Kneel Before Zod Grab Bag

:fireworks: :sparkler: Happy New Year! :fireworks: :sparkler:

New Year, same Kryptonian despot! Prepare to kneel before Zod with this grab bag highlighting writer Joe Casey, General Zod and more!

General Zod Was Krypton’s most notorious criminal. Now, he has an entire planet to rule–but what happens when the most dangerous individual in the universe gets everything he ever wanted?

Obviously, he wants more–and he’ll stop at nothing to get it in the most brutal series you’ll read this year!

This is not a hero’s journey. This is a dark ride, brought to you by the sick and twisted minds of Adventures of Superman writer Joe Casey and artist Dan McDaid in his monumental main-line DC Debut.

For General Zod and his family, the descent into Hell has just begun.

Need a Zod refresher?

Start with Superman/Wonder Woman Vol. 1

Get a feel for Joe Casey's writing with Superman/Batman #64 and #68-71

Are you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: reading Kneel Before Zod?

Are you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: a Joe Casey fan?

What do you think of the New 52-era Superman and Wonder Woman’s rumble with Zod and his cronies?

Kneel before @Bar-El and I with your thoughts on anything Zod down below!

SN: You don’t have to kneel, but if you do, we’ll kick a fruit basket your way* to say “thanks”. :superman_hv_4:

*We won’t, but thank you for reading, all the same. :slight_smile:



This is great!


:rofl: @Vroom is responsible for that piece of gold :laughing: I thought the same thing!


I love doling out fruit baskets as much as anyone, but shipping them out to everyone in the :superman:nazzy and :superman:weller than :superman:uper @ModernAgeSupermanClub would cost a lot of Xeroxed Monopoly bread that I can’t spare right now.

Instead, Google “fruit baskets” and enjoy what comes up (Also: Read the Fruits Basket manga and watch the Fruit Baskets anime too, should time allow) while also checking out some of @Bar-El and I’s groovy reads in the OP above, which will hopefully make you say “Oh my Zod, those were good.”

:apple: :00_superman:


I know what I’m reading next!

Classic story, love it!!


Hell yes!!! :smiley:

I remembered it was coming out in early January, but didn’t realize it was out already (I miss that part of the Comixology app more than anything, the “This weeks new releases” section). Reading #1 today :slightly_smiling_face:

I love General Zod, and have ever since I first saw him in Superman 2. I even made my own not too long ago, based off the Colin Salmon version from Krypton:

Off the top of my head, here are some of my favorite Zod moments:

Not God…ZOD

Amanda Waller tried to force Zod to join her Suicide Squad, and learned a valuable lesson- you don’t force the General to do anything.

I wouldn’t blink

I know there are mixed feelings about it, but I loved For Tomorrow. I enjoy Azzarello’s writing, and the idea of reading his version of General Zod drawn by Jim Lee gave me the good chills. This scene in particular always stuck with me, about someone having the willpower not to blink their eyes, even as they dried away was chilling.

Should I call you Clark Kent?

I was already a big Geoff Johns fan when this was announced, and knowing that the story would be a collaboration with Richard Donner, drawn by Adam Kubert was comic book heaven. General Zod in this story was cruel, merciless, and terrifying. Exactly how he should always be.


Zod approvez. :grin:

I haven’t read the manga in-full, but I have seen a smidge :pinching_hand:t2: of the anime. From what I remember, it was pretty good.

Good Toyman! :raised_hands:t2:


The days when all of a given week’s new releases were intelligently grouped together in one easy-to-find spot, rather than being smattered about as they are now.

“What a time to be alive.” that was.

Same, with Superman II being my first exposure to him.

As a kid, I’m sure I thought something akin to “Wow, this guy’s on Superman’s level. This is going to be good!” as I first saw Superman II.

:kissing: :pinched_fingers:t2: Beautiful work as always, Master Toyman™!

If someone makes Krypton toys at some point, I’m buyin’!

Agree on all points. For Tomorrow is a classic, most just haven’t realized it yet.

Yes! Last Son was among my most-anticipated reads of 2006 and it didn’t disappoint.

The delays in its initial release were “Bummer.”-inducing of course, but whenever a new chapter did make its way out, it was always worth the wait.


I plan on picking it up today from LCS.

Edit: And I’m back
Just finished reading this first issue. As first issues go it laid out some of the back history but still lots to fill in. I’m excited on what’s to come.


Welcome, welcome, welcome, @Chain_Twix!

“I’ll put on the chick-”

Golly Miss Lane, that was faster than Superman in his annual races with The Flash!


What’d you think of Lor? Little bastard in-waiting, or full-bore bastard as-is? :grin:

Speaking of Zod’s bastard (gee-whiz, what do I think of him? :smirk:) progeny, will you be checking out Sinister Sons?

Finally, have you read any of the Zod-based selections in the OP and/or anything by writer Joe Casey (beyond KBZ #1 and the Superman/Batman issues in the OP, natch)?

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again. :superman_hv_4:


He reminded me of Damian, in a bad way lol like lil :poop: Damian in HQAS. Zod pulled a Lord Ozai on him. I don’t think he’ll have as much character development as Zuko, but time will tell.

I have not read any of the recommendations but I’m keeping this handy to check out more things when I can.


Ha! That’s a great comparison.

Should Lor appear on HQ, I hope they write him to be as much of a little brat as he has been in the comics.

I’m smiling as I imagine Harley putting her foot down with Lor and its TV grandeur that, right now, exists only in my mind, but will hopefully exist on-screen one day as well.

Ozai…Zuko…oh criminy, I might have to turn my Anime Fan Card (held since 2000, I’m proud to say) in as those names sound so familiar, but I can’t place them ATM.

Naruto? Avatar: The Last Airbender?

@Bar-El and I are honored that you’ll keep our handy-dandy reading recs handy and look forward to you chiming in on them when you’re able.

Whether its Superman/Batman or Superman/Wonder Woman (both ideally, should one’s reading palette be in the mood for multiple entrees), the selections are extra-fresh this month and a tasty mix of comic book badassery.

You’ll say “Tre bien!” and “Time for seconds!” before you know it, “I guar-an-tee!” :clark_hv_4: :ok_hand:t2:


This one! Lol

I haven’t delved into much Superman, most of my reading time appears to be in Gotham or Themyscira. However, that might change with the new recommendations.


Whew, I can hang onto my Anime Fan Card for another day!

I haven’t seen much of ATLA, but I’ve seen more of it than I have Naruto, at least.

Themyscira and Gotham are fine places, no doubt. God knows I spend friggin’ oodles of time in each locale as I’m able.

However, Metropolis has a little bit something :superman:pecial that separates it from the pack and there’s always room for one more.

Pulls out a chair at the Superman Reading Table.

Check out how plush that sucker is…fine stitching on the sides, a :superman:uper-comfy, plush cushion and…other desirable things about chairs that are escaping my mind ATM because of how early it is and how late I’ve been up for work and moving. :smile:

Great, glad to hear it!

The world of Superman is as thrilling, exciting and wonderful as any other in the DC firmament (which owe their existence to Superman, but that’s another topic for another time), so :notes: “get your cape on and let’s take flight” :notes: into the new frontier that is Superman…your available time and levels of interest permitting, of course. :slight_smile:

@Bar-El, we’ve got a new convert! Let’s order Party Pack 1978 (and 1992 on the side) to celebrate! :partying_face:


Welcome to the fan club (literally) :laughing: @Chain_Twix if you like ATLA you will love Superman stories. Same heart, somewhat similar powers if you squint. No cabbages though, sorry. :leafy_green:


You can’t beat a good :superman: chair! Thanks for the party pack. 78 needs to be looked into at some point. Superman was my first superhero love. In fact Superman II was my first Superhero movie. Which is probably why I’m interested in Zod.

Thank you for the welcome. I’m ok without cabbage. Any good Uncle Iroh substitutes?


Well…nobody is as into tea as Iroh, but Perry White is like a Toph infused Iroh lol If anything Superman himself usually has some Iroh energy. I think Iroh would rather live a life of peace, but if he has to kick some butt to get there he will, without hesitation. Sounds like Supes to me! :stuck_out_tongue:


This is true. They’re sooo comfy.


That’s right, I remember you mentioning that sometime back.

I know I definitely owe my interest in Zod to Superman II, as it was my first exposure to the character when I was a wee, li’l autonomous sound effect in the early '90s.

Its at this point that I’ve realized I seriously need to brush-up on my ATLA…as in watch the show consistently, because I’ve seen maybe three episodes in-full since the show debuted.

I saw The Last Airbender movie when it came out. Screened it pre-release during my movie theater employ as well.

I, to put it charitably, did not like that movie and thanked Rao I got paid to screen it.

To paraphrase South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut’s song about Brian Boitano, :notes: Superman’d kick an ass or two, that’s what Superman’d do! :notes:

Next up on our SP: BL&U song list, Uncle Fu-

Bar-El clears her throat, then lightly shakes her head from side to side.

Fine, we’ll move onto the tune about Kyle’s mom. She is such a bi-

Bar-El clears her throat again.

Do you need a lozenge, my friend? Maybe a…cherry Sucret?

Cherry Sucrets are :superman:uper and then some. :yum:


ATLA movie is horrible!!


Great Rao, it was, it really was!

Like I said, I’m glad I was paid to screen it, because if I hadn’t been, I would have felt seriously ripped-off (and I’ve paid for my share of poopy movies, both pre and post-movie theater employ).

Not because of how bad of an adaptation it seemingly was, but because of what a crummy movie it was.

I mean, that…thing was directed by the same guy who did Unbreakable?

As Jerry Seinfeld said, “I don’t think so!”

I still vividly remember the trailer for TLA playing before the midnight showing of Iron Man 2 I attended and how a good chunk of the audience cheered loudly when Appa (Right? If not, its the thing that Aang rides.) swooped past the camera in the opening shots of the trailer.

I bet some of those cheers weren’t so loud after the movie came out. :smirk:


We don’t talk about that movie. Banish it from existence. The show is worlds better. I’m really excited to see the live action show they are making! Hopefully we can redeem ourselves.