🎶 Mixtape Monday: Meta Madhouse Music - Lex Luthor Masterminds 🎶

Hi, all! :slight_smile:

Alas, our list of songs has been both weighed and measured, but lucky us, it was found anything but wanting! On the contrary, as was expected of so talented a group, it was a playlist even the most discerning of tastes would put on repeat (as, we have it on good authority, Darkseid and his team have! :partying_face:). To join in on the good stuff, see the full list of tunes below!

Overall Team Themes/No Character Pairing
“Also Sprach Zarathustra: Einleitung, Oder Sonnenaufgang” by Richard Strauss (Black Monolith scene theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey)
“Doomsday Clock,” by Smashing Pumpkins
“New World Order,” by Ministry
“Highway to Hell,” by AC/DC
“Bulls on Parade,” by Rage Against the Machine
“Hells Bells,” by AC/DC

Click the arrow to see the full list of songs below, arranged by character!

Black Adam
“Electrifying,” by Jim Johnston (The Rock Theme)
“Playing with Lightning,” by Expansion Union

General Zod
“Will You Trust Me,” by Nima Fakhrara (from Detroit: Become Human OST)

“The Alien,” by Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow (from The Alien)

The Anti-Monitor
“Destroy Everything You Touch,” by Ladytron
“River Below,” by Billy Talent

“Beast And The Harlot," by Avenged Sevenfold
“It’s No Good,” by In Flames
“Devil’s Food,” by Alice Cooper
“Schoolyard Strangler,” by scntfc (from Afterparty)

Superboy Prime
“Numb,” by Linkin Park

“Doomsday Clock,” by Smashing Pumpkins
“BFG Division,” by Mick Gordon (from Doom OST)

Granny Goodness
“Walk,” by Pantera
“Good Girls Don’t But I Do,” by The Knack (Chipmunk Punk Cover)

“The Daleks,” by Murray Gold (from Doctor Who)

“Lala Lala Song,” by James S. Levine
“Flyswatter,” by The Eels

God of War II Main Titles Theme by Gerard Marino
“The Hunt is Coming,” by Marcin Przybylowicz (from The Witcher 3 OST)

“Fear of the World,” by ABC

Lady Bleez
“Feeling Good,” by Avicii
“Blood Machine,” by Nico Vega

This Week’s Theme:
Meta Madhouse Music - Lex Luthor Masterminds

Intelligence is not only a virtue, but also in ample supply on this week’s team, now comprised of the Lex Luthor Masterminds! Emphasizing brains over brawn when when executing their nefarious plans, this group and its leader are confident they’ll make it to the finish line, succeeding where all other teams will fail. Still, none can answer the real question of who’ll represent this team, and have a great theme song to match - that, my friends, is something only you can decide! :wink:

Give us a hint on who wins the week for you by sharing your song of choice below!

Ready to choose your character? Here's the list of their encyclopedia pages!

Lex Luthor
Vandal Savage
Ocean Master
Maxwell Lord
Brother Blood
Talia Al Ghul
Dr. Sivana
The Riddler
Mr. Mind
Ras Al Ghul
Amanda Waller
Black Mask
Lady Shiva

While lyrics must abide to Forum Guidelines, the songs can be anything, of any genre, as long as it meets each week’s theme!

:headphones: Curious what Mixtape Monday is? :headphones:
Every week, we’ll post the title of our latest Mixtape, and you post a track of your choice in the comments below! We’ll follow up next Mixtape Monday with the full list of tunes collected from the week before. And if our “What’s the Last Song You Heard?” thread is any indication, you all have superb taste in tunes!


This week, for the team theme, I’m choosing…

Lorde’s cover of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

And for my first choice of character, we’re going with:
“Grievous speaks to Lord Sidious,” by John Williams

…which is for Bane.

Followed by “Hello Zepp,” by Charlie Clouser (from SAW)

…which is for The Riddler.



Ocean Master

Dr. Sivanna

Lady Shiva

Maxwell Lord



Hello @MissInkBlot, last week was really hard, couldn’t think of anything for Darkseid team. Anyway here’s a handful for team Lex Luthor!:grinning:
Here’s my pick for Lex Luthor, think of it his song during Superman/Batman Public Enemies, here’s Stars from Les Misérables, Russell Crowe singing.

Speaking of Les Misérables, Here’s a song for Talia Al Ghoul with Anne Hathaway singing I dream a dream.

Speaking of Talia, here’s a song for her father, Bring me back to life from Everscense.

And finally for Ocean Master, here’s Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid.:tropical_fish::blowfish::fish::crab:

For Vandel Savages, here’s from Frans Shubert unfinished 8th symphony

For Bane, from Disney Mulan, I’ll make a man out of you!

