Harley Quinn: Black+White+Redder | Book Discussion (Spoilers Ahead!)

:diamonds: Gotham’s most unpredictable antihero, Harley Quinn is back w/ a brand new anthology series—just under the wire for her 30th, too. It’s time to get black, white and :harley_hv_2: REDDER! :boom:

:boom: Harley Quinn: Black+White+Redder

The first few issues have arrived in our :dc: Library, and will continue monthly. If you’ve read it, or plan to, and want to talk about it—THIS IS THE PLACE!

:diamonds: Discussion: What did you think of the dialogue, plot or artwork? Did you enjoy them or do you think they should be dramatically sploded for being terrible? Which is your favorite story so far?. Anything about the series (or Harley) you’d like to discuss—drop your thoughts below when you’re ready! :black_heart::white_heart::heart: See ya soon.

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:diamonds: If you missed the first Harley anthology series Harley Quinn: Black+White+Red, you can find it in our DCUI Library right :point_right: HERE. It was excellent fun—promise!

Now here’s this variant I’m slightly obsessed with :star_struck:

And some Artgerm…

And this, if you’d like to read more about the series: League of Comic Geeks


I loved Black+White+Red. :dizzy: 5 out of 5, just like Black and Gold. I’m looking forward to this one.


Just picked up issue 3 of Black, white and redder. I’ll be back with thoughts on the first 3. Until then…


First off - hot DAMN I love the art from both Red and Redder! The first volume is an excellent read and this volume AKA Redder is off to a really good start.

Issue 1 was pretty good. Nothing really stood out to me as being great but the stories were all fun. Issue 2 though I think kicks it up a notch. Got Zatanna possibly secretly admitting to being a fangirl of Aquaman, Harley cuasing chaos by having a bunch of villain pets compete in a competition and then a surprisingly touching conversation between Harley and James Gordon. Love it!


I’m gonna start reading this tonight! :muscle:


For 1. The first story starts off great. The dialogue has some great back and forth with Harley and Ivy. Robo bat was my fav. The next one was a tad upsetting with the Coach for most of it but a deserving ending. The last one was kind of a miss for me but had some fun scenes.

I liked the art and ink.

Issue 2 is really good. It starts off strong with Zatanna and Ivy. I loved the dialogue and art in this one.


Issue 3 of Redder. The first story is funny cute. I’m a fan of the art from David Baldeon. The last story is also cute, the art reminds me of cartoons. Harley teaming up with a black cat is funny.


Everything about Harley reminds me of cartoons


You aren’t wrong


Once again, the artwork and variants are…just a legit embarrassment of riches. :star_struck: I love it all. Might have to swap out the pic in the header…

:eyes: …(I have to)…


I’ll be back! I’ve only read the first issue so far. :green_heart:


Well that was anti climactic. The gif is working now! :see_no_evil: Here’s Joelle Jones. Okay, bye. :diamonds:


Love the Rose of Versaille vibes!


I am really enjoying Redder so far, I need to go back and read Red. One things I like about it so far is the mixture of artwork and different writers. Love what Zatanna does with trying to rewrite Harls’ origin.

I am excited to see what comes next.



Unless my math is off, her 30th ended when 2022 did.

It could be off (it isn’t :wink:), as math never my was strongest subject.

As for this series, I’ve read the previous BWR joint, but haven’t cracked this one open just yet. I will soon, since I’m in need of a new Harley fix (and yes, I will finally be reading Harleen in-full as well).


That’s not how B-days and anniversaries work. You’re that age ALL year until your next B-day. 9/11/22–9/11/23. This launched within that window—It’s not trigonometry.

You said the same thing for Wonder Woman’s 80th, when we did Black & Gold, as if Diana was suddenly no longer 80 once New Years came. That is incorrect, you need to know the day to get full deep-cut trivia-points. :nerd_face: Otherwise the cake explodes. :harley_hv_2:


This is exactly what I expected to deal with when logging onto this site - A MATH PROBLEM


Loving these covers @Razzzcat! :00_harley_quinn:Given how quickly I read the last series, because of the abundant variety it had I already would rather read this anthology in one sitting like last time. The first issue had a good mix of stories and cameos to start us off, even if the art seemed a little too similar from one to the next. The second story stands out the most for it’s darker tone, but I enjoyed them all. So far, so good!

Fwiw, I knew this is what you meant the first time. :heartbeat: Because I touch grass. :face_with_peeking_eye:


In the world of marketing, what I cited absolutely is how branded anniversaries (as opposed to literal, yearly birthday spans) work.

From that perspective, her 30th did end last year…as did Diana’s 80th when 2021 ended. So too will Superman’s 85th once this year has concluded, Batman’s 85th as '24 ends, DC’s 90th as '25 wraps-up and so on.

DC, their internal marketing department, their consumer products licensees and their marketing departments more often than not begin to highlight/market/participate in these anniversaries within the first few months of the calendar year (regardless of the timeframe in a given year for when a character literally debuted) and they conclude their anniversary marketing campaigns at the end of the calendar year.

You’re absolutely welcome to add more gas in Harley’s anniversary tank, because the more, the merrier, as far as I’m concerned.

All I’m pointing out is that from a marketing standpoint, her 30th anniversary ended when 2022 did.

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