Celebrate Pride Month with the DC Community!

I 100% Agree! I’m also a Huge Midnighter & Apollo Fan! I loved seeing them in Superman and the Authority! I’m on IG & Twitter @AJHJR



Shameless plug alert:

@Bar-El and I run the WildStorm Universe book club and for Pride Month, we’ll be doing a month-long focus on multiple titles starring Midnighter.

The link to the club is under my handle/name, so check it out, if you want.

Also, I’ll be posting our first Midnighter-based selection later today (Saturday), so hop on by.


Just Joined!


Thank ya, thank ya! @Bar-El and I are happy to have ya!



Yes!!! (I tried to write this in all caps, but it wouldn’t let me)


Especially because the last Pride Month before DC Universe dropped all their TV content, they pulled the cheap trick of featuring the live-action Wonder Woman and Constantine series - Even Disney+, which had the balls to feature The Owl House, which they did not hide their reason for canceling, knew better than to include Lando and Loki’s (Spoiler: Loki) appearances. (Seriously, if anyone is anything less than fully committed to an individual show right now, you must watch The Owl House. It is - and keep in mind, the MCU is my entire raison d’etre - objectively the greatest currently-running Disney show and maybe the greatest currently-running show, period. I paused halfway through Stranger Things 4, Vol. 1 to watch the s2 finale, and I think it is better. Just one, just one more season and I think it could legitimately be the greatest animated series of all time. Right now, the best - and this is an objective fact, you can ask the Question - are the first two canon Star Wars TV series. The first two seasons of The Owl House were significantly better than the first two seasons of Star Wars Rebels, and much better than the first two seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I wrote this post on my blog about it, but wait, I am going to land this tangent… Prepare for the greatest landing of any tangent… Disney is so bad I’ve almost forgiven DC for the ending of Supergirl - In the immortal words of Seth Meyers, “… And that’s a landed tangent! Judges?


That wasn’t made by Disney

Nah, What We Do in the Shadows

I know Disney didn’t buy Lucasfilm until Season 5ish, I just meant it’s the second-greatest animated series of all time and going just by the first two seasons, The Owl House is better.

I take it you haven’t watched alot of cartoons. And that isn’t even better Clone Wars show

I’m… Are you disputing The Owl House being better than Star Wars: The Clone Wars? I think you must have a crappy keyboard or something, because you seem to have left out at least two words.

If so, remember, I’m only talking about the first two seasons. It would be unfair to compare a measly forty episodes to Ahsoka’s departure, Maul’s return, Ventress’s abandonment, the Order 66 arc… That’s all separate.

I’m saying that for one The Clone Wars is not as good as Clone Wars (2d) and is not remotly as good as Star Wars Republic (comic).

Clone Wars also screwed up Quinlen Vos’s charactorisation

I’m totally not denying any of that. I haven’t seen any of the original 2d, and all I’m discussing here is the first two seasons of The Owl House versus the first two seasons of any other animated series and plenty of live-action series too.

First of all, I don’t know any of the Star Wars Legends Vos storylines, so if you say so, I can’t really argue. But that was just one of over 100 episodes.

And the cancalled arc that became Dark Despile.

But that is assuming that you have watched every Cartoon in existence.

He was more or less the main charactor of the Star Wars Prequel comics considering that most of the arcs revolved around him and his struggles with the dark side. Overcoming the Dark Side with the power of love. Then him surviving Order 66 and starting a family. Thats just about a rough outline

That is what Star Wars: Dark Disciple is about.

Fair enough… But I doubt there’s anyone who has… Maybe @HubCityQuestion.

These stories could still be adapted into canon, since he’s listed on Vader’s list of presumed survivors.

So, what’s everyone currently reading to celebrate Pride Month by?


  • Reading and re-reading assorted books starring or co-starring Midnighter.

  • Re-reading Superman: Son of Kal-El #s 1-5.

  • Re-reading DC Pride 2021.

  • Planning a re-read of the Elegy arc from Detective Comics.

  • Finally finishing Wonder Woman: Earth One Volume 3.


Canon is stupid, it worked just fine with the Dark Horse comics

Everything in the hub that I haven’t already read.