Name the Character(s)… Best Fit for the Scenario!

Well, I posted the first comment here-- will this be the last of 1.0?

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Will our heroes defeat whatever situation kingofspeedsters cooks up for us? Find out next time, same Bat-Topic, new Bat-Community!

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Are we there yet?

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This will be the end of 1.0. After the update, if all things go well, we will be up and running on 2.0!!!

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Well said @batjamags

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Hehehehehe This is fun!

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So…shall we get started? Should I create season 2?

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I created it!!! First scenario will be tomorrow!!! Say something on the thread to let me know that you saw it.



Lol, I meant on the other thread

This is a brute strength situation. Superman and Shazam!.

I chose Billy because he punched Superman unconscious in the '90s JLA series.

First, Miss Martian, since she can use her powers to disrupt other mind controllers. Until at least a few Leaguers have recovered, Triplicate Girl and Chameleon Boy use their self-copying power to keep the others busy.

Any two of the three Atoms, dropping from an airplane and shrinking between the molecules to disarm the nuke from the inside. This was the exact solution used in the 2015 Ant-Man movie, to disarm a weapon that I doubt had all these crazy extra contingencies.

Any teleporter could take Soranik’s Sinestro Corps ring and place that on his finger as well, cancelling out the power of hope. Now he is missing one color, and Kyle Rayner uses all seven to defeat him.

Superman can breathe air, but he doesn’t need it to survive. Cyborg Superman, who can overpower Superman, teams up with Atom, who is still breathing inside his suit, to miniaturize a particle accelerator, which can create a near-total vacuum: Otherwise the particles inside wouldn’t have room to operate free of variables. All air is ejected from Clark’s lungs and he is freed. Two kryptonians can easily defeat Swamp Thing and Ivy.

Kara Zor-El and Max Mercury, together, have the speed and brute force to defeat Superman and the Flash. The only people who can defeat Batman are those who know him; Unfortunately, none of the Robins’ origin stories can exist without a good Batman. As a result, a mind-reader is needed. J’onn J’onzz can use his powers to find all of Bruce’s weak points. Having saved this timeline, Max uses the Speed Force to bring everyone back to the previous timeline.

Slade Wilson used to work for Australian intelligence. Martian Manhunter uses his telepathic powers to receive guidance from Slade as he invisibly infiltrates.

The Flash has the power to share Speed Force energy. He gives his power to Adam Strange and any of Earth’s Green Lanterns. They travel there and have all the time they need. They can defeat the Corps in fifty-two seconds with their new powers.

Oh wait, is that three? In that case, Flash himself goes with Green Lantern.