Arrowverse Couch Club, Week 8: May 10-12 episodes (Flash season finale)


Just as soon as we get all of our shows back, they start to slip away. This week, we said a premature goodbye to season 6 of The Flash, as Eva McCulloch finally made her big play against Black Hole. And though her victory will be short-lived, it still gives us plenty to go on along with new episodes of Batwoman, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow.

Batwoman – “A Secret Kept From All the Rest”

  • This episode saw the return of Parker Torres, as she got drawn back into Kate’s escapades and even helped her out in finding Luke and Julia. Would you want to see her become a regular member of Team Batwoman, or should this be more of a one-time thing?

Supergirl – “The Missing Link”

  • After nearly a season apart, it looks like Kara and Lena are finally ready to reconcile and work together to stop Lex and Leviathan. In light of the recent episodes, did this reunion feel earned?

The Flash – “Success is Assured”

  • Now that Eva’s gone full Mirror Mistress, should she stick around as a long-term villain on the show, or would you rather her story be completely wrapped up at the start of season 7?
  • Even though it didn’t screw over Ralph this time, this episode did see Sue once again lying to him to further her own agenda. Going forward, do you think the show will ultimately try to bring them closer to being the iconic couple from the comics, or has she just been lying to him too much to make a potential relationship work?

Legends of Tomorrow – “Freaks and Geeks”

  • While it’s hardly been completely removed, there does seem to be less time traveling going on this season, as we spent this episode entirely in the present. Are you fine with seeing this part of the show scale back, or would