🎶 Mixtape Monday: Meta Madhouse Music - Darkseid Invaders 🎶

Greetings, everyone!

To say last week’s playlist was a menagerie of maniacal music would be the understatement of the month! :joker_hv_2: Truly a list of songs Mister J and his team of fiends would be proud of, we’re happy to present the full list below!

Overall Team Themes/No Character Pairing
“The Clowns,” by Bobby Tahouri
“Do Something,” by Slaves
“Crazy,” by Gnarls Barkley
“The Happy Song,” by Poets of the Fall
“Smile,” by Nat King Cole
“Smile Like You Mean It,” by The Killers
“You Only Live Twice,” by Nancy Sinatra (tribute to the Lazarus Pit)
“Watch That Man,” by Lulu
“Two Tribes,” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood

For ease of sight's sake, minimizing the full list, but click the arrow to see the rest!

NOTE: Other than titles with explicit lyrics, I think I got them all.
Let me know if any songs are missing!

The Joker
“I Love to Laugh” (from Mary Poppins)
Laugh, Clown, Laugh Theme, by Ted Fiorito (from Laugh, Clown, Laugh)
“The Joker,” by The Steve Miller Band
“Partyman,” by Prince (from Batman)
“Settin’ the Woods on Fire,” by Hank Williams (+ Harley Quinn)
“Waltz To The Death,” by Danny Elfman (from Batman)
“Why so Serious?” by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard (from The Dark Knight)
“Smile,” by Jimmy Durante (from Joker)
“Pocket of a Clown,” by Dwight Yoakam
“Happy Pills,” by Weathers

“Hemmorhage (In My Hands),” by Fuel
“Out of my Face,” by Saving Abel

Harley Quinn
“Obsession,” by Army of Lovers
“Spellbound,” by Siouxsie and the Banshees
“Tracks of My Tears,” by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
“Tears of a Clown,” by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
“Clint Eastwood,” by Gorillaz
“Face Down,” by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
“You Don’t Own Me,” by Leslie Gore
“Misery Business,” by Paramore
“Chalk Outline,” by Three Days Grace
“Breakdown,” by Seether

Poison Ivy
“Listen Up!” by Gossip
“Thrice,” by Black Honey

Kite Man
“Let’s Go Fly a Kite” (from Mary Poppins)
“Crazy Train,” by Ozzy Osbourne
Cheers Theme, by Gary Portnoy (from Cheers)
“Bully,” by Three Days Grace

Killer Frost
“Let it Go,” by Idina Menzel (from Frozen)
“Disarm,” by The Smashing Pumpkins
“Had a Bad Day,” by Daniel Powter

Dr. Psycho
“The Happy Song,” by Poets of the Fall
“The Murder,” by Bernard Herrmann (from Psycho)
“50ft Queenie,” by PJ Harvey
“Headstrong,” by Trapt

“Speed Demon,” by BRONCHO
“Pumped Up Kicks,” by Foster The People
“Time in a Bottle,” by Jim Croce
“The Kids Aren’t Alright,” by The Offspring
“The Deep End,” by Crossfade
“Back In Time” (John “Jellybean” Benitez Mix), by Huey Lewis & The News (from Back to the Future)

Condiment King
“The Hunted,” by Saint Asonia

Anton Arcane
“Forget Me Forgotten,” by Hollow Wood
“Dead Souls," by Joy Division
“Sick Cycle Carousel,” by Lifehouse
“Dance with the Devil,” by Breaking Benjamin
“Zombies,” by The Cranberries

Mr. Nobody
“Coming Undone,” by Korn
“Nobody Lonesome,” by Hank Williams, Sr.
“Shadow of the Beast,” by David Whithaker
“Bound for the Floor,” by Local H
“Sweet Dreams,” by Marilyn Manson

“I Fall to Pieces,” by Patsy Cline
“Help,” by Papa Roach
“Blurry,” by Puddle of Mudd
“Face to the Floor,” by Chevelle

