DCU "Oracle" Release Notes: April, 2020

The DC Universe “Oracle” update is named in honor of Barbara Gordon’s amazing cyber alias. As Oracle, Barbara uses extraordinary technology and seemingly infinite knowledge to operate a worldwide network, guiding hundreds of heroes on their quests. Oracle provides immediate intel to groups like the Batman Family, Birds of Prey, Justice League, Suicide Squad and Batman Inc.

Read one of our favorite series featuring Oracle here: BIRDS OF PREY (2010)


  • Setting the stage for the next chapter in DC Universe fan rewards (Mobile, Web, OTT)

  • Continue consuming related Video and Comic content via the End Of Video card. (iOS)

  • We’ve introduced the ability to filter comic collections! Find your next favorite storyline by filtering based on:

    • Discoverability
    • Genre
    • Art Style
    • Length

Find out more about this update right here: UPDATE: 4/8/20 Feature Deep Dive: Browse Comic Books 📚

  • Added ‘Reply’ stream to Community comments, making it easier to follow conversations in a topic (Mobile, Web)

  • Added ‘Track/Watch’ functionality to categories and topics, to better customize what conversations you are notified of (Mobile, Web)

  • Topic summaries now included in original topic (Web, Mobile)

  • Added ‘Message Us’ button to mobile Message menu (Mobile)

  • Master ‘Home’ button added to mobile navigation in Community (Mobile)

As you can see, we’re taking our cues this month from from Oracle and continuing to connect our members to a giant network of comic books, videos, news and community! Have questions or feedback about this update? We’ve got you covered! Drop your thoughts in the comments below, or join us on Wednesday, April 15th at 12pm PT/3pm PT for a very special live Q&A with one of our DCU Project Managers to talk tech with us!


Oh, this is such a nifty update! I’m especially digging the master home button—infinite clicking of the back arrow after jumping from topic to topic is no more! Thanks for being so rad DC universe. :relaxed: (also, I spy new emojis… or maybe I’m late on that? Either way I love ‘em. :harley_hv_4:)


Very nice release/upgrades. Especially the Home button.


The Home Button is one of this things where you didn’t realize what you were missing until you got it. Very nice upgrade


Thanks, @TheGirlWonder12! We do sneaky sneak some new emojis in there from time to time- we added Doom Patrol emojis during the writer’s Q&A on Monday as a “thanks” for joining us :flexmentallo_dp:
Appreciate the kind words, and don’t hesitate to reach out if anything looks amiss! :heart:


I can’t express how grateful for that home button. Really digging the update :+1:t2:


Can the master home button please be added to the comics section on the mobile app in the next update, please? It’s sorely needed there, especially when adding multiple issues of a comic to a list. Thanks.

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It’s greatly appreciated! I love me some new DC emojis :negativeman_dp: (and emojis in general. I’m a very emoji-expressive person). And absolutely! :heart:

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Interesting, gotcha! I’ll talk to the devs; the developments outside Community are on a different timepath and the roadmap is pretty well planned out for the immediate feature, but I’ll definitely pass along what a hit the Home button is!



Thank you for creating this thread so that I can share how amazing the Oracle update is (so appropriately named)! :grinning:

:+1: As many have pointed out, the Home button is a total game changer. I noticed it right away and navigation is so much smoother (especially on the iPad).

:+1: I also love the new reply, with the information listed on each tile in an easier to read, more effective format. Community Profile data seems to be rearranged as well, clearer and easier to select items with a framed box (visible on iOS).

:+1: Looking forward to digging into the Browse options in the comics section as well. The work done here is immense and so appreciated, as we all love reading on DCU!

Such a super fantastic job all around - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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Is there a way to enter a custom search in the comics section? If not any plans for that in the future?

The main DC Universe search bar might be just the ticket! Type in something like “All-Star Superman” and you will be met with results sorted by media type:

On desktop:

On mobile:

Please let me know if you had something different in mind, or you’re not seeing it as expected on the platform of your choice :smiley:

I use the Community exclusively on my laptop, so I don’t quite understand how amazing the mobile Home button is for everyone, but I’m happy for you guys all the same. :laughing::confetti_ball:


I love the notifications options on every individual thread. Also not sure if the backgrounds were added in this update or am I just super duper unobservant? I just noticed and they look great. :banehappyhqtas:

edit: I found the answer to above while reading Applejack’s office hours! Looking good, folks.

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It appears strike through text is now supported. What is the imbedded magic for that?

Strike-through text has been supported since we arrived in this new strange land of forums 2.0. It’s just the word “strike”, surrounded by brackets like html but with the > < style brackets instead of ] [ type.


edit: Well I just learned something new, by quoting my post! You can also do a strike-through by placing “~~” before and after whatever phrase you want to strike. It really is magic.

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You rock!!
If one uses the double ~ symbol, there can be no space between the first and last letters

text b here

If one uses the < /> strike option, space can be used at the first and/or last characters.

Plain text more strike through text And more plain text

I think this double ~ implementation is newer I tried that a few months ago to no avail, but I didn’t know about the < strike /strike> option.

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I’ve been enjoying the services a lot, the thing that I think the comic reader needs is the ability to see the whole page before and after going panel to panel to really appreciate the art and the effort the artists put into it, and also a check mark to already read comics. Hope to see it on the next update, thank you!

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This update makes it so much easier to navigate through the app. You can pretty much go directly to what you want. I agree with @TheGirlWonder12 it’s definitely “nifty” . I also say we need more DC centered emojis maybe for those who pay for the app can download the DC emojis for every day text. Who doesn’t wasn’t to send :flash_hv_5: to the wife or significant other.


@jsmsiggy Oh, to be able to download and use the emojis would be a DREAM. :harley_hv_3: