Celebrate Pride Month with the DC Community!

What are everyone’s thoughts on the Pride Month one-shot?

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Hi @drewzirocks.3500! :wave::smile: You (or anyone) can come talk about it here if ya like! :00_dc_pride:


Oh man, only Justice League Incarnate could have pulled me away from the Pride hub…

DC did release a pride variant cover in 2021 for Wonder Woman

and also we have the romance currently ongoing in Dark Knights of Steel with Diana and Zala-El (the Supergirl in that universe); additionally, there’s been plenty of other canonical references to Diana’s queerness before these.

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The Japan one shot from the Midnighter solo is one of my favorite issues ever (albeit I admit there’s a lot of Wildstorm featuring either or both of them that I’ve not ever read since frankly most of it seems like mindless bloody action at first blush, which is never my speed). I’m really disappointed that Jim Lee as COO has done absolutely nothing to encourage DC Entertainment to do anything live action with, for example, Midnighter and Apollo - especially given how much Johns pushed so much of his own work (versus that of other creators), particularly his New 52 runs, on to both the WB Animated, DCW and DC Films content producers.

I think that Japan issue would make a great self-contained either animated or live action movie for DC or HBO Max, and it would not cost anywhere near as much as so many other superhero films spend on CGI, etc.

Firm rebuttal:

  1. DC also made a Pride cover for Kal-El and Dick Grayson. Does that also count as admissions of queerness for those two characters? I think not.
  2. Dark Knights of Steel is not canon.
  3. “Canonical references” to Diana’s queerness before these have never been explicit, probably due to editorial mandate. Wonder Woman is the character with the biggest queer history ever and yet she has never explicitly been allowed to acknowledge this on page (in canon)

Which leads us to:

  1. When DC Universe Infinite made their “Pride reading playlist”, Wonder Woman was conspicuously prevented from appearing on the list by DC
    4-a. When opening a support ticket enquiring about this (and multiple people I know have also tried) DC just ignored any questions and didn’t even deign to provide us with an answer for the exclusion
  2. Not only did DC Pride Special 2021 and 2022 not feature Diana (despite her being a surefire way to boost sales and Harley, Ivy and Batwoman ALL appearing twice in a row, to boost sales no doubt …) But Diana was also conveniently killed off in the comics mere months before pride month each of those years. Convenient, I know.
  3. In a DC comics NFT project (with all final approval provided by DC), Pride-themed cards were made this month. Harley Quinn and Ivy were featured like a million times, Wonder Woman barely got a card and on her card, DC “innocently” insisted on having the following tagline: “ALLY OF THE LGBTQIA+ COMMUNITY” (when the Ivy card, for example, only had "Pamela Isley as a tagline …)

The company clearly refuses to openly acknowledge Diana as queer, probably to avoid alienating homophobic customers from buying merchandise for themselves or their kids. As DC’s oldest LGBTQ+ character, Diana deserves better.

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Right, but they also did Superman - not the canonically queer one - and it’s a little weird that two Pride Month anthologies in a row haven’t even obliquely mentioned what is inarguably DC’s most important queer-with-no-asterisks character.

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I agree with everything here except for a few things that I have a compulsive need to point out:

  1. While the central premise of Dark Knights of Steel can unequivocally be placed in an alternate reality, it all “matters” in terms of characters’ natures, and, going by Wally and Hawkgirl’s conversation in Dark Nights: Death Metal #7, they may even have some memories of it.
  2. The point still stands, but ascending to the Quintessence’s level of existence is not technically a “death”.

But - WHAT!? “ALLY”!!?? This is PRINCESS DIANA OF ■■■■■■■ THEMYSCIRA we’re talking about!!! I don’t know what one could compare that to, because… Well… It’s canon! I feel like the only comparisons I could make seem absurd, but that’s because THIS IS ■■■■■■■ ABSURD!!!


T H A N K Y O U. Now how do we get DC to actually respond haha

  1. Dark Knights of Steel may “matter” but ultimately it can easily be written off as Alt-U or “a dream”, even if characters have memories of it, DC can easily just say “yeah but this never happened actually”. It wouldn’t be the same as having Wonder Woman and Barbara kiss and date in the main ongoing solo series, for example.

  2. I appreciate what you’re saying but the result is ultimately still the same, she was removed from the main universe right in time for pride month two years in a row and in her solo series back then I’m fairly certain she was in the Asgardian afterlife (admittedly, I didn’t have the patience to sit through that entire comic where, spoiler alert and shocker, her primary love interest was also a male character gasp)

And yeah … ALLY … It’s pathetic and when the fans pointed it out to the team behind the product they fed it back to WB/DC who ultimately didn’t care. I think more needs to be done/said because this just screams performative allyship from DC imo since they’re more than willing to win GLAAD awards and sell pride comics/merch but they’re too afraid to acknowledge their queerest (and oldest queer character’s) identity. Which really is disrespectful at best of the community they claim to be “celebrating” imo :confused:

I know, I just take issue with using the word “canon”.

I have no idea, I’m too busy working on this. The Diana thing is important, but at least DC is being performatively woke. Disney isn’t even ignoring our complaints, they’re being unabashed about their homophobia.

Fair enough regarding the word canon.

With regards to your stance on the Diana thing, here’s an interesting counter: wouldn’t other corporations start being more actively supportive if there was, indeed, an openly LGBT Wonder Woman? The power of that character as a symbol has always transcended media. That’s precisely why DC are so squeamish to acknowledge her queer history and to make it explicit: they’re aware that a lot of people are paying attention to whatever they choose to do with Wonder Woman. Maybe a world with an openly bi/pan Diana is the world in which content like the Owl House doesn’t get cancelled. Just a thought. Good luck with your campaign!

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Thank you :grin: And good luck with all of this as well, and not just because I think, as you say, everyone wins if either (ideally both!) of us do.

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