DC Fan Art Club: December 1 - 15, 2023 - The Clock King

Hello @DCFanArtClub and welcome to December! For the first two weeks of the month, let’s focus on the guy who will help us tick down the final hours left in the year.

None other than The Clock King!!

Who’s the Clock King, you may ask? Well, as with most things DC, there are several versions. The original version from comics is William Tockman while the version in the DC Animated Universe is Temple Fugate.

Any version, of course, is eligible here. Let’s take a look and find one that you like.

The classic comic book look (which is quite awesome) has a clock as a head and clocks all over the costume. Can’t forget the cape!

The more updated version just has clock glasses and tie.


In live action, he appeared in Batman '66. Very cool hat!


And also in the Arrowverse (kind of creepy here).

In animation, we have the wonderfully campy version (complete with crown) from Batman: The Brave and The Bold.

This dapper fellow swinging his pocketwatch is from Batman: The Animated Series.

He also appeared in Harley Quinn.

I’m sure there are some I’ve missed too!

Take you pick and draw your favorite in the first half of December. The last two weeks of the year we will focus on fulfilling any and all requests for custom sketches that come in from the DC message boards.

Post your thoughts and work in the thread below and thanks for being a part of the art club here at DC Universe Infinite!

Also, I’d like to give a warm welcome to all the new members who have joined the club going all the way back to August.

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Due Date: December 15, 2023

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I’ll have to make “time” to work on this.


Clock King
Sound great. Think I might have some ideas :thinking::clock3:


A very timely assignment with the year dwindling down. Maybe I will do a clock king/power girl duo to make up for missing her last month. :metal:


Wonder if Clock King ever faced off against Hourman? Seems like a natural matchup.


I think you just found your idea. Go for it, I for one would like to see what you come up with! :metal:


I mean, he’s basically just the Bookworm in BTAS, but it works.


Thanks for posting that. I never seem to run across a Bookworm episode when the re-runs are on. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him before!


Fun fact! Though he has a different name (Mr Scarlett instead of I. M. Kingor), Bookworm is one of several rarely-seen-in-main-continuity characters to pop up in Gotham Academy. (He is the librarian and English teacher.)

If its alright, I’ll share my Inktober 2021 submission for the prompt WATCH, but hopefully will come up with a fresh idea for this time around on the Clock King.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: very awesome!


Since I whiffed on Power Girl last month, I added her to this drawing.

I call it “Perfect timing”

Fun fact - The clock is based on Little Ben which is also in London.


Really nice linework and composition!

I feel like I’m missing something…what’s falling into Clock King’s hand? Is his perfect timing about to help him not get smashed if PG throws the clock at him?

Or did he just move out of the way so the clock fell on PG?


Kind of a lackluster submission here, but we created a “Clock King” badge for @Jurisdiction and my End of the World Cup event.

Based on the BTAS version of course!

ClockKing Clock King No one makes you late! You made all your draft picks on time and you’ve provided captain’s statement for all 8 events! All eligible.

Thanks for the kind word as always.

I tried to convey too much in a single drawing. It is an elaborate trap that CK setup based on timing, when PG would be in that spot at the right time, he tripped the trap.
I knew I should’ve had him pulling that line instead letting it go. It is the trip line for the quick release of the clock tower to squash PG. I gave the line movement lines going up, but it was too vague. So, I also made PG’a feet sink into the ground like she was catching a heavy weight.


Oh, I totally see it now. I thought the object was falling into CKs hand, but I was misinterpreting those movement lines.

Now it’s giving me Road Runner/ Wile E Coyote vibes :slight_smile:


i thought it would be funny if his hat acted like an egg timer and he used it to change time


Cool idea and very nice drawing! :metal:


jeez, they forgot to tell that actor it was the batman show


This is insaaane! What the heck! Very nice stuff :+1:


Good job!