New Flash Movie Trailer: Official Reaction Thread!

Yes. He was the most acclaimed part. He spent a ton of time studying footage and asking the former crew members about the performance he was emulating. He is a big fan and really wanted to do it justice.

I am not a Marvel fan, but I am always told they are the least accurate characters. Unshaved Mouse is my go to Marvel expert, and he gave them " Adaptation 14/25

A real mixed bag here. Some of the changes made to the characters (mostly on the hero side) are absolutely for the better. But a lot of meat got trimmed with the fat and I can’t help wishing we’d gotten to see more authentic versions of Ronan and the Nova Corps." His overall rating is made higher deciding they are superior versions, but he regularly points out how different they are (especially Groot).

Gunn literally told Cena to not read any Peacemaker comics, and he is known for being nothing like his comic iteration. The rat person is completely different in every way. In addition his Scooby-Doo film is an abysmal adaptation and much more based off the Brady Bunch movie than the cartoon.

In other words he was not hidden.


Did you see him before the finale save for a one-panel appearance to mess with a character and his suit being in Barry’s ring to antagonize him? No. Did Barry constantly talk about Thawne and build him up? Yes. Therefore it’s character build-up.

Cena’s Peacemaker still has similarities in all the important areas and his differences make him better at times.

Also, for no real reason:

The sequel, maybe. I, however, enjoyed the first one. But don’t misunderstand me, I know it has problems. However, I grew up on that film and I have fond memories of it.

When it comes to Marvel, I constantly disagree with UM. Some people, like UM, don’t seem to get that the Marvel Comics Universe constantly changes and so do the characters.

Ronan was actually pretty accurate, down to betraying the Kree due to stuck views when it comes to the people of Xandar. I will admit, however, that the Nova Corps could have been better.

In the Yogi Bear movie?

And with that, I am done arguing with you. Several people have DMed me saying not to and I’m not going to anymore. You are one of those people that (EXAMPLE SO DON’T TAKE IT ■■■■■■’ SERIOUSLY!!) insists that someone hates all CGI if they don’t like one specific effect.


Yes, he allowed himself to be caught on camera in New Themyscira.

Character build up is the opposite of hiding.

Nobody understands Watchmen according to Moore. Also The Comedien is not PEacemaker same way Rorshach is not Question. Irrelevant.

The sequel is way more faithful. If the first one is a Disney adaptation the second one is a Reader’s Digest adaptation.


I thought you were arguing with me. I hope you were having fun. I know I am.


Now reports are saying a 70 million opening. Honestly I am really excited for this to open just to see the box office. I have never seen projections be so polarizing (okay honestly Rise of Skywalker might have it beat but that is still top 2).


“You know what you have to do, mate. Clear the board. Start again.”
Run Barry Run


Moore is, pardon the French of the Killing Joke fan that is me, not someone I’m a fan of.

It was a typo.


Let’s remember to keep this discussion about the new Flash movie (and trailer), please and thank you :slight_smile:


I’m confused about one thing in the trailer though. Why are there 2 Barrys?

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I think one of the Barrys is from another timeline or even reality :thinking:. Just speed force things lol


I get your point, but when I curse, please do not censor me. There is nothing in the guidelines saying I can’t curse.

I am not going to sugercoat my thoughts about Moore. He is a narcissist and an egoist.

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Oh that makes sense (I think)! Thanks LS0M

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Love that poster!


Because the writers are confusing alternate realities, time travel and parallel earths.

But essentially, instead of saying that this was a reality that Barry changed via time travel so it is a form of his past, or a form of his present (or a form of his near present/near future), so that Thomas Wayne was Batgod, as in Cereal Lord’s fan fic, versus Bruce Wayne - -
what we seemingly have here is Barry changing the reality and history, in some way via time travel (Because Reasons?) BUT he ends up in a parallel earth similar enough to his own so that he looks like the Barry of this reality and so does his Mother, but his father is no longer Billy Crudup but is instead Ron Livingston on this Earth. But the Barry of this reality is still there, so thus the longer hair (and somewhat more goofy personality).

I’m not going to spend the energy looking it up but there is something, it’s essentially that this site is designed with a the low age end (e.g. the PG-13 equivalent for comic books), meaning there are underage kids who can and are members of the site and this forum, and thus we are meeting that standard, versus say Late Night tv as it might be on say /reddit. Again, I’m not going to argue this with you but I had a word which is a perfect innocent word, which I applied to a paragraph and use frequently to refer to how certain fanatics about a certain petty, emotionally constipated billionaire who dresses up like a flying rat, treat his adventures, and it’s a perfectly innocent word that isn’t even considered a curse word but simply can have a sexual connotation in the minds of some, thus it and my paragraph were dinged.

tl;dr - this isn’t our toy box, chum.

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Time travel is an unpredictable thing with many unintended consequences. One in this case is it made a second Barry.

If the theory that he is Reverse Flash is true then Flash just createf his arch enemy literally.


That might actually be pretty cool!


I should focus on what you said, but now I can’t stop thinking about Adam West Batman.


Never not a bad option to have the Bright Knight in your thoughts, chum!


The projections for this movie are still “I have no idea.” At this rate the box office projections are reports might be better than the actual movie. This is top 2 most polarizing box office projections I have seen (the other is Rise of Skywalker).


The current rumors say that test audiences are not getting the full movie, and the theatrical version will have additional scenes that are not just in the credits.

Granted I do not believe this rumor.


Reminds, Me Too Much of the Flash Television Show!
Barry Allen, Goes Back In Time and Saves His Parents!
THis Event Causes the Time Line, Too Change!

All Kinds of Bad Things Happen!
Barry Then Has Too Go Back In Time and Let His Parents Die!
Actually, Barry’s Mother Dies and His Father is Arrested For Her Murder!

P.S. I Had A Dream Where, The Legion of Doom Where Behind All Crimes!
Lex Luthor Recruits Criminals In Prison Like the Rest of the Legion!
The Legion Plays Bingo!
The Legion, In A Version, Call Themselves the Core Conscience of Evil!
My Dream Job as A Kid Was Too Write Stories for, D.C. Comics!