What Was Your Overall Experience With Rewards? A Retrospective

Our Rewards program has been full of thrills, chills, and okay, occasionally spills! We’re grateful to all of you for joining us for this adventure, and for sharing in the experience as we battled the villains of redemption and shipping in a pandemic-challenged world.

We can’t wait to see what a future Rewards program looks like. We know what WE want to see (e-mail confirmations of redemptions and shipping, a more intelligent tracker of inventory, more rewards more often), but what do YOU want to see? What worked, what didn’t?

To optimize your feedback for routing to the higher-ups, let us know:

  • What did you like?
  • What DIDN’T you like?
  • What platforms did you use?
  • What do you hope to see from the future?

We’ll be summarizing these suggestions, as well as the feedback we’ve been receiving all summer long, to share with the whole team and leadership. As you know, we love working hand-in-hand with the fans to make programs in YOUR image. So please share your thoughts below, and thank you again for being a part of this journey!


Just about everything.

The people complaining. At first I didn’t like the high token price for rewards.

The app and chrome.

A comeback!

7:07pm 9/25/2020


Thank you so much, Lolalu! We’ll make sure to share that you’d like to see another program in the future :heart:


Priceless. :rofl:


I enjoyed everything about it.

It was frustrating at times when I wasn’t able to earn tokens on the app.

The app (android), safari and chrome

Something similar with a similar setup. Maybe also incorporating the leaderboard somehow.

Hopefully the AquaVision Batman could return as an reward also. :slightly_smiling_face:


What did I like?
That there was a Rewards program started during Covid lockdown, it was something fun to do while at home.
What didn’t I like?
You can dm me for the longer version.
But the main problem was the tech side and communication.
After 5 months the tech team still can’t figure out how to show full size images of the items for redemption, like the recent Swamp Thing poster. It took me 1 minute to google and post a full size image of the poster in this community with the measurements of it, to help others.
Also throughout the rewards program people would redeem an item click on link and be sent to wrong website.
The t-shirts since day 1, I have been saying you need an exact quantity of each size available and have this info for people before they redeem.
If I was in charge I’d find out exactly how many of each size we were getting for the rewards.
Then I would create a redemption link that updates quantity of each size left as people redeem.

Unfortunately there has been multiple times an Admin or Mod has posted incorrect information in the community. This can happen, but they then need to come back to the community to inform us about it asap.
There are many more problems that could easily be fixed.

If you put me in charge of the tech side and shipping side next time there is a rewards program.
I would have all info about codes not stacking, not valid on sale items, not valid on blu rays etc clearly stated before people redeem.
I would not put an item in the rewards that I do not have in hand and ready to ship.
When someone redeems for a physical item not from the shop, like the posters and pins, I will ship within 1 business day after redemption and I will email each person with tracking info.

I also said from the beginning only paid subscribers should be earning reward tokens, that is just a good business decision. A few weeks ago I let my membership expire as I mainly joined for in person events and DC Universe original series that originally were exclusive to the subscribers of DC Universe. But if there was still a Reward program going and it was only for paid subscribers then I wouldn’t have let my annual membership expire.

Theres so much more that needs to be sorted out, @Applejack or @thewonderDiana you can get in touch if you want any help.


What I like?

What I didn’t like?
Probably in the same boat as @Lolalu on that one. While there were a little hiccups in my Doom Patrol Season 1 and Season 2 Poster coming (Since I live in Texas), I get some wanting it early but yea.

Which platforms did I use?
Mainly iPhone (iOS)

Overall the experience was great for me but I would say when the rewards program comes back that a streamlined confirmation email of shipping and expected date to arrive would be nice to have incorporated in for next time I order a physical item with tokens. And that I do applaud @Applejack and @thewonderDiana for helping with the program even when it had hiccups. :slight_smile: :robotman_dp:


I liked that the rewards could be earned by practically doing anything on DC Universe. I also liked that the main reward I missed returned and I was able to pick it up.

