Harley’s Crew | Book Club 41: Harley de los Muertos

:diamonds: Happy October, everybody! It’s time for our yearly coven conclave Harleween festivities, when…sometimes you have to put down your pumpkin pie to stake a vampire, or cast a spell, or solve a crime! :ghost:

This month, we have a mixed bag full of tricks and treats (and a whole lot of mystery, monsters and things that go bump in the night)! :ghost: You know the drill: Read one, read ‘em all—the choice is yours!

:boom: This activity will be running ALL month long!

:ghost: Reading begins: Right now!

:ghost: Discussion begins: As soon as you‘re ready! * Did you enjoy it? Have you read it before? What did you think of the dialogue, plot or artwork?* Anything at all about the reading you’d like to discuss—drop your thoughts below when you’re ready (and as always, don’t forget your broomsticks and baseball bats). :purple_heart: See ya soon!

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:notes:…let’s have some music too…

Also, if you’re looking for more murder mystery, you can stop by :point_down: here all month, as well:

Or! If you’re looking for more Harley :point_down: Black+White+Redder is out now!

You can also stop by :point_down: here for more of the Knight Terrors event:


It’s been a while since I read this, but Harley going to hell was a cool idea lol, Ivy’s knight terrors was my favorite so far, I just started the whole event from the beginning. This reminds me I should finish DC vs vampires too lol


Just thought of a song, hope thats okay


What kind of Coven? You can’t slip anything past me!

Also, I just pictured Harley in the Owl House. It’s amazing.

Or commit one, but still.

Along with baseball bats, Clowns (That aren’t a certain green-haired f*cker), redheads (Because of course!), and drugs that are illegal in Canada.

But what about the things that do roller derby at night? Or go to Mexican Taco Trucks at 1 in the morning?

(Watch the full video! Trust me!)


That’s part of why I picked it this month :laughing: Shhhh!! Don’t tell anyone :ghost: Thanks for the tunage btw :dancer:t2: It fits the theme perfectly.


:laughing: First, this whole post made me giggle, so ty for that @BatMike-ThePunisher! To answer your question, Harley’s Coven is the BEST kind of coven: :magic_wand: A powerful (and inclusive) one. Our magic is strong.

Roller derby and taco trucks (or Burrito Buckets) are usually how we end our coven meetings :harley_hv_7: then we enjoy the fireworks :boom: Thanks for the video too, btw!


SO, it’s the Bad Girl Coven? I can see Harley and Eda the Owl Lady being friends/drinking buddies/friends-that-get-really-drunk-one-time-and-make-out.

The best fireworks are the ones that piss off Joker. Or Commissioner Gordon. Or Batman. Or, like, ninety other people.

You’re welcome! When you want to laugh, give a Mexican a microphone.


I would say good or bad is a matter of perspective. Most people are both, I think. Just like :diamonds:Ms. Quinn.



Except for Joker. He can go… I can’t finish that without the FBI coming to my door with a Criminal Psychologist.


Agree, although I was on board for Mayor Joker on HQtAS in Season 3.


Same… until he shot Batgirl. BASTARD!!!


Bastard, yes (and not in the fun Constantine kinda way :innocent:) We all know heinous is his thing, but we’re not here to talk about that guy. :harleyquinn_hqas: :jack_o_lantern:



You’re right. We’re here to discuss why Harley should 1: Steal Rip Hunter’s Time Machine, 2: Trick Mr. Terrific into modifying it, 3: Go to the Owl House universe, 4: Befriend the main characters, and 5: stick Odalia Blight into a blender.


-Regarding “Who Killed Harley Quinn?”, I found this less scary or spooky and more drama/character-driven which I really appreciate. A well-written story that has some weight to it
An interesting choice to focus on the Poison Ivy Knight Terror tie-in rather than the Harley Quinn one. But I recognize how Harley was used and found that it has strong ties to how Ivy is willing to give anything a chance - despite how much she might be opposed to it - if she is doing it alongside Harley. Utilizing that and then ripping that comfort away is a horrific thing to do to someone and I think it was well done.
-The Cursed Comic one-shot didn’t have any Harley in it. So a little confused as to why this was chosen. (My favorite is probably the Zatanna story)
-The one-shot relating to DC vs Vampires does try to show a Harley that, despite keeping her personality and general sense of humor, is still altered and impacted by the vampire apocalypse. And this story adds fuel to my theory that Catwoman has some sort of Poly set-up with Harley & Ivy. Anyway, revealing that something in Harley’s body is the key to winning this war was a clever idea.
-Not really scary since this is full-blown zany Harley Quinn we are dealing with. But I liked the idea of her starting off repeating the same scenario over and over and always ending in failure. That was a nice touch.


Perfect! :dizzy: I just started this section of the series. Cursed Comic Cavalcade looks fun, too. I’ll be back!



Yeah, Constantine is the nicest bastard ever.


I’m here for all the spooky reading this month! Thanks again @Razzzcat


this was really cool, I was vibing.

YES! loved these choices. I saved the Harley pics you shared, the costume she has on is adorable. They had the cute Halloween Ivy variant at my local store for issue 15, so I had to get it, of course.


I did, some yes, but I went with DC vs. Vampires, because I haven’t read that series and went back to catch up. I liked it more than DCeased, but I prefer vampires over zombies, so that’s not a surprise! It had more suspense and better artwork, too. I don’t read one shot anthologies often, but Cursed Comic Cavalcade was a fun collection for the holiday.

As it goes for the ones I’ve read, Poison Ivy had one of the best and most haunting stories for all of Knight Terrors. G. Willow Wilson continues to impress with how well she understands Ivy and Harley’s role in her life. The story from Harley’s first series is one of my favorites. That’s around the time when the series started to get good all around. Who Killed Harley Quinn, as well. :grinning: Happy Halloween!