DCUI: What Do You Like About DC Universe Infinite? And What Would You Change?

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Thank you. I’m good with words, and I know my stuff. :slight_smile:

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Can you guys please change this comic cover title…

To this please…

If you wanted too. Since this was a first issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Could we get a dislike button for comics so that we never see it pop up for us again? I would LOVE to dislike Heroes In Crisis, all the Titans minis that have been reminiscent of that dumpster fire of they call show, anything by Tom King, Tom Taylor, Titans Academy, that Geoff John’s Teen Titans that has helped ruin their image as well? Like can we tailor what is presented to us and the things we see? Hell can I block/mute whole series and creators from ever popping up even if I search them? This would be really helpful. Now if only features like this would give the people who do this for a living an actual clue. But that’s a pipe dream ik.


Thank you for that suggestion, @A1waysAJ! I’ve added it to the list for the team to review. :slight_smile:


Thank you.



Green Arrow #1, from The New 52 Green Arrow series, has the second printing cover (seen below) in use.

Meanwhile, this is the first printing cover (which is in use on Comixology, and is what the book, in print and digital, was originally released with):

Ideally, first printing/“A” covers should be used as the regular cover for a book, as that’s what they are: the main, original release, cover.

When time/effort allow, could the above red, second print cover please be changed to its original orange first print cover? AFAIK, all other New 52 #1s have their first printing covers in use (as they should).

Our thumbnail for the series uses the first printing cover as well…


…so having that match the cover (as they do on Comixology, and should on all other digital platforms for the sake of uniformity) would be groovy. :slight_smile:


Honestly, I’d like it if the alternate covers appeared at the end of the issue.