What I wish could be improved is that items that were available from the beginning (cough Wonder Woman #750 silver foil cough) returned when people actually had tokens to redeem it. A better token process would be nice- I never received the 10 extra tokens when watching Stargirl within the first 72 hours (I believe was the time frame) nor did I receive tokens for the last few weeks. I also mentioned spending tokens to see what would be coming next or paying a preorder incentive “tax” would make it more realistic as well.

I used a PC and iPhone.

While I combined what I didn’t like with recommendations, my overall feedback is that I enjoyed the weekly caps better and the fact that there was even a rewards option, but I reached a point that the last few days I was able to earn points, I became greedy trying to cap out daily and would skim comics to get the tokens and then go back and either read them after receiving credit or just not go back. That is why an optional bonus assessment would benefit that the tokens were earned and when the cap goes weekly instead of daily, the need to “greed” is thinner.

My thoughts here are somewhat garbled because I am writing as I think of things, but the summary is that I will write as I think of what I liked/disliked/recommend and edit when I think of it. As for now, the program was interesting and made me more active.

Finding ways to help recommend comics or characters more so than the tiny bit shown would also have been cool. I am probably just rambling at this point, hopefully someone can decode what I mean. I’ll probably proofread before and after I think it’s okay because something seems off [and I’m probably missing something I want to say, and it’s on the tip of my tongue or thought and possibly lost].

Edit 1: One thing that has been on my mind today has been Community Hero packages. While I am not a fan of people noting all my comments and ascertaining personality traits from it, I think it would be cool to redeem tokens for either a recommended or random gift set. If neither was possible, a little recommendation quiz could also work. I have been thinking about this because of my rule about comics I read, some of the books I’ve bought surprised me and disappointed me. But, if I received them as a gift or reward, I may look at it like Fate wants me to read them. Otherwise, my rule limits me to only reading Golden and Silver Age comics, other than books from Zoom (unless there are more books or storylines that I don’t know of. Although, a customizable comic editor would work too).


Short answers for now:

  • What did you like?
    The potential of what it could’ve been (excitement)
  • What DIDN’T you like?
    The lack of communication overall. From release of items, to the amount of people not really knowing what it was, the “spills” as you call them and the lack of resolve or kind of any communication about them.
  • What platforms did you use?
  • What do you hope to see from the future?
    Communication. And really like the rewards don’t have to be that deep. I think there’s enough people that just want a little something to show off. Literally a photo of Christopher Reeve would get the job done sometimes.



I liked that there was a program, and it just took regular activity to earn points/tokens but…

  • What DIDN’T you like?

It seemed like for the longest time there was only wallpaper available. That’s fine but at that point I kinda gave up trying to earn points/tokens. If I’d known there were going to be other things again I would have tried harder to earn towards what I wanted. I ended up putting almost everything I had into the sweepstakes right now and WHY NOT use some of the collectibles as sweepstakes prizes too. Just a suggestion.

  • What platforms did you use?

I’m on an IPad, whatever that uses.

  • What do you hope to see from the future?

I don’t know. With the platform changing it’s hard for me to say. I’m sure a lot of my points were earned thru shows, (Harley Quinn, Stargirl, some Doom Patrol plus movies) but I have been reading a lot more than I thought I would be. I’m sure the return of the program would be welcome, hopefully with most if not all of the bugs being fixed. I’ve read a lot of criticisms about not getting things that were requested/ordered. Im sure alot of that was affected by the pandemic. Just take all suggestions and fix what you can before relaunching. Thanks for your consideration.


Like? Everything
Not like? I could only redeem on a browser, app wasnt cooperating.
Platforms? Mobile app, Firestick, and website
Future? Another reward run. Ps4/5 app


I loved the Rewards program. I’m going to miss it.

I used my iPhone and laptop predominantly. Mostly the Microsoft Edge browser. I also hooked the laptop up to my XGIMI Halo when I was feeling frisky.

I love the variety of rewards. I loved the bonus tokens. It was a fun way to experiment and even just to get a nice surprise for using the service as you normally would. You watch a series because you like it and at the end you find out finishing it gives you a bonus? That’s such a great thing! There were some really quality rewards. Good statues, movie codes, the wonderful $25 vouchers, posters, etc. I keep saying it, but it’s astounding that a company actually had a rewards program where I got more in rewards than I spent on the service the last seven months or so.

What didn’t I like? Yeah, the constant complaints in the forums. The t-shirt was white, the t-shirt was black, I don’t like that hero, I thought there would be a final drop of rewards so I hoarded my tokens and now there’s nothing to use them on, I didn’t know there would be a final drop of great rewards so I spent my tokens on lesser stuff, that statue is ugly, there hasn’t been a new physical reward in three months (as long as you don’t count the two to five physical rewards added every week for 7 out of 9 weeks), can you stack vouchers, why didn’t anyone tell me you couldn’t stack vouchers before I bought ten of them, I am morally offended that there was a reward that had nothing to do with DC, etc, etc, etc. It was endless and soul-sucking. I would love for a new Rewards program to come with a “Complaints Thread” where complaints were allowed nowhere except that dedicated thread and the rest of the place could be free of that bilge. You could have servicing that thread be punishment for underperforming mods, increasing productivity ten-fold.

Things that could be improved. Communication. Consistency. Reliability. Announcing sizes of items available before tokens are spent. Being able to see the whole image of a reward before redeeming tokens for it. More details of restrictions so people would know for sure the vouchers don’t stack before using them. Rainchecks or make good if tokens are redeemed for an item but it sells out or there is otherwise a problem concluding the order. Enough rewards in enough quantities at enough token levels so that there isn’t a feeding frenzy and reward droughts. Making it clear how many of a given item are available. (A running count would be ideal, but at the very least just knowing the total starting number would help.) Better planning so tokens for an item aren’t reduced from 3000 to 2000 after a couple days and sweepstakes entries don’t leave for a day and come back. A lot of that boils down to communication.

Things I’d like to see: More exclusive items that are completely exclusive to DCU. Comics. Personalized bonuses or rewards where you get extra tokens or rewards tailored to your specific use of the service or interests. You’re in the Doom Patrol club? You get extra bonus points when you read 100 Doom Patrol comics. You’re in the JSA group? You get an opportunity for a reward exclusive to that club. (That could probably be abused, but I’m spit-balling.) You read a ridiculous amount of Batman comics? Here’s a reward just for people who have read x number of Batman comics. Maybe a reward given for milestones or an exclusive opportunity for a specific reward for reaching a milestone. Five minute 1 on 1 video chats with stars of DC shows or comic book creators as rewards. Or exclusive chat threads. Original art. I’m all for non-DC rewards as well.

I’d like for the mods to get the credit, respect, and love they deserve.

I absolutely hope to see the Rewards return soon.


I had a good experience the one thing I really wanted they never refilled it; I really wanted the Batman (blue) McFarland .


Aside from the obvious benefit of getting to earn free merchandise, I really appreciated how this gave me extra motivation to do more reading. While I had certainly read a good handful of titles prior to the program, I was still leaving a lot on the table. But seeing as how reading a comic was the highest-earning regular action, I had even more reason to finally start checking out titles I had been meaning to read, but just hadn’t gotten around to yet

While I did like seeing that some early rewards had warnings put up when they were almost out of stock, it was frustrating seeing that others didn’t have such a warning. Doing this for all the rewards would’ve allowed us to get a better sense of when to possibly wait to see if something we liked more would come around or if we should just act quickly to snag something before it was gone.

It was also frustrating to see a few rewards get teased but never actually drop (a Wonder Woman #750 Jim Lee variant comes to mind). That said, I also completely understand that between the chaos of the pandemic and a lot of things shifting around in anticipation of DCUI’s launch, plans for the program likely had to be changed while it was going on. I certainly don’t blame anyone involved in the program for these factors, as they would’ve been out of just about anyone’s control, so they’re just more general frustrations

I used my laptop to earn tokens on reading comics, watching some videos, reading articles and engaging in the community. I used the app on my Roku streaming device to watch other videos. I only ever used the mobile app to check certain details on the rewards page, but not for earning tokens

I would absolutely love for the rewards program to continue in some form on DCUI. If it does, I think it would be great to include certain physical comics (single issues and trades) as rewards in addition to continuing items like statues and digital rewards

  1. Everything really. Got to look at new stuff. Collecting was fun and free stuff. Stuff I wanted but couldn’t build up the gusto to buy normally so a great way to get some of these. Just a fun time. And I’d say the help and support as well. Even though my issue is still trying get resolved they have been very helpful and I couldn’t be more greatful.

