Backlist Breakout Returns--Vote Now!

It’s that time of year again: Vote in this round of Backlist Breakout, and let your voice be heard!

First launched in March, Backlist Breakout is a quarterly activation where you get to vote on which books/series get yanked from the bench, and added to DCUI. In literal terms: you’re breaking them out of the backlist–hence the name!

For this round of voting, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Voting will run from now through July 2, 2023!

  • The top three selections with the most votes will get added exclusively to DCUI in early September (for all members). This two-month wait period gives the DC teams enough time to prep everything we need for digitization.

  • Voting is open to all tiers of DCUI membership!

  • All participants are allowed to vote for up to three selections this round.

  • The results of the voting will be revealed when the poll closes.

  • The next Backlist Breakout will happen in late September/Early October of 2023.

Backlist Breakout: Round 2!
    • Adventure Comics (1935-1983)
    • Superman (1939-2011)
    • Bat Lash (1968-1969)
    • Warlord (1975-1988)
    • Millenium (1988)
    • Who’s Who in the DC Universe (1990-1992)
    • Black Condor (1992-1993)
    • WildC.A.T.s (1992-1998)
    • The Power Company (2002-2003)
    • JSA All Stars (2003)

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UPDATE: The second round of Backlist Breakout has concluded, and the results are now in!

Your top three selections were …

  • Adventure Comics (1935-1983)
  • Superman (1939-2011)
  • Warlord (1975-1988)

Great choices, everyone! Look forward to getting these titles added later this fall!


Awesome!:star_struck: I voted for Adventures Comic, Superman & Batlash, it would be awesome to see those!
Everybody, Please vote for Superman! :smiley::bar_chart:



Warlord is my top priority, but I also had to vote for Action Comics and Superman. We should have a complete run of the original Superman, Batman, and (especially) Wonder Woman comics here.

:00_superman1: :batman: :00_wonder_woman_stars:


I voted for Adventure Comics, Superman, and Warlord.


I voted for who’s who and Superman !


I went for Warlord, Bat Lash, and Adventure Comics.


Superman, Bat Lash and Warlord!


I went for Warlord, Bat Lash, and Adventure Comics…but it’s killing me to leave The Power Company on the table!


My favorite feature of the DC Community returns!

Wow, these are some HARD choices… a lot of winners here.

I’ve got to throw one vote to the heroic ongoing effort to collect WARLORD. Another to BAT LASH, because I love DC’s western library… and for the third, I gotta go POWER COMPANY. I love Kurt Busiek, I’ve always been curious about these guys. But that’s a tough choice! Good luck to all!


Any chance you could tell us which issues of Adventure Comics and Superman are on the table here? They’re pretty big series.


Will the Adventure Comics and/or Superman stuff include the Silver Age Supergirl stories?


It’s actually kind of crazy that we don’t have Millennium on here already. That was a major event!

(Also it’s misspelled in the header image.)


Yeah, that surprised me as well. If the Silver Age Supergirl stories are included then I think I’ll vote for that, Adventure Comics and Superman.


This was tough, but…

Adventure Comics (1935-1983) :white_check_mark:
Bat Lash (1968-1969) :white_check_mark:
Warlord (1975-1988) :white_check_mark:

@terrific.whatzit Same!


This was a really hard one.


Does the WildCATs one get us into the Alan Moore run?


Voted for Superman (gotta have more Superman; the older Superman comics are woefully underdigitized), Millennium (please vote for this one so that we can get one of the last remaining crucial event series digitized), and Power Company.

Exactly what I was going to ask.


Adventure Comics, Superman and Warlord here.

There’s lots of gaps with Adventure and Superman in both Silver and Bronze Age, so whichever might appear, I’d be a happy camper.


That makes two of us.:grinning:


It was an easy vote for Adventure Comics. DC already did some of the clean up of these when they did books like Superboy’s Greatest Team Ups and much of the run between the Legion issues 247 was digitized from the earlier days of Comixology because it was cleaned up for the Archive editions of those, but this meant just that stuff (the Losh stories - none of story 2 or story 3, if there were that many in a floppy) was ‘remastered’ into ‘HD’ and the rest was not, which does include, to some people’s questions, some of those Supergirl backups. Likewise for some of the Supergirl where she was the cover girl, but little of the Aquaman when this was the only place to read him. The issues in the 400s are fairly well represented, much less so the 300s but almost none of the issues before that are available, or cleaned up.

While I didn’t vote for it, I can see the love for things like Batlash and Power Company. And some of these will be a lot easier to clean up and digitize. But I still would prefer to see the older material cleaned up properly and done as a priority. Maybe not THE priority but certainly one of them.