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:00_birds_of_prey: BIRDS OF PREY: Every mission matters and every life saved is a miracle, but this time, it’s personal. Dinah Lance is one of the DCU’s most elite fighters, and combined with her sonic scream, she’s a fearsome foe in any scenario…but sometimes even the Black Canary needs help. Faced with a personal mission brought to her by a mysterious new ally, and up against near-impossible odds, she re-forms the Birds of Prey with an unrivaled group of badasses—Cassandra Cain, Barda, Zealot, and Harley Quinn—and there’s only one goal: extraction without bloodshed. What could possibly go wrong?

:boom: (Issue 1 arrives in our :dc: Library on 10/3)

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Just read the first issue. Not a whole lot to say, it really is a standard “get the team together” issue. Really like the 80s-like comic art. And this little bit is enjoyable. I hope Big Barda becomes Cass’s new mentor


I really enjoyed this issue. It was a classic team-up issue with some fun twists. I didn’t see that last page coming at all.

But I did enjoy everyone’s introduction. I haven’t read a lot of most of these characters so it should be fun. I also like the dynamic between Barda and Cass.

I will say I am usually a bit nervous about ongoings that start with such a clear objective. What happens to this series when they (eventually and presumably) achieve what they have to do? But, it is still a great hook and I’m all in with with series.


I couldn’t finish it. Why is Barda suddenly speaking like Drax from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie? Has continuity changed and suddenly she’s culturally and linguistically illiterate?


I’d grant you that this is not exactly the way Barda used to speak even if you go all the way back to Kirby’s Mister Miracle series. That said, I think Thompson is using artistic license to give Barda a unique personality. Three of the five core members of this BoP team could be described as “stoic warriors.” Having Barda speak the way she does gives a quirk to her personality that helps differentiate her from Cass and Zealot. That’s what I think the reason for it is, and it didn’t bother me despite my dedication to The Fourth World.

That said, if you need a continuity explanation for it, then I’ve got you covered: In Mister Miracle: The Source of Freedom (2021), there was a suggestion that Scott Free and Barda had been erased from the timeline. So, in theory, this could possibly be a completely new Barda if you need it to be to make her new personality work.


The way she spoke definitely threw me.
But I’m just taking it as it is enjoying the story. But I get it, it kinda takes me out of the story because it’s off-putting.


I read the first two issues. Issue 2 has a cool October variant that I found at the comic book store.

I’m looking forward to more of this story. It’s an interesting team and mission!
Issue 1 I’m curious what we learn about not having BG on the team. I’m sure it’ll come out in future issues. This issue was a good start for me. I also enjoyed the art and style so far. I don’t know much about Barda but I like her in this. Harley, of course, seeing her on any team is great to me.

Issue 2: I like how none of the team want to actively go on a Amazon killing spree and since they mentioned the current immigration laws against Amazons; might this cross over into wonder woman issues?


This was my favorite part too. Each person had their own way of saying it too. They respected Dinah enough to listen but they immediately pointed out the line they didn’t want to cross. It was great character info for all of them in an early issue.

I also wasn’t sure the continuity, so it was nice to mention that this is happening at the same time as the new Wonder Woman series. It’d be cool if it does cross over eventually.


ZOMG! They has this as a t-shirt now!


Oooooo. I want it on a hat. That would be cool


I’m not a collector, but I’d totally buy it as a vinyl diorama thing.


me two


Just picked up the Sun Khamunaki BOP #1 variant cover featuring Harls:

:00_harlivy: :00_harley_quinn:


Beautiful! :heart::black_heart:


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Can someone tag me if Wonder Woman actually shows up in this?


@ampersandrews :saluting_face: We will do our best! But when she does ( #3 Looks like the one) I’m sure it’ll be discussed in here, so come on back anytime! :purple_heart:

Here’s another while I’m here:




Just read issue 2

-I’m concerned about the writing for this book. Dinah’s reasoning for not talking to Diana makes it feel like this entire thing is going to end up feeling forced.

-Never thought I would see HQ and BB on the same page but here we are

-Also, never expected HQ to quote “Tombstone”

-This is just a cool photo