Cosplay Creation Discussion Corner

Let’s use this thread as a way for people who are building up their costumes to share ideas, as well as help point out where they could find certain costume parts and pieces that they are looking for for their projects. Also lets also use this a thread to show people on how to make certain items as wel, or to post tutorials in how to build certain props.

Starting off with Rogue Design Fx, they made a variety of eye/face masks, and are starting to work on full head pieces too. Excellent price range, masks are well made, and each come in a variety of different colors that you can select from.

Another one is ReevzFx, owned by artist Shawn Reeves, he makes excellent classical style cowls, props and even body suits. I have had his Hush cowl for years now, and it is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

Also Xcoser is another good location as well for reasonable priced costume pieces and props (though I wouldn’t recommend the Red Hood helmet for it’s very difficult for me to put on my head, and i have a 24 inch head) but I purchased my Deathstroke helmet for them, and it is awesome, top quality make, nice and sturdy, and excellent details, plus it’s two pieces hold together by an elastic strap, so it’s easy to put on, plus its very comfortable.


Here is the Bat Texan, he makes a variety of head masks/cowls (Batman especially), eye masks, and props from belts, symbols and talons for your Bat Family gauntlets.

Found another good place, makes excellent Red Hood Helmets, with various designs. And includes the option of equipping them with LED lenses!

Rockstar Wigs is where I buy my wigs

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does anyone know where I can get a good gas mask that resembles The Sandman from the JSA, definitely one where I can at least wear a hat with (not a helmet)?

Very good thread! Xcoser is very good too for buying boots, masks etc.

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I’ve been a cosplayer for YEARS, so this is so cool to see! My personal suggestion would be Arda for wigs! Their wigs are made by cosplayers and look fabulous in pics. They’ve recently expanded into a lot more makeup, FX, and cosplay materials as well. Keep the info coming, folks!

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I would LOVE to try cosplay, but I do not know where to being. Any pointers for first timers? @thebluedragon03


Just go with a character you like and feel like you can own it and have fun with it.

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@WhySoSerious well definitely decide what character you’re set on creating, and for me I start with the body, basic stuff first, like body suit and such, then the main key features like the mask/helmet, gauntlets, belts, torso gear, boots, etc. After that then you straight for the small stuff like pouches, gloves, etc. Just stay focus on the character that you wish to create. And you can start cheap and get it started, or you can go big and expensive and get quality items.

Does anyone recommend someone who is good at making capes of different designs? Looking for someone that can make a cape that you can pull over your head and covers your neck, no tie on or anything. Looking to do a Grey Ghost cosplay.

I’ve always had excellent luck with finding capes on Etsy. Many makers on there will customize to your specifications.

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TheWishmasters Cape shop on Etsy is excellent. The woman that makes everything is very thorough, a good communicator, is cool with payment in installments, and makes fantastic items. She’s making my Doctor Fate Cape right now for San Jose Comic Con. Her work can be expensive but some of the best stuff I’ve seen on Etsy.

The bodysuit I’m getting is from SUPERGEEKDESIGNS. Custom made bodysuits with muscle art/texturing built in.

Looking for ideas on how to do the belt if anybody has any. I’ve been flirting with the idea of EVA foam but I’ve never done it before

Hi I’m a die hard DC fan and I absolutely love character costumes. You guys should definitely check out these dope DC bracelets that’s selling right now


Hi I’m a die hard DC fan and I absolutely love character costumes. You guys should definitely check out these dope DC bracelets that’s selling right now

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Any recommendations on where I can get wrist cannons for a Deadshot cosplay?

hey everyone, looking into doing a Grey Ghost cosplay, does anyone know where I can get a top like Grey Ghost has? Its very similar to the Rocketeer jacket, but fabric material would be preferable, and of course in grey color.

@WhySoSerious_Lo cosplay is great for introverts, IMO. When you cosplay a character, you automatically have an ice-breaker for when you meet a new person. Just talk about the character you’re cosplaying! Totally removes the small talk that bothers my introverted self and gets straight to the point of making new friends

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