Dick Grayson Fan Club: Teen Titans: Year One (2008) #1-6: April 1 - 30

Happy April Fools’ Day, my fellow Grayson Gang!

This month, we will be reading Teen Titans: Year One #1-6. Personally, this series holds a very special play in my (Nightroia’s) heart. These issues were the first comic books I ever read (along with Robin: Year One), and this series is what got me so into comics in the first place. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

Journey back to the formation of the Teen Titans and experience the group’s earliest victories.

:boom: :boom: Spoilers Start Now :boom: :boom:

Discussion Questions:

  • When I first read this series, I thought the art was so different from what I thought was typical comic book art. What did you think of it? Did you like it or hate it?

  • What do you think of this reimagining of the team’s formation?

  • Did you have a favorite issue? If so, what was it and why?

If you have any questions, feel free to message me (@Nightroia) or @A1waysAJ.


I have had had this book on my shelf for a while and it hasn’t been read. I now have a reason to read it!!!


Nice! I’m excited to finally pull this book out again. It’s been sitting on a shelf for like 10 years now.

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I’m actually really intrigued to read this. Can’t wait!


I really like this series, even if it just kinda ends abruptly. It’s a treat for anyone who enjoys the original Titans series from the 60s and 70s, and it’s a safe alternative for anyone who would be overwhelmed by all the goofiness of those books. Furthermore, the art style is just perfect for the tone of the story. I like it more than certain other Year One stories, for sure…


I’ve also read a little of this in the past (the first issue was free on Comixology a while back and I’m a sucker for free comix), looking forward to going through this one. :slight_smile:


I completely agree! I think they look a lot more like teenagers than in the original comics. It also has a much more serious tone while still keeping some of the light-hearted antics of typical teenage behavior (dealing with acne, crushing on boys/girls, etc.).


Teen Titans: Year One is kind of weird in that it tells multiple stories as opposing to using all 6 issues to tell one story. The first story was confusing at first as it Batman and other Justice Leaguers being bad guys. This honestly could have lasted all 6 issues or and I would have been completely happy. Actually, I think it would have made more sense as I don’t believe Teen Titans could take down the likes of Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Batman on their first try. They are just becoming a team yet these scenes felt like they have been a team for years. Even though I am being picky, I did enjoy this story arc which is why I think I am nitpicking.

The art actually reminds me of the recent Future State: Harley Quinn books. Each panel looks like it could have been a screen shot from an animated movie!

The remaining 3 chapters of this series were good and I thought issue 6 was great, even if it ends abruptly. This series did hit a lot of the notes from the 60s Teen Titans books and even some of the 80s Teen Titans books.

Golly, I only paid $3.99 for this fine TPB from Ollie’s. That was truly a fine bargain.


I also think that the evil mentors storyline could have been the whole series, or they could have expanded it the make that storyline last a little longer. I would have liked to see more about the Titans taking down their mentors. I think the fight scenes could have been really cool. I did, however, love this scene: