Not just you. The Washington Post just picked it over Birds of Prey.


She’s vulnerable to herbicides and dehydration via salt/saltwater. Other than that, she’s immune to all poisons.


Kite Man: Hell nah…


There’s the answer to those wondering how they were able to capture Ivy!

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-Harley Quinn Highway was nuts. Just how much money was spent on that monstrosity?
-So someone in the CIA watched Turbo Teen and was inspired? Or was it My Mother the Car? What time frame was this again? Obscure bit of trivia, author Joe R. Lansdale wrote a Batman novel in 1991 which featured Batman taking on a werecar. No really. It was called Batman: Captured by the Engines.
-The goons are getting wise to the fact that waiting your turn in a fight makes no sense. This does not bode well.
-It was amusing to see that, naturally, none of the hazmat suits fit the crew very well, although I would have thought that Clayface could alter his size to fit.
-We’re really moving into anti-hero territory with this one.


Didn’t expect this Ivy backstory where she was a meta human all along with a messed up family- though very typical of villains. Ah social commentary.

Also, the Harley Quinn highway was very unexpected! Really thought they just named a current highway after her.

Frank definitely had the best line about the thesis statement :joy::joy::joy:


I also thought Turbo Teen!


Glad I wasn’t the only one who remembered this obscure series.


They all knew to butt clench…Favorite episode so far! Is it kinda sad she’s wrapped up in Harley but the others only came for her?!


Did I just see a Shark jump a Shark!


Well weed killer kills plants. That makes sense.

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I’ve heard that after this season, it’s done. That DC is going to stop it’s streaming service?

One of my favorite jokes behind the Scarecrow and the one about insurance also because they are the real villains. :nerd_face:


Harley Quinn the animated series has been approved for 13 more episodes after the first 13. This site says “November 2020” the second season will start streaming. No idea if that’s accurate or not.

Halpern : It was a 26 episode order that we decided to break into two seasons, two 13-episode seasons. I don’t know if they think it’s two 13 episode seasons. I think they do. I think it’s going to air - I mean I have no real idea, but I think it’ll probably be 13 and 13 and certainly narratively. That’s how we broke it.


I follow many, many news and TV sites, as well as pretty active around here + watch every episode of DC Daily. I haven’t seen/heard any credible source claim that DCU is going to “stop its streaming service”

So, curious who/where you heard this from?

My guess based on everything I’ve seen and heard remains that something “might” happen when HBO Max launches in May 2020. Just a guess and don’t want to hijack this thread to talk about it. I did start another thread where we might chat in more detail about it here.


Awesome episode
The Harley getting the crew back was fun. Clayface trying to help Riddler with his lines was great.

Frank was awesome. In Ivy’s head and outside with the thesis line.

Ivy escaping was cool. And Scarcrow was great. The insurance line was fun.

The suit stealing was hilarious especially with that trip. And the Ivy mind was nice. Young Ivy was sweet. And I definitely saw the hooded one being Harley. Saw the red nails and guessed. Enjoyed the Empire reference.

The Harley highway was epic. Look liked a Mario Kart Track. (Makes me want a DC Racing game). It was an awesome fight and some nice friend moments. And a nice cliffhanger. Can’t wait for the next one.


Thank you!! !yes, that’s exactly where I was heading.


The Reservoir Dogs slow motion with Hazmat suits was nice. @TaimurDar mentioned the turbo teen thing, which, btw, completely blew my mind. Somebody scooped me on a Turbo Teen reference??? That’s why I love this site. Hilarious from start to finish. I’m even watching it again today, cuz I had nervous energy from anticipation of going to see BOP… Yeah , I’m that much of a nerd, that I had trouble concentrating on HQ cuz I was going to BOP later on.


Rainbow Road was the track I thought of.


I dont think I’ve died more then when Sy was transforming and then still talking through the transformation. That is why I watch television.


I put it as shows you watched u don’t think anyone has seen b4. Crickets. Then after they redid everything I posted it again asking if I was the only one who ever saw it. Then I finally started getting responses. It was the 1st thing I thought of as soon as his arms extended & his face shifted like the inside of the Tumbler. How it goes down & at an angle at the same time. I couldn’t believe @TaimurDar beat me to it, let alone thought of it too or at all. I was sure nobody was on that wavelength with that scene. I’m still amazed other people thought that too. :exploding_head: