:bluebeetle: :00_teen_titans: Extra! Extra! Blue Beetle Joins The Teen Titans! Read All About It! :00_teen_titans: :bluebeetle:

The Blue Beetle movie has arrived, @TitansTogether! :partying_face: :tada:

As Jaime Reyes’ alter-ego makes his cinematic debut, let’s check out his team-based debuts in the following issues of Blue Beetle (2006) and Teen Titans (2003):

What’d you think of Jaime’s first adventures with the Titans?

Were these new reads for you, or blasts from the past that you were very eager to re-read?

Also: Being that Jaime has shared adventures with the Teen Titans and the Justice League, which team do you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: prefer to see him with?

Is there a team that Jaime has yet to serve with that you’d love to see him be a member of?

Chime in below, and I hope you enjoy the reads (and the Blue Beetle movie, of course :wink:), Titans! :bluebeetle: :00_teen_titans: