[CLOSED] Rewards: Your Experience Earning Tokens - Let Us Know Here!

This topic is intended for when the amount of tokens you earn might not match what you were expecting, or the value doesn’t seem right. Let us know any thoughts, constructive criticism, or confusions in the comments below!

Please Note - If you are not receiving tokens, please try the following:

  • Turn off your browser’s ad-blockers
  • Allow 24 hours for your tokens to populate
  • If you are still not receiving tokens, please contact our customer support team at yourdcu.com/submit.
  • When reporting to the forums, please provide what platform you are using (iOS, Desktop, Roku, etc.)

I’ve received 20 tokens for shows I clicked up but didn’t watch all the way through. I’m not complaining I guess, but it feels like you should have to watch the entire episode, or at least a significant portion of it before earning tokens.
Is a fix planned to make it so you actually have to watch the entire show?


First I would like to say, I really like the idea of the rewards program. It is such a cool idea. I was wondering why I wasn’t surpassing 250 tokens as I’ve been binge reading today and then I read that there is a weekly cap, which is disappointing. What is the purpose of the weekly cap? It wasn’t very clear in the resources provided. I wanted to ask and understand before giving a suggestion. Thanks!


This is good feedback, and I know it is something we are working on balancing out as the program evolves. The same is true with Community comments, which we learned after the first batch of testing that we should limit how many points are earned a week. I’ll elaborate on the limitations in the question below :slight_smile:


Great question! A lot like the opportunities to earn in other rewards programs or games, it is important to manage an economy that cannot be exploited. Adding this cap was one way of doing that. Otherwise we would discover certain power-users taking advantage of the system and depleting our physical rewards with the amount they are able to redeem. It’s a little bit like when fans could call the 1-900 to vote if Jason Todd lived or died back in the day- because fans were able to call over and over, instead of having their number of votes limited to 1, robo-callers significantly swayed the votes. Imagine someone turning on a series and leaving the house and gathered 1000’s of points; there is no way to really determine if those tokens were “earned”.

We do offer a hidden, easter egg bonus system that allows you to earn points beyond the cap, though! You can read about them here.

I hope this helps!


This makes a lot of sense! Thank you for clarifying.


It would be handy to have it marked somewhere on the rewards site the day and time you joined the program. I have no idea right now what time I’ll start earning points again.


Can confirm that the “How to Redeem” page is encouraging me to check out some stuff for points.


Watched “Heart of Steel Part 1 and 2” after clicking on the first from the “THESE OPPORTUNITIES WILL BE GONE IN A FLASH” menu. I let the first autoplay into the second, and exited when the second episode finished. I received credit for neither. (Using PC.)


Interesting observation I’ve made while reading a news article on my desktop. That :point_up_2: happens to my token balance when I begin reading the news article. If I click on it I see this.

Trying a different article I still receive the ‘!’ As before, but if it has an option to go to the community, by clicking on that link the rewards banner disappears completely :fearful:

Returning to the main DCUniverse page, however, it returns to its normal self.

Also looking at my rewards profile only one news article I’ve looked through during my observations has resulted in tokens. Perhaps something is getting lost in transmission for some news than others? :thinking:
Apologies also for the blurriness of the pictures. :grimacing:

Update: Doing some other observations about this, I have found that I did not receive credit for reading the news if I scrolled down the news page and clicked on a news article. However, if I clicked on a news article at the top of the page that changes from news article to news article, I do receive credit for reading the article. Still receive the ‘!’ when reading an article though and disappears if I then go from the news article to the Community. Still appears after refreshing though to the main page as noted before. :thinking:

I’m capped for the week! It’s all good, though. Like normal for me, I’m not studying a lot, just going with the natural flow of absently using the website.

The good news, I hit the cap without trying… I didn’t intentionally post extra, or watch this or that on purpose, although my overall reading has increased. It’s just a good time for reading comics, and watching me some cartoons. Thus proving ANY user can make their points and get their rewards.

And of course, Stargirl must be watched HERE.


Caught another typo.


Should be either “5 Digital Comics” or “5th Digital Comic”


I hit my cap but I’m weirdly anxious now about spending any tokens. What if something better comes up in the redemption list later and I’m short?


I noticed that the tokens I earned for watching the newest episode of Harley Quinn (Batman’s Back Man) were listed as next week’s episode by mistake. :hushed:


Sharing this for no reason


I really like the idea of the reward system and I’ve noticed that it makes the experience more fun. However, I am super disappointed about the 250 point stopper.

  1. It didn’t take me very long to reach it.
  2. It’s not very much. I understand the concern about people cheating, but maybe have a limit On movies or a random check every hour like Netflix asks if we’re still watching.
  3. Having the small limit makes the fun go away, cause no matter how much I’m a DC fan, there’s only so much I can do each week, and it would take a long time to add up each weeks points.
  4. I’m not sure when the “week” is supposed to start over, cause it’s Monday and it’s still telling me I can’t get points.

It’s a really cool idea to use the reward system and I think a lot of people have gotten pumped up about this, but I think if you don’t change this, it’s going to be a real let down and feel like false advertising.


My only observation, not a complaint. I get 10 likes on things with no token awarded & it used to be automatic & include the # I’d earned. Now. If I get one. It just says for what & doesn’t have the # on the character (Booster Gold) so I have to count them all: if I want to know how many I’ve earned :blush:


I’ve never seen that b4? I watched it as well. I never knew it existed? Thank u for alerting me :blush:


Again, never seen this one. I’ve read probably 200 in the last 2 months. Being conservative. Seeing a lot of tokens I never knew existed. Not jelly: just dumbfounded?

I’ve never heard of this. You know me well enough to know I’m not complaining. I watch every show, usually as soon as it’s aired. Literally watch the countdown & start the program at zero. Plus: I’ve read a plethora of comics. Shyly, around 40-50 a day when I’m rolling. Conservatively, at least 20 a day. Ive never seen the icon or knew about these tokens. Thank u for the link. I didn’t know these even existed?

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