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Hi. Thanks for letting me know. I mostly read back issues so I hadn’t known about the delay.


I feel that Dolly will help remind Kara to relax every now and then - she seems really laid back and I think that’s going to be important for Kara moving forward becoming a superhero and fighting crime - that type of life can weigh heavily on anyone.

I think it’s interesting to note both of her friends, Dolly and Jen - you have Dolly who is more lax and Jen who is kind of the opposite of that. Did anyone else notice this? I think it might help Kara find her path being in the middle and having a bit more of a moderate personality.


My take
DC History Club
June Tupic
Supergirl Being Super

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Greetings, friends!

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picks up walkie-talkie, then does his best Alan Rickman/Hans Gruber impression

“Mister…McClane, is it?”

politely asks Al Powell if he can supply the newbies with Twinkies

Al is a badass, and loves to spread the joy of Twinkies.


Welcome to all of our wonderful new-comers! :batparrot: Batman approves this message.



Welcome to all of the new members! We look forward to getting your perspective on the titles for this months discussion!


That Authority storyline: Interesting, but what the heck lol. Glad to see Midnighter and Apollo get hitched in 2002!


Right?! This was my first time reading that one. It’s not what I’m used to but I really enjoyed it! Did you have a favorite panel?


sees more people becoming fans of The Authority


Veeerry goood :smiling_imp: who is your favorite character? I’d have to go with Swift :heart_eyes: I love the no nonsense “I will end you” attitude! Muahaha >:]


I’ve always been a Jack Hawksmoor guy.


Offhand, the easy answer would be Midnighter, because I love how he doesn’t **** around and just GETS. THINGS. DONE.

With a bit more thought into it however, I would say The Engineer. Her visual aesthetic always catches my attention. I’m extremely interested in a live-action movie based on The Authority, so I tend to imagine how she’d look in live-action while I read her in the comics.

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I can’t agree more, she has some gorgeous panels - I posted one of my favorites of hers below. I imagine she’d be a very difficult cosplay.


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Have you seen the TV series Heroes of Cosplay?

It was on the Syfy Channel a few years back and very entertaining (and this comes from a guy who has a mild, at best, interest in cosplay). I would have loved to see one of their contestants attempt an Engineer cosplay, because if anyone could, it’d likely be them.

SN about HoC: Chloe Dykstra was a contestant on the show. She’s the daughter of famed visual effects pioneer John Dykstra, who has worked on many well-known movies, including Star Wars and Batman Forever.

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I have seen it! I have a soft spot for a lot of Syfy shows along those lines, including Face Off, Hot Set, and Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. I was hoping for more seasons of it, but I remember it came under some controversy regarding how they portrayed the cosplay scene. Maybe one day they’ll reboot it. :smiley:

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I loved Face Off!

Henson fan I am, I never got into their show, for whatever reason.

Although, a Sci-Fi (back when they spelled it right) Channel show I absolutely love that featured make-up and creature effects by the Henson Company was Farscape. One of my all-time favorite shows.