Mr. Freeze
“Behind Blue Eyes,” by Legion
“The Unforgiven (Parts I-III),” by Metallica
“Sail,” by Awolnation
“Monster,” by Starset
“Far Away,” by Breaking Benjamin

“A View To A Kill,” by Duran Duran (from A View to a Kill)
“Goodnight Moon,” by Shivaree
“Bottom of a Bottle,” by Smile Empty Soul
“Remedy,” by Seether

Victor Zsasz
“Psycho Killer,” by Talking Heads
“Chop Suey!” by System of a Down

Star Sapphire
“I Only Want to Be With You,” by The Tourists
“Iris,” by The Goo Goo Dolls
“Savior,” by Rise Against

Hugo Strange
“Strange Things,” by Randy Newman (from Toy Story)
“Moonlight Sonata,” by Beethoven
“House of the Rising Sun,” by The Animals
“In the Mood,” by Glenn Miller

This Week’s Theme:
Meta Madhouse Music - Darkseid Invaders

An invasion’s certainly on the horizon, as per our team of the week, the Darkseid Invaders! Be it conquering a planet or subjugating enemies, if you need assistance with either, this is the team to have on your side. But of the group of them, who can be considered the best of the best? Or, to better suit our purposes… which character is so good at being bad that they’ll not only win the week, but deserve a song shared in their honor?

Let us know which tops your list by sharing your pick below!

Need help choosing? Take a look at this week's set of encyclopedia pages below:

Black Adam
General Zod
The Anti-Monitor
Superboy Prime
Granny Goodness
Lady Bleez

While lyrics must abide to Forum Guidelines, the songs can be anything, of any genre, as long as it meets each week’s theme!

:headphones: Curious what Mixtape Monday is? :headphones:
Every week, we’ll post the title of our latest Mixtape, and you post a track of your choice in the comments below! We’ll follow up next Mixtape Monday with the full list of tunes collected from the week before. And if our “What’s the Last Song You Heard?” thread is any indication, you all have superb taste in tunes!


To set the theme for this team, I’ve chosen the 2001: A Space Odyssey Theme

And this week, I went with the characters I found most interesting to research, so no winners, per se… unless you count my thinking they’d, indeed, win their initial matchups. :wink: So, my three mystery characters can be identified by…

Avenged Sevenfold’s, “Beast And The Harlot”

This one’s for Trigon

“The Daleks,” by Murray Gold (from Doctor Who)

This one’s for Starro

The God of War II Main Titles Theme by Gerard Marino

This one’s for Ares


“Electrifying” by Jim Johnston

Was trying to figure out what I could do for the one I chose to win this bracket (and whole thing actually). Figured this worked. The song title is subtle, I think, to his abilities… but the person this theme song belongs to (and artwork) are probably pretty obvious, so it’s also a nod to an upcoming movie and the actor playing him.

“Doomsday Clock” by Smashing Pumpkins

I thought of this one by looking over who was on the roster and one of the names stuck out. But it could probably work on a “team” level. The characters in this bracket are not your normal villains. Most villains rely on technology, logic, or skills… these are gods and otherworldly beings…


Winner of this round:

The anti-monitor of course. Destroyer of worlds, and killer of Kara. :cry:

Then bonus villain 1:

This one is for Trigon.

Then bonus villain 2:

I’m giving this one to Bleez. Got to be relieving replacing all those feelings of loss with rage.


@MissInkBlot I guessed 3 out of 3. Great picks! My Dr Who knowledge is kind of lacking, so I had to make a qualified guess on that one not knowing the powerset of the Daleks, only vaguely remembering their appearance from places. :smiley:


Ministry- NWO. New World Order.
AC/DC-Highway to Hell.
Rage against the Machine-Bulls on Parade (edited version per the rules lol).


Superboy Prime could have an entire soundtrack himself.

(mostly papa roach.)

granny goodness lol!

and poached from a competitor’s soundtrack

black adam


Specifically for Granny Goodness, because when it comes to dishing out pain…
Good Girls Don’t But I Do by The Knack.
(And to make it even more twisted…make that the cover of the song done by The Chipmunks, from Chipmunk Punk.)

For Sinestro: Fear of the World by ABC, from How to be a…zillionaire.

For Trigon: Devil’s Food by Alice Cooper, from Welcome to my Nightmare.


@LDFM - That choice of “Electrifying” was awesome! Very unexpected to hear, “can you smell what The Rock is cooking?” after so many years, but a very welcome blast from the past. I think the fact that it’s instrumental adds to it all, and that it is helps the song accomplish the goal of portraying its title well - it’s an A+ choice for Black Adam, and Dwayne Johnson, alike, definitely! As for “Doomsday Clock” for Doomsday, that’s a really good choice, too, as is letting it stand for the entire team - with lyrics like, “They’re bound to kill us all,” it’s more than appropriate when one considers what you mention about their being otherworldly beings. A song like that helps refresh one’s memory… juuust in case one was unfortunate enough to forget. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Pow-Pow - Yay! I’m delighted you liked the picks! :slight_smile: Was considering another song for that as well that I might add if I can find it (lol my brain’s been on the fritz!), but it’s good to know the Dalek theme song made due in the meantime. :wink: Wonderful job done with your guessing!

As for yours… Ladytron’s a new one for me this week, but it leaves me intrigued, both on a visual level with that music video, and due to the song, itself - I can tell they put a lot into depicting as much of a particular story as the lyrics do. Multi-layered and mysterious, it’s well-suited for The Anti-Monitor. :slight_smile: “It’s No Good” is fantastic in how subdued it is and how interesting a match up something of that energy level is for a character like Trigon. In my opinion, it feels like a reflection of the concept of pent up power, or quiet danger (potential energy) - the lyrics seem to hint at it, too with, “I’m gonna take my time / I have all the time in the world / To make you mine / You can run, but you cannot hide.” And, to finish out your list, wow, that’s a beautiful cover of “Feeling Good,” by Avicii - what a gorgeous way to round out your songs with! :heart_eyes:

@capo-mage - Ooh, you have me enjoying that list from beginning to end! Even with my already being familiar with “Highway to Hell” and “Bulls on Parade,” I couldn’t wait to give them another listen, but “NWO” was brand new. As expected, I wasn’t disappointed, either! That song has a really tempered, well-done mixture of chaos and measured control that leaves you wanting to come back for a second listen… or third, in my case (can’t help it, that song reminds me of some of the stuff I listen to by Lordi). :stuck_out_tongue: I kind of want to use all three for the team, but my guesses are General Zod for the first, Trigon for the second, and the entire team for third. :slight_smile:

@biff_pow - “Numb” is such an intriguing choice… I’ve always found it strange how that song sometimes ends up being more comforting than the lyrics would initially suggest it should be. How it takes some very delicate, emotionally-heavy lyrics, and combines them with music that has an interesting calming effect (at least for me, others’ mileage may vary). I can understand why you chose it, though, in light of that (though for the record, I’d love to hear the entire soundtrack, as mentioned!). Then comes your pick for Granny Goodness, which has me laughing because of how it all combines at face value. :laughing: With her being a part of a team like this, however, it really does end up being a perfect match! “Playing with Lightning” is excellent, as well… it leaves me, again, amazed by how artists are able to create songs that so strongly epitomize concepts such as the word “electrifying,” or lightning. So well done! And as a side note, boy, does it remind me of Jet Set Radio Future. :slight_smile:

@DeSade-acolyte - lol at Chipmunk Punk! What a fascinating combo - you’re right, twisted is a great word for it! It was as if a question mark appeared above my head when I saw the chipmunks at first, and then my eyes widened as I listened to the song, and the question mark became a “what sorcery is this?” thought bubble of awe. :stuck_out_tongue: So, alas, you’ve won me over! :wink: What I like about “Fear of the World” is that not only is the song’s message well-matched, but the sound of it is something I can see Sinestro listening to. Same’s true of “Devil’s Food,” though… so much so, it makes me think of Trigon playing that song in a way similar to how the horned one rocks out in the Tenacious D, “Tribute” music video (suppose the elderly woman that shows up at the end of TD’s vid makes for a great tie-in for the week, too, now that I’ve gone back to re-watch it. :laughing:). Three thumbs up for your choices! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Adding that @Pow-Pow’s mention of the “destroyer of worlds” phrase made this come to mind while listening to a bit of Billy Talent this weekend (the video, in particular, more than the lyrics) - this one’s “River Below”:

And it came to mind for The Anti-Monitor.

And another one - “Lala Lala Song,” by James S. Levine

This one’s for Hecate.

I love the variation in characters chosen this week, everyone!
Thank you for the lovely range to choose from! :heart_eyes:









And the overall theme.


@UnLagunas - Ahh, what goodies you’ve left us with, M, thank you! Unbeknownst to you, I was geeking out about the upcoming Doom game last night, so discovering your post on here was an interesting coincidence! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for being so thorough with your list! Really enjoying all of the movie and video game OST songs you’ve featured this week, and love your character choices for them! The one for Parallax is amazing… was trying to find a good one to fit there, too, and had the OST for Prometheus in mind, but your choice so much better! Just the right touch of creepy. I got the same vibe from “Flyswatter,” too… it leaves you with that “hair rising on the back of your neck” feeling because of the music box bits. As was appropriate, by comparison, “Schoolyard Strangler” left me with a lot more than a touch of creepy, so it did its job well, too (despite having no lyrics). :wink: I’m a newbie to Nico Vega, so I’m glad to have had such a unique song be a first intro… that one has me itching to hear more!

And from another angle, what I adore is that the differing, but equally intimidating feelings of oncoming danger, and insurmountable power created by “Will You Trust Me,” “BFG Division” and “The Hunt is Coming” made for very, very good matches for Zod, Doomsday, and Ares, I agree! They all do such an excellent job conveying the impression that you should be in awe of the character in question and appropriately frightened (and are rather foolish if you aren’t, yet lol). At the same time, “Hells Bells,” accomplishes this too as a team theme, but does it from a more lighthearted place, which is a nice way to end the list. Thank you for sharing these! :slight_smile:

Also, letting everyone know this week’s new thread is up! :slight_smile:


Got Ares written all over it.

Ahh, an appropriate match for the likes of Ares and the story surrounding him, I agree, @Razzzcat. When relating it to other songs I’ve heard, I think it’s a bit reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine’s, “Killing in the Name Of,” as well, both in message, and tone, but also overall sound. I mention that, because whereas RATM’s song isn’t one I’d have associated with Ares, I think it’s pretty cool that you felt your choice does; it gives me the chance to see how good a fit it is. Your post’s an unexpected surprise to find this week, so I’m glad you shared it with us - great pick! :slight_smile:

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@MissInkBlot Lol I’m late to class again. I know! It popped into my head—then got stuck there and this is the only logical place to put it. :wink::facepunch:t3:

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I’ll have to find a song tomorrow, sorry I’ve been missing out on these.

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@Razzzcat - Oh no, I hope you weren’t too late for class! :hushed: What a song to have pop into your head, though - don’t you just love it when that happens? :heart_eyes:

@TheAnonymousofNML - Aww, all good there, we’re happy to have you around, whether you have a song to add or not. Especially if you just want to give commentary on songs others have shared - that’s welcome for anyone stopping by the thread to do, too! Thank you for the head’s up on things, and stopping by to hang out with us! :slight_smile:

Oh, no. I meant late to your class—as in the thread. :smile:
…And depends on the song that gets stuck. Sometimes it can be awful. Sometimes it’s great. Either way I have to hear the song or pass it along to unstick it! Don’t know why it works, but it does! :dancer:t2:

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@Razzzcat - I’m the cool teacher, though, so no one has to worry about whether or not they’re late. With my open door policy, it’s always fashionable. :stuck_out_tongue: Hope the songs occupying your mind are good ones at the moment! This week’s theme on battle music had me in Scott Pilgrim mode, so, I’ve no complaints on my end. :wink:

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