For The Riddler is from the Riddler himself Frank Gorshin, it’s a funny catchy tune! :riddlerhqtas:


I’ve got 4 more, :slightly_smiling_face:
Here’s another one for Talia,

And here’s another one for Bane.

Here’s one for Maxwell Lord, I think he’s alot like Scrooge in his own ways.

And finally for Mr Mind, Sorry Superman and Lois, I’ve gotta give can you read my mind for Mr. Mind!


Doubling down on Depeche this week.

This ones for the business villains Lex and Max. ♫The grabbing hands grab what they can. Everything counts in large amounts. The lies and deceit gained a little more power.♫

This ones for Bane. ♫The sweetest infection of body and mind. The sweetest injection of any kind. When I need a drug in me, and it brings out the thug in me. Feel something tugging me.♫


Everclear-Santa Monica.-Ozy
System of a Down-Deer Dance.Deathstoke
Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five-The Message. Ra’s al Ghul

P.S. all your last guesses were absolutely correct except Hectate. That’s on me tho. It was just a song for the entire set of characters.


@MissInkBlot Well, I was going to also suggest “Everybody Wants…” for the team theme, but I wasn’t aware of the Lorde cover and think that works better than the original. Nice pick! So I offer this one for the team theme, or specifically it’s fearless leader (I get chills every time with this theme) :
Hans Zimmer - “The Red Capes Are Coming”

Red - “Breathe Into Me”

A few people on the list have used the Lazarus Pit, I was thinking Ra’s al Ghul, but there are a couple songs already suggested, so it could maybe work for someone else.

Hall & Oates - “Maneater”

This could maybe work for any of the ladies on this list, Talia al Ghul stood out more so than the other two.

Demon Hunter - “Cold Blood”

Brother Blood?

Living Sacrifice - “Mask”

Black Mask?


Maybe my last two suggestions above are too on-the-nose title wise, but I wanted to try and diversify the character list.

Still relatively new to these Mixtape Mondays threads. Some of these are difficult, there’s a LOT of characters I still don’t know all that well, and sometimes it’s hard to maybe find lyrics that relate to an aspect of them or story.


I usually just go with my 1st thoughts but I know what u mean. I literally do mine in under 3mins & off the top of my head. Sometimes, it’s just a bar or two that makes the whole thing work for me lol.


What a playlist, everyone! Wow, every week you manage to surprise me, without fail. :hushed: Will be back on to respond to these in a few days, but sending an early thank you to everyone for what you’ve already shared! :heart_eyes:

@LDFM - Oh, no need to worry about finding lyrics that match a character 100%. What’s great about this is that I find some of the best songs chosen are those that only relate to a character by maybe 20% (or even less), since even that small percentage, acting as a special part of their background or a personality trait that stands out to you most, and can be one of the most important parts of that character for you, or on the whole, whether the song fully encompasses the rest of their background or not. So, all additions are welcome - I’m fond of the on-the-nose ones, so please don’t hesitate in sharing those! :slight_smile:


:slightly_smiling_face:Now she tells me! LOL! I’ll have to remember that even by 10% it’s ok.


Going to split this up into separate responses, but will finish tomorrow! :slight_smile:

@UnLagunas - Ohh, that choice for Ozymandias… I actually re-watched Watchmen the night before last, so I had him in mind, and you really hit it out the park this week. “Lacrimosa’s” packs a punch when thinking about what Ozy’s capable of and what, of that available capability, he actually does with his power, along with how it fits so well with Watchmen, in general. You’re also making me realize what I’m missing out on in never having seen Westworld - that must change, apparently, because that song’s beautiful!

Very nice choice with “Be Prepared,” and quite the multilayered approach when one considers how familial ties play into both situations. I like where your mind went there! :hushed: “Weird Science” surprised me, but after going back for a refresher on his encyclopedia page, I definitely see where you’re coming from with that. I concur! Likewise, Lady Shiva’s choice is a perfect fit for her, too, mixing well with her not only being such a skilled martial artist, but a skilled assassin, as well. But, then to end with Sherlock? Clearly, there’s no leaving the best for last with your list of songs - they’re all superb! Thank you for sharing so many! :slight_smile:

@Reaganfan78, aww, like I said during the Q&A last night, everyone knows I’m far from picky. :wink: Still, judging by everyone’s taste in music, be it 10% or 90%, it wouldn’t have much of an effect on the community’s choices anyway. They’ll be just as good as they’ve always been! :heart:

Speaking of which, what’s going on with the Disney mentions for this week’s theme? And I say that, not as a complaint, but quite happily. Oddly enough, a few of my relatives were saying earlier this week that someone needs to go around playing tunes like that to lift people’s spirits (actually, we were listening to “Under the Sea” when discussing it), and then I come on here, and hello Lion King, Mulan, and the like! I really do love it when we’re so heavily traveling the same mental wavelength. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: No worries about Darkseid, though, you more than make up for it with this week’s choices! I’m sorry if that’s why you had trouble with it, either way - hopefully the 10% allowance makes things easier!

I’ll be finishing up with responses tomorrow, but wanted to ask if, since we’re dealing with villains, and while @UnLagunas chose a fellow villain, Scar’s, song while some of what you chose were songs that didn’t apply to villains in the movies they’re from, did you have trouble finding a way to connect them to your chosen characters, or were they pretty easy decisions?


@Reaganfan78 - Ah ha! You cover the entire spectrum with your selection, don’t you? :slight_smile: Fantastic! And I like the way you handled what could be considered a rather frightening group of individuals with such a whimsical set of songs, by comparison. As mentioned before, I’m always for sneaking in some Disney, but The Muppets, too? Who knew? :wink:

The songs you choose from Les Misérables are always really powerful, so I find it fascinating to see them applied the characters like Lex and Talia. The same’s true for Talia and “I Never Even Told You.” Very emotional songs, but good in that they offer a different perspective - not one of villain or bad guy, but person, which is a nice point of view to add. :slight_smile: Was “Bring Me To Life” for Talia or for her dad? I wasn’t sure if you were saying the song was “for her father” as in representing her relationship with her dad, or if you want it to represent him from his perspective, instead. I love that song, and the video, either way, so I was happy to hear it!

“Under the Sea” and Ocean Master are perfect for each other - if I weren’t feeling upbeat before that, listening to it surely fixed that problem. :stuck_out_tongue: And “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” is at the top of my list for amongst Disney song favs, while Bane’s one of my favorite characters, so to have those two together was quite the experience (and nicely concluded with “Hearts on Fire” - very good combination there, both in video, and song), especially alongside the 26 minutes of classical music beauty that you shared. :heart_eyes: You’re right about “The Riddler,” too - that is a catchy tune, and the riddle about oranges made me laugh, and think about the question that recently showed up on the forum about whether or not oranges are round on a flat earth. :laughing:

Then, last, but not least, Scrooge! Perhaps one has to have a little Scrooge energy to be a villain though, right? :wink: So that’s quite appropriate. I didn’t expect to have the Muppets version, but I think that made me like it all the more, actually. And what can be said about the OST from Superman? That’s great to listen to at any time, but even better to listen to for this theme. I like that choice for Mr. Mind! Thank you for so many amazing picks to choose from!

@Coville - Who can blame you for doubling down on Depeche Mode this week? 'Twas a very good decision in my book! :slight_smile: The overall feel of those songs is something I wouldn’t have initially thought to associate with this team, but I love how well it works! The lyrics, on their own, make for a an unquestionable pairing with those characters, so after a full listen, all the puzzle pieces automatically fall into place. I especially like how two songs from the same band, while sharing similar tone, can fit such different characters. You did a wonderful job with these! :smiley:

@capo-mage - Ooh, “Santa Monica” is so good for that character, I agree! There’s almost… something of a bittersweet note to it, if it can be called that. When considering what he did and the ethical and moral conflict surrounding all of it, the section saying, “I don’t wanna be the bad guy” tugs at your heartstrings. “Yeah watch the world die” is quite the appropriate repeat to end with, as well.

As for “Deer Dance,” my goodness, that’s a chaotic song. It’s all over the place in all the best ways, and reminds me of my seeing him last in the CW Seed “Knights and Dragons” trailer now that I think about it, lol. “The Message” was my biggest surprise, though. I’d never have gotten that guess right, but adore the combo! I mean, I’ve always gotten a kick out of that song when listening to it on its own, but the combo makes it even better, now. :slight_smile: I love your choices!

So glad the guesses weren’t too far off - thank you for letting me know! :heart:

@LDFM - Aww, thank you for the compliment! I was of the same mindset when checking out the original vs covers, and thought that the heavier tone of that one was best for this group of masterminds. :wink: Ah, but thank you for sharing something that gives you the chills… those can be some of the very best songs, and when it comes to Zimmer, you know it’s going to be good. As expected, that was, and it’s understandable why you’d use it for team lead! There’s an unsettling aspect to it, coupled with the heavier notes that leave you feeling the appropriate level of foreboding for this group. :hushed: I like “Breathe Into Me” for the song, itself, and it strikes me as one I’ll be listening to often, but it also sounds like an interesting one for Ra’s al Ghul, so I don’t mind that being on the list that way, and there’s no limit for the number that can be applied to each character. What made you choose it?

