DCUI: What Do You Like About DC Universe Infinite? And What Would You Change?

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Can you guys please change this comic cover title…

To this please…

If you wanted too. Since this was a first issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Could we get a dislike button for comics so that we never see it pop up for us again? I would LOVE to dislike Heroes In Crisis, all the Titans minis that have been reminiscent of that dumpster fire of they call show, anything by Tom King, Tom Taylor, Titans Academy, that Geoff John’s Teen Titans that has helped ruin their image as well? Like can we tailor what is presented to us and the things we see? Hell can I block/mute whole series and creators from ever popping up even if I search them? This would be really helpful. Now if only features like this would give the people who do this for a living an actual clue. But that’s a pipe dream ik.


Thank you for that suggestion, @EverAJ! I’ve added it to the list for the team to review. :slight_smile:


Thank you.



Green Arrow #1, from The New 52 Green Arrow series, has the second printing cover (seen below) in use.

Meanwhile, this is the first printing cover (which is in use on Comixology, and is what the book, in print and digital, was originally released with):

Ideally, first printing/“A” covers should be used as the regular cover for a book, as that’s what they are: the main, original release, cover.

When time/effort allow, could the above red, second print cover please be changed to its original orange first print cover? AFAIK, all other New 52 #1s have their first printing covers in use (as they should).

Our thumbnail for the series uses the first printing cover as well…


…so having that match the cover (as they do on Comixology, and should on all other digital platforms for the sake of uniformity) would be groovy. :slight_smile:


Honestly, I’d like it if the alternate covers appeared at the end of the issue.


So i don’t know if it has been suggested, but when i read story lines or if i’m reading the Superman Triangle eras, id like for it to know to jump to next actual issue in series rather than it jumping to next issue in character series.


Thanks for that great suggestion, @dcohen1213.58250! I’ve passed it up the chain for you. :slight_smile:

  1. I hate that I can no longer Read my Comics on the TV without Sideloading and going through hoops to only use half the app.

  2. I don’t like that the app always defaults to portrait mode when it loads and not landscape. This makes it increasingly frustrating for tablets.

  3. I hate that I still get Viewership Notification emails from back when it used to be DC Universe.

I miss :cry: the old DC Universe. I don’t understand why the video content couldn’t have just been removed but the app still be available on my TV. I wish there was a gaming console app but I feel like there is no longer any development being done on this app.

I liked DC Daily and watched it everyday…I enjoyed all the great contest and how amazing it was to win prizes. I feel like most thats gone away now.

I never even got to turn in my points near the end for cool merchandise. I’ve been here since beta and at one point this app was my go to every day. Now I’m stuck trying to siddload it and read it from tiny phones or incompatible tablets.

I feel like it should be integrated into the DC section of HBO MAX I mean…Now they have Podcast? So why not?

I miss it.


the best digital comic book subscription service.


create twitter account for dcu infinite.


Some of my friends who live in other countries ask when will this app be launched in their country.


add encyclopedia section in app.


Hey there, @WizardShazam! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the app!

From what I can recall, there’s been a lot of interest (on our side and yours) to create an official Twitter account. I don’t have any other info to provide on that sadly, but rest assured that we hear you!

I’ve also noted these two other things for consideration. Thanks for your input! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sorry to hear about all these frustrations with the app, @comicbookjerk. I’ve passed all these points along as feedback – we appreciate you taking the time to bring it to our attention.

Thank you!


Thanks! I’m currently reading the LEGENDS story that was the first post Crisis event in 1986. It’s an interesting story but i have to keep going back to story line section to read next part of story…kinda frustraiting lol


If I could suggest something I would really love if the community link on the start page targeted _blank or _self instead of _dc-brand-community. Often I keep browsing to other places in the opened tab later. Then later when I want to go back to the community I click on the link on the start page but since it is a named tab it will now try to open the community in the existing tab that I am using to browse elsewhere now. Most times it leads to nothing happening (the community link is dead), which means I have to close my tab that I was using for something else to reach the community.


Thank you for the suggestion @Pow-Pow, I’ve added this to the list to be passed along to the team. :slight_smile:


So after 40 years of going to the comic book store, picking up my pull list and loving DC. I’m fully reading all my new series here and loving seeing all the old series I have in many boxes contained on my tablet.

What I struggle with is the process of the weekly comics coming out. What I mean is, why isn’t there some kind of personalized pull list and notifications for the app? Like choose all the new series you read and when a new issue comes out it a) notifies you like every other app does; and b) automatically puts that issues in your pull “folder.” And if you’re going crazy, add in that it leaves your pull folder when you’ve read it!

I know right now you can create lists and the titles are all there, but a) if you don’t check you don’t know; and b) when you open that title you’re at the very first issue and have to scroll all the way to the bottom to find if a new issue has come out.

It just doesn’t feel very user friendly…and if you skip a week of looking at the LATEST RELEASES you have to go and look at EVERY one of your favorite titles to see if a new one came out.

Anyway just feels like it could easily mimic the subscription/notification process when your favorite books come out.

Think that the app is great and very happy with it overall. Thx