  2. I don’t think I didn’t like anything. Of course with free stuff some people got hostel which stinks but sadly it happens. Overall the couldn’t really see anything I didn’t like.
    (Maybe the techbugs but who likes techbugs and it was the first one so it was bound to have them. So that did bother me.)

  3. I used IOS phone for it.

  4. The future hopefully an awesome™:+1: comeback in better circumstances since this year has been something.

In the end it was an amazing program. I like to give a big Thank You to @thewonderDiana and the rewards team for doing this. And DCUniverse and the Mods for helping out too. Especially how this year has had a lot of things to change you were still able to make a very fun and exciting summer event and hope that it can come back again stronger and better.
Again Thank You​:+1:


Okay, here’s my story.

I quit this whole app a while ago out of protest over the content. I hated that they were making a edgy, f-bomb dropping Titans show, but I kind of dealt with it, but I absolutely quit when I saw there was going to be an edgy, c-bomb dropping Harley Quinn show. That’s not what I come to DC comics for, and while I don’t begrudge anybody loving it (this life is way too short for me to want to take away anything that anybody genuinely loves) I didn’t need to be a part of funding it.

But then as I started seeing more and more about rewards program, I was drawn back. I re-subscribed basically for the rewards program. I was already watching Stargirl on the CW app, and I like reading comics online, so I cancelled my Comixology Unlimited subscription and switched to DC Universe.

When I got in, I was really disappointed. There was pretty much nothing in the “redeem” category. And I didn’t want to join the forums because I’m kind of a shy, anxious guy who doesn’t really like to post on stuff like this because I’m afraid I’ll say something wrong or mess something up or look stupid.

But I finally started lurking in the forums to see what I was missing about the Rewards program.

And I think I was basically reading that stuff WAS dropping, but it was dropping at times where I wasn’t seeing it or knowing about it and then selling out before I could ever get to it.

And then the whole system stopped working on my app on my tablet so I couldn’t look up what prizes there were to redeem at all.

But then after a while I figured out that it WOULD work if I accessed the rewards page through my browser instead of the app. So I started doing that. And then I started reading the forums really in depth so I could really figure out the program and I read that the whole thing was coming to an end.

Since I hadn’t really ever seen how much stuff went for, I kind of had my hopes up that my 1,500 points would get me something good. Instead the only thing I could afford besides basically meaningless contest entries were movies (which I already own all the ones I was interested in–I’m a DC fan, after all) which kept going up and down sporadically, and one very specific poster for one very specific show that I don’t really dig.

So in the end, the only thing I’m coming out of this with is one Batcave Wallpaper, that I kind of felt gipped on because the thing I clicked on said wallpaperS, with an S, so I thought there would be more than one design, but instead the reason it said wallpaperS, with an S, was because they had the same design in 3 different shapes so you could use it on different devices. I didn’t buy any more wallpapers after that. I poured the rest of my points into contest entries for the Absolute Editions which also kept going up and down and up and down for some weird reason.

So basically, everything about this program has been letdown after letdown after letdown for me, and even when I finally spent points on something I really got, the little deceptive wording of the “S” even made that a letdown.

I really would like to see it come back.

I would like to see things be really straightforward and spelled out. I would like to know when to watch for new prizes without having to read through a ton of forum posts.

I would like to know things like how many points you can get in a day. I have earned 1500 points in this program, maxed out my points many a day, and only this week did I finally find out what the maximum number of points actually was you could get in a day because somebody posted it in one of these threads.

I would like to see an object as a reward, start saving up the points to earn it, and still have it be there to purchase with points when I have managed to earn that number of points.