“Maneater” is great! The one I was most familiar with was the one by Nelly Furtado, but your choice is so much more fitting for the ladies in the team, I agree. I’ll list it under your chosen character when we make the final list on Monday! :slight_smile: As for Demon Hunter, that song certainly appropriate to me when one thinks about the possibility of the Cult of Blood, certainly. “Mask” is a good one, too, with regard to Black Mask’s background. I’m in the same position you’ve mentioned being in with some characters as well, and am learning more about those I’ve been unfamiliar with, so I think you did a fantastic job this week, especially based on my research and what it sounds like you’ve been doing! :smiley:

Thanks for the patience this week, everyone - YT’s been mwahaha’ing at me with “An error occurred. Please try again later” messages all week so I appreciate your bearing with me! :wink: I also realized we missed a song for Amanda Waller, so I’m sharing that now. I think she deserves the loveliness that is Abel Korzeniowski’s “Penny Dreadful Main Theme” (this is one of those that gives me the good chills to listen to, too):


Thank u. The message is my favorite rap beat ever. Worked great for Check Yo Self by Ice Cube & Can’t nobody hold me down by Puff Daddy but I hate Puffs version. Ice Cube did it justice, Puff just stole every 80’s song I loved & put lyrics to it. Made millions of not being creative at all. Ice Cubes version was great & he already had plenty originals to justify sampling one out of respect. Grandmaster Flash’s was so important creatively & it was literally a message about what poor urban cities were going thru. The only beat that’s close for me is Run-Dmc’s Peter Piper. It’s been sampled by Missy & tons of others too, but it’s an incredible beat.


@capo-mage - It’s amazing how songs are adjusted and changed, and sometimes, just used as is by different musicians, isn’t it? With the talk from last week about covers, was having a conversation over here about just that issue a few days ago, actually (since you mentioned her as well, in that situation, we were discussing Missy Elliot’s “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” vs the original “I Can’t Stand The Rain,” by Ann Peebles).

In the end, I’m just glad there are some out there who do take the time and effort to do their source songs justice - there’s still hope for what’s to undoubtedly come in the future! I can be quite the stickler about some things, so I must say that your appreciation for those original songs, their treatment, and the influence a strong, really well done beat can have, is appreciated! I can relate completely. :slight_smile: :hearts:

Also chiming in to let everyone know this week’s new thread is up, and can be found here! :smiley:

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@MissInkBlot Yeah, we’ve had some similar thoughts going for sure. And I’ve been impressed with some of your picks, especially with the new Cheetah Beasts thread! I got to see Avenged Sevenfold and Three Days Grace a few years back. While I don’t listen to them much anymore, it’s nice to see a lot of these reminders.
As for “Breathe Into Me”… off the bat, I was thinking Lazarus Pit… breathing life into someone, dead or close to. If you look at the lyrics, it comes across as needing to rely on something or a substance, and from my understanding the Lazarus Pit needs constant usage? And there are a lot of “And this is how…” lines describing thoughts or feelings, and I’m also understanding the LP messes with your mind (Red Hood, Sarah Lance’s Canary in Arrow)… I don’t know, maybe I’m over analyzing things for this song. Hahaha!

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@LDFM - Aww, why thank you! I always feel like I’m lagging behind all of you in the quality of my picks, so I’m honored you’ve found those you’ve liked in mine so far! :slight_smile: Getting to see Avenged Sevenfold and Three Days Grace must’ve been a sight! :hushed: I hope they were as good as you were looking forward to, and I understand easing out of listening to them. I’m the same, going through spells with certain artists before drifting onto others. Eventually I find my way back around to them, though, so I figure it’s a “right time, right place” thing where it’s the right music finding you when you need it. :slight_smile:

I like your analysis of “Breathe Into Me.” What you describe is really interesting, especially since the song’s from the receiver’s perspective, actively requesting to be breathed into. I’m not sure about the idea of constant usage (I need to do more research, and wish I knew more about the Lazarus Pit’s possible after effect >,<), but based on what you said, that leaves me thinking about how the shared breath could result in the sharing of attributes, too, being given from one source to another. Hmm, I’m tipping into “stream of consciousness” mode now, so I’ll have to mull this over tonight, since it’s a topic that tends to pull me in and not let go. :stuck_out_tongue: Worry not, however, my analysis scale equates “too much” to “just enough to be perfect,” so I love where you’re going with your thought process!

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@MissInkBlot I think we were talking about being introverts and having a passion for music in the introduce yourself thread… sometimes I can be “brave” I guess and I’ve gone to quite a few concerts/festivals, seen a LOT of bands, and met some cool people/musicians, some fun stories/memories… I actually have that A7X, 3DG show poster, I shared over in an Iceburg Lounge discussion if you want to look.

But these threads have been fun, I’m trying not to lurk as much. Thank you for putting these together. :slight_smile: