blue_heart:

The Fine Print

:eight_spoked_asterisk: This thread IS NOT, I repeat, is NOT, a replacement for our technical support team, who can be reached at . All technical reports found in the comments below will be deleted.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Sometimes, I will not be able to answer a question due to a variety of legal/ethical reasons. I will be up front if I’m not able to answer a question, but please respect the answer.
If I don’t know the answer to a question, I’ll be sure to chase it down for you to answer at a later date!


Will this be a one night only??? Or will we be able to do this again???


Hello @Alec.Holland :st_swamp_thing2:,
Will DC shop be adding any Superman The Animated Series merchandise? It would be awesome if they did.:slightly_smiling_face:


@Alec.Holland , so all that above is just a polite way of saying you’ve held a coup, and are now in charge, right. :rofl: Who else is involved?
Just to get you started.
1.Just curious with the premier of Star Girl, Titans, and Suicide Squad coming up, is anything in the works for community events or tie ins.
2.Also, it’s probably too earlier to think about, but with the Discovery+/WB merger, any DC specific projects coming to the discovery channel or discovery channel to the community?
3. As to the digital comics, they all appear to end at a random number, like Swamp Thing with 9 issues, are their more issues planned for those titles or that’s it, and new titles will be released.
4. I am well familiar with @Applejack’s love of cats, but as a denizen of a somewhat wetter and swampier environment, what’s your animal of choice?
5. Besides me and my questions, what is the most annoying thing to the moderators that we as members do on the community?


Here’s a song for the office hours, I think this fit with Swamp Thing style perfectly. :grinning:


Also one other thought although, I’ve enjoyed the pre release viewings, have y’all given any thought to maybe having a live read a long for some new releases, that the community participates in?
Look forward to lurking around Tuesday.


Meeting Swamp Thing

Harley: Hey Red, you sure it’s a good idea to meet the Swabby guy?
Ivy: His name is Swamp Thing, Harley, you’ll see it will be safe.
Ivy: Oh Swamp Thing, come out, come out where ever you are.
(Samp Thing appear out of the water)

Swamp Thing: What do you want?
Harley: Whoa, this guy is huge Red!

Ivy: We want you to help us to destroy Batman & Robin.
Harley: Don’t forget Bratgirl! She’s so annoying.

Swamp Thing: Sorry ladies, I don’t kill, and beside I can’t leave this swamp. Farewell and don’t get lost.
Harley: Well that went well, look like we came a long way for nothing.
Ivy: Not really Harl, at least we finally got to meet him!
The End
:harley_eyebrowhqtas: :poison_eyebrowhqtas: :st_swamp_thing:




Holy cow, we have a budding screenwriter here. Great job!


Thankyou so much, I really enjoy making these.:grinning:


Thank you! You’re very welcome! Now here’s this…and that pet, which I’m assuming will automatically be granted access to this here party. :green_heart:



Hello @Alec.Holland :st_swamp_thing:,
I have a couple of questions to ask you…

  1. In the Office Hours I would nickname Applejack, Oracle. What nickname should I call you anytime I write to you in the Office hours?

  2. Do you know when we’ll see Stargirl #1 comic? I’m so excited that the series is coming out soon.

That’s it for now. Thankyou. :grinning: :penguin_smirkhqtas:


This may very well be a one-time thing, so make the most of it!


Oh no :cry::cry: I might have to miss some of it though



Any chance of The Batman Adventures, The Batman Strike, & Justice League Unlimited, missing issues coming soon? It’d be great to finally see it on here. :slightly_smiling_face:


With nobody posting, this is going to be a short Office Hours.:slightly_frowning_face:
By the way I notice a change to deleting a post, you can have it deleted right away instead of waiting up to 6 hours!
I remember it use to take longer then that years ago!:slightly_smiling_face:


Hey there Alec.Holland! :wave: :sunglasses:

Hope that you have had a good week. :smiley:

Ah, now onto business. :face_with_monocle:

I’ve noticed sometimes when mods post there is a different shade to the post. :open_mouth:

I happened to noticed it also carries over as seen below. :astonished:

Next… :spiral_notepad:

:clark_hv_4: Great Krypton! This can not be!

Enter Batman

:batman_hv_1: Did someone say panic?
:clark_hv_4: Ah! Batman. Must you always do that.
:batman_hv_2: Yes.
:clark_hv_4: I knew it. One day old friend someone will sneak up on you.
:batman_hv_4: Doubtful. Here is also a gift for Alec.

Batman then proceeds to place a Batradio into ajm08g’s hands :batman: :radio:

:clark_hv_4: Oh… Thank you Batman.
:batman_hv_1: Yup and make sure Alec hits play. See you.

Then Batman uses his grappling hook while the Bat Signal’s Light is now seen off in the distance :flashlight: :night_with_stars:

:clark_hv_4: Oh that Batman. Wonder what’s programmed to play?

Then ajm08g proceeds to press play on the Batradio :batman: :radio:

:clark_hv_4: Oh that Batman and his Banjo-core.
:clark_hv_4: Well Alec will sure enjoy this.

Will Alec.Holland enjoy this latest finding? What else will be lurking in the swamp. Tune in folks for more O.H. fun… Soon! :astonished: :st_swamp_thing:
To be continued… :superman_hv_4:


@Alec.Holland , oh man, I just now saw this. How long does it go on for?


Hey, Swampy! Do you have any idea why the comics archive underwent maintenance yesterday? What was being changed?


Will we be able to get anymore actor QandAs???