Introducing: Backlist Breakout! Vote Now!

Greetings from the Backlist!

Everyone has that book or series that got away from them in years past. Maybe it was your favorite childhood read, or maybe it’s just a series that you never got around to finishing…either way, the Backlist Breakout is here to get them back into your life!

Backlist Breakout is a quarterly activation where you (yes, you!) get to vote on which books/series get yanked from the bench, and added to DCUI…you’re breaking them out of the backlist–hence the name!

Some more important details to keep in mind:

  • Voting will run from now through April 2, 2023!

  • The top three selections with the most votes will get added exclusively to DCUI on June 6, 2023 (for all members). This two-month wait period gives the DC teams enough time to prep everything we need for digitization!

  • Voting is open to all tiers of DCUI membership!

  • The results of the voting will be revealed on April 3, 2023.

  • The next Backlist Breakout will happen in late June/early July of 2023.

Check out each of the Backlist Breakout candidates below, and let your voice be heard!

Backlist Breakout!
  • Warlord (1975-1988)
  • The Book of Fate (1996-1998)
  • Ragman (1991-1992)
  • Plop! (1973-1976)
  • Millennium (1988)
  • Blood of the Demon (2005-2006)
  • Blue Beetle (1967)
  • DC Challenge (1985-1986)
  • Freedom Fighters (1976-1978)
  • JSA All Stars (2003)

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UPDATE: The first round of Backlist Breakout has concluded, and the results are now in!

Your top three selections were …

  • Warlord (1975-1988)

  • Blue Beetle (1967)

  • DC Challenge (1985-1986)

Great choices, everyone! Look forward to getting these titles added to DCUI in June!


I hope DC Challenge is added!!


Among all of the schway choices, I’m particularly delighted to see Blood of the Demon and The Warlord v1 on the list.


SO MANY CHOICES! This is super cool!


Can we discuss our vote, or is this a “hush-hush, sweet Charlotte” affair?

pulls out the key to lock his lips with, just in case


I felt kind of bad just picking one and not the others. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well it’s too late for me if it’s a hush-hush


You can discuss to your heart’s content! :smiley:


I really want DC Challenge to win! I’ve been looking for it for forever!!!


Billy Madison might say “You blew it!”, but he’s too busy eating a Snack Pack right now to do that.

He wouldn’t do that anyway though, as Ms. Vaughn would get very mad with him, you see.

Seriously, I figure its probably okay to discuss our vote (not like its classified intelligence, after all), but I wanted to make sure before I say “Well pard, I voted for…”

Whoopy! I voted for The Warlord v1!

If Travis Morgan’s original ongoing should be a winner and the DC team can get that entire series (and the other two winners) digitized in a matter of months, I shall be one happy fan of Travis Morgan’s Skataran alter-ego, mmhmm.

SN: Blood of the Demon is my second choice. Come on, John Byrne’s last big modern run for DC that isn’t yet in digital! In the words of TV legend Red Green, “I’m pullin’ for ya!”


I’m glad you’ll be doing this.

I’m not telling you what I voted but I do hope that by June 2023-No, I pray you’ll add Martian Manhunter by J.M. DeMatteis. It’s a seriously important Martian Manhunter book that redefine his origins to what we know now.

Part of me what’s Emerald Dawn but I feel that anything Gerald Jones touched would be scorched which is a shame because he did write a solid Lantern series.


this is a great idea! so fun


Count me as one more vote for the Disco Barbarians of Skartaris!

And should Warlord win, it might be added just in time to celebrate Warlord Day – Travis Morgan left this world for Skartaris on June 16, 1969.


Welcome, fellow Skartaran.

If he hasn’t done so already, I certainly hope @TravisMorgan casts his vote for 'ol fuzzy britches ASAP.


I love this idea! Since I’m in the JSA club and enjoy reading any post by @MatthewHecht, I voted for JSA All Star. DC Challenge would be my second pick. :smiley:



Sorry, I don’t think this is cool at all.

If these books are available, release them.

Don’t play tag with the readers.


Friendly mention: JSA All-Stars v1 (2003) is currently available in digital, as part of the JSA by Geoff Johns Book Three trade (available in our library to Ultra members):

Should that mini prevail, it’d still be a cool win though, so as to have the series in digital singles, especially since 2023 is the title’s 20th anniversary.


I don’t think they have been digitized at this point, so this is more of a fun way for us to take part in helping one that gets digitized first. I like this idea, since some will take longer than others and lets the team see ones that we want. I honestly see this as a positive, especially if they continue to do something like this semi-regularly. Then we all get new books that aren’t even here. I am sure DC proper has every single book they ever published, so if we approach it from that perspective they will eventually get here.

I am torn, so I voted for “The Book of Fate” as that is the one I want to read the most, but I also would highly support the Warlord comics being digitized and added here! I know a certain @TravisMorgan that would be excited for it even.


Well, I don’t really have a horse in this race. I mean I’m kinda sorta interested in Millennium and DC Challenge, but it’s not like I’ve been clamoring for either, to be honest. What I really want is the holes filled for all the Superman stuff. Getting a good run of Silver Age content would be great, so would getting the missing issues from the Triangle Era collections. That’s a hint for future polls. Ok, Powers That Be deciding on these selections? Ok!

Having said that, in solidarity with our good friend @TravisMorgan, I voted for Warlord, even though I only know the character from the JL cartoon :slightly_smiling_face:.


The prep and work that goes into digitizing these books/series is a significant lift, so prioritizing books that the community actually wants to read ensures a better product and experience for readers.

Also, to clarify, these books are currently not available. This is allowing the community to vote on which should become available in June.