Name the Character(s)… Best Fit for the Scenario!

Every day, I will post a scenario. Maybe with a villain, and maybe just a regular crime scene/case. What I want to know is…who you guys think is the best fit character(s) for the case scenario!!!


Doomsday decides to rampage across America and happens to come across bane. Bane comes up with a plan to give some of his venom to doomsday to make him extra powerful.

Which TWO superheroes would you choose to solve this meta-dilemma?

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And lel me know if I should keep a score board, or just choose who has the best answer.

And please give a reason for the choice chosen.


Martian Manhunter and The Atom.

Do you have a reason?

You didn’t ask for a scenerio!! So… tired… BUT. The Manhunter can use his psychic abilities on Doomsday, while The Atom can get inside the physical brain and mess with electrical functions and whatnot therein. Normally, the Atom would not do such a thing, but its is unlikely he can do enough damage to kill a being like Doomsday. All good.

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@MH He did in one of his follow up posts.

I am assuming ‘he’, because of King from @kingofspeedsters. Pronouns are hard.

I would dispatch Deadman, who can keep the Envenomed Doomsday still by possessing him, and Leezle Pon, the Green Lantern smallpox virus, to run through his system with his own vitality and Green Lantern’s light.


I am tired, Bozea. Mine’s good. HCQ’s is better. Both would work perfectly well in a comic book story. Thus, all is well.

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Envenomed Doomsday needed to be a metal band or an ongoing DC series or both.



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But it is up to you, young speedster.

Envenomed Doomsday will totally be a bad guy in the sequel to Dark Nights: Metal.


First, send in Ambush Bug to both distract Envenomed Doomsday (there’s no way you can convince me that’s not his name now). Then Bug’ll 'port Envenomed Doomsday to the surface of Mogo. Doomsday might be able to stop Superman, but he’s got no chance against a planet.

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I was thinking a very basic and practical duo. Supes and Diana, Supes and Cap. Marvel, Supes and Firestorm. Each one has Kal cuz you’ll definitely need him for the manpower. Shazam and WW are there to closely match the strength and that way either pair will hopefully overwhelm doomsday at some point. I feel like Firestorm could would come up with a crafty quicker way to do it while Supes keeps doomsday busy or held down.

Excited for tomorrow’s scenario lol great idea!! Make it a good one :smiley:

There is one thing you guys are missing…

Who is going too capture bane?

Eh, someone will get Bane. Probably Batman. He usually does.


@Kingsofspeedsters Yea, I know, but Bane seemed to be the secondary threat. But it’s your thread, so in your next scenario, if you want more of a straight two heroes vs villains set-up, just add that to your description. What two heroes face off individually against these two villains? Only, you know, worded your way…