I would like the site to have some cohesion in the program. Right now, for people going to the “Earn” page, right now, 45 minutes before the whole promotion is over, and when you haven’t been able to get points for a week, the “Earn” page still makes it look like you can earn points right now, today. I would like all of the pages to look like the people who maintain the website know about the changes to the program that is like 1/4 of the features of this website.

I wouldn’t mind at all if things cost more points. I wouldn’t mind at all if actions earned less points. If making it harder to get the stuff meant it was easier to understand how to get the stuff and what stuff you’d be able to get, I would gladly accept that trade off.

I’m not angry or upset about not getting stuff. I’m just really, really disappointed. I kind of had my hopes up that I was going to get some cool swag out of this program and it’s just really a bummer that I didn’t.

I’ll be honest here. The complete lack of support it looks like DC put behind this program does not make me hopeful about the future of the service or about the future of DC comics at all. I feel like a bunch of good people work in the DC universe department trying to make the best program they can, but in the meantime there are people higher up than them going, “no, you can’t do that. No, you can’t do that.”

And then they go “YES! Absolutely! Do that!” And then when it gets rolled out, the same people say, “Who told you to do that? We’re not going to support you in that!”

And if they don’t support the rewards program, it seems like they’re not going to support getting the old backlog of classic comics I want to read digitized and up on the service, and if all they want to give me are the new comics I don’t want to read faster, I don’t know if I even really have a reason to be here.

I hate to sound like a bummer about this, but for me, the program really has been a bummer.

But I like a lot of stuff about the service. I like how many comics from the 80’s and early 90s I couldn’t afford to buy as a kid I’m finally getting to read. I like that I can find stories I didn’t know my favorite authors wrote.

I’m probably one of the few people who is GLAD that the weird adult TV shows are going to HBO max and that the people working here can concentrate on helping get more old comics up to read and online. I couldn’t be happier if that’s what comes from all of this.

But man, if we could get a reliable, fun, straightforward rewards program on top of it, that would be absolutely amazing.


Everything. It was really fun to be rewarded for watching or reading. In fact, I read more comics over the course of the time where we earned rewards than at any other time. It made me want to read more often. And of course it was great to get some sweet DC Universe posters.

Obviously, I would have liked a little more info on the status of my reward items. I never doubted they would come or anything like that, but at least a confirmation email would be nice. And I would also say that it might have been nice to have some advanced warning on what exactly was coming. I generally waited to see when new rewards dropped and sometimes was a tad disappointed when it was not something that interested me.

Generally my tablet for reading, my Roku for watching, and my desktop for posting in the forums.

I’d love to see the program come back. I’d love more posters, exclusive comic book covers and the collectibles were pretty great too. I ordered the White & Gold Batgirl for my lady when it was 50% off from the store and she really loved it. I like have these cool collectibles that are DC Universe exclusives.

And also, maybe the real rewards were the friends we made along the way. :wink:


I liked that it was an incentive to use the service. Nothing like buying a subscription to the gym, and never going to work out.

I wasn’t keen on the limits set on earning tokens. It made it difficult to earn quickly enough. Also when there were issues, it overwhelmed you guys. So responses were delayed a lot. The original post mentions a lot of takeaways. I think it covers all of the issues we encountered. If all of the mentioned improvements were implemented the service would be fantastic.

I use the app almost exclusively. Occasionally, I used my Kindle with the Silk Browser, when there was issues with rewards being counted.

Suggestions mentioned in the original post’s improvements. I’d like to see digital graphic novels or omnibus added as rewards.

In short, when I actually could redeem rewards I had a positive experience. I would say about half the time I had issues they were handled perfectly. All in all, I look forward to watch the future brings.


I thought it was a great program overall. I used my ipad and read three comics everyday to unwind after work and get my 45 points. I would really like to see a tally of how many comics I have read in total (around 300 so far). I was glad to get the Wonder Woman statue and the Themiscyra wallpaper. Hope there will be another rewards program as I really enjoyed seeing my position increase every day and my points accumulate. It was just fun even if there hadn’t been any physical rewards. Thanks!