[Titans Together] Teen Titans (2003 version) 1-7 20th Anniversary Reading!



Written by Geoff Johns
Pencils by Michael McKone (1-6), Tom Grommet (Issue 7)
Inks by Marlo Alquiza (1-6) , Nelson & Kevin Conrad (Issue 7)

WHAT: It is roughly 20 years since the first issue of TEEN TITANS (2003) by Geoff Johns came out and today we are going to start celebrating the goodness that is this comic by #TitansTogether hosting a read-along of the first seven issues!

WHERE: Here on this post!!! You can post your answers to the post questions or just generally discuss these issues with us here on the forums.

WHEN: The entire month of September feel free to read and discuss whenever you want on this thread or heck if you see this 3 months from now feel free to add your feelings to it. This is a living forum post to discuss this series. :slight_smile: Join in whenever you find it and have read the content.


Issue 1: Teen Titans (2003-) #1
Issue 2: Teen Titans (2003-) #2
Issue 3: Teen Titans (2003-) #3
Issue 4: Teen Titans (2003-) #4
Issue 5: Teen Titans (2003-) #5
Issue 6: Teen Titans (2003-) #6
Issue 7: Teen Titans (2003-) #7


Questions: 1. How do you feel about deaths of characters defining aspects of the story? Such as we see in part of the beginning of this particular run

Question 2: In terms of Superboy and the reveal centered on him, how do you feel about it as a major part of the DC Universe that has defined this character?

Question 3: What do you feel is Ares ultimate plan in terms of Cassie Sandsmark here? What are your feelings about this part of the story?

Question 4: We see a bit of a change in moniker for one of the characters, how do you feel when a character that has been known as one name takes on another (maybe more famous) one?

Question 5: How do you feel about the action and villains of this particular arc? Would you have liked to see anyone else be the first villains?

Question 6: How do you feel overall about this arc? What did you enjoy? What didn’t you enjoy?

Question 7: How did you feel about some of the “older” more trained Titans training the “next generation”?

Feel free also to just discuss your feelings about this. Post anything related to these 7 issues in the thread. This is just to have fun and remember this great series!

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Aww yeah, Geoff Johns’ Teen Titans! :partying_face: The series that made me a Titans fan for life.

Between Superman/Batman and Teen Titans, some of 2003’s best and brightest then-new series are sitting pretty and looking mighty nice as they turn the big 2-0.

Come one, come all, @TitansTogether! If you haven’t read Geoff Johns’ run on Teen Titans, then “I’d say its time you begun.”