Celebrate Pride Month with the DC Community!

I agree with @drewzirocks.3500 on a lot of points. Bisexual representation is not exactly the same as gay representation. It should be acknowledged that they are distinct and valid sexual identities. It’s also true that most of DC’s headlining LGBTQ+ characters are bisexual (Jon Kent, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, John Constantine, Jo Mullein, etc.). When you think about the gay representation, you are pushed a bit more into the periphery (Batwoman, Crush, Bunker). I would also agree that it’s disappointing that DC doesn’t acknowledge Wonder Woman’s bisexuality a bit more. When @drewzirocks.3500 brought up the issue, my first thought was assuming that it had been well established in Rebirth under Rucka. However, @drewzirocks.3500 is right to point out that it hasn’t been established in a significant way. It could always be disavowed. I can understand the commercial reason for this, but that doesn’t make it right.

LGBTQ+ fans do deserve more. LGBTQ+ fans should continue to fight for more.

That being said, I disagree that what DC has done has been “performative.” You have to keep context in mind. In 1966, DC killed off Alfred because Batman was looking a little too gay. In the 90’s any LGBTQ+ character were firmly in the periphery and short-lived (and Harley and Ivy were coded). In the year 2022, we have Superman kissing another man on the cover of a comic. We have more LGBTQ+ characters than we have, arguably, ever had before. They are popping up with such frequency and in such prominent places that it’s more than performative, it is significant change.

Again, I’m not saying that LGBTQ+ fans should be content. They shouldn’t. Especially not with a new corporate entity in charge. We don’t REALLY know what their plans or intentions are in that regard. All I’m saying is, I never really expected us to be where we are by this point in time, and that is a good thing…