[CLOSED] Rewards: Your Experience Earning Tokens - Let Us Know Here!

Agreed! :robotman_dp: :heart:


They transitioned from a weekly limit to a daily limit. The max was 35 tokens a day, but you can earn more if you read three comics, which will be 45 tokens. There were also bonus points and top hats that made it easier to earn more points. Also, I always checked the rewards page every Thursday at 12 PM pacific time to make sure I don’t miss any new rewards.


@arkhamassassin Thank you for the positive feedback :slight_smile:


Hi. How do we find out the shipping status of rewards we ordered? I ordered some a while back. Plugs.

Thank you to your team for all the fast replies. Must not be easy.

I did like that you large rewards back. I am in product management and marketing (currently focuses on legal, but before creating products). Anyway, you have the data to do analysis on how many people could really get a large reward. Most people would have spent it since not knowing. So I thinking that strategy of only high rewards with sweepstakes was the most cost effective for you. You do not have to respond to this. Business is business. And in another stream, I was told that you are honoring refunds. So that is fair.

I defiantly will watch the shows on HBO max. Thank you for the items that you did have for rewards. Wish I could have had the Harley statue. Have a hobby room with my kids with many collectibles. Alex Ross my favorite. Anyway, good luck with your new model of DC Infinity and HBO max.

It kinda sucks. Weeks ago I was getting the daily tokens I was accumulating through out the day and now it hasn’t updated since last week. I watch shows, read comics and post on forums but nothing.
Really want that weird Batman figure ( I have over 2,800 tokens ) but I guess I won’t be able to get it.

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I’m mad as hell because I’m being told no more new reward members are being accepted. That is BS.

I think it sucks that rewards are going away. I actually enjoyed getting added value from my reading. But, I will say that it did sometimes limit what I read when I hit my cap for the day.

Just want to say thank you! While I never managed to snag a Harley statue (sob!), I did get a cool Batman animated t-shirt this summer and ordered the Batgirl statue earlier this week. And, my Doom Patrol S2 poster arrived today and it is beautiful!


Woo! Thumbs up if you managed to go through the entire rewards program period and didn’t get a single thing :confused:

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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get some cool stuff, DCU Rewards! I received my Doom Patrol poster today. Can’t wait to hang this baby on the wall of my new house soon! I was able to use the rest of my tokens in the movies sweepstakes. Thanks for your work in this program! I hope it returns someday.


@CattMurdock YAY, happy to hear you’re enjoying your rewards :slight_smile:

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Hiya Everyone! With only 3 days left in the Rewards program, we will be dropping the token price for both the DC Artists Alley Batman Aqua-Vision and DC Artists Alley Batman Vinyl rewards. TOMORROW, 9 AM PST – keep your eyes peeled! :wink:


Ok! :robotman_dp:

Have any tokens left? There is a Harley statue available



Got the Joe Ledbetter designer series glow in the dark Batman. If I had kept mine instead of the pins I could have purchased the Harley statue. The statue will be a cool reminder of the beginning of this app.

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Hey everyone!
I got the Alley Batman by Joe Ledbetter, I really wanted the Harley Quinn statue. But I stopped earning as many points when the system changed to daily. It’s alright, I think I’m gonna gift it. I do have a little problem maybe someone can help. I’m trying to utilize the code, but when I add it it says invalid code. How can I redeem it? Any help will be greatly appreciate it!
Thank you!

Hi @Samda29, please reach out to the e-mail rewards@dcuniverse.com - they’ll be able to help you get a code that works, even after the Rewards program closes :slight_smile:

Hi, everyone! We’ll be closing this topic to ensure we have an organized feedback process in place. We’d love to hear your overall thoughts on the program here, if you have the time! All feedback is being collected and shared with the folks who ran the program, so everything counts! Whether you want to share what needs improvement, what different rewards you’d like to see - it’s all good stuff!

Please take a moment to share in this topic- and thank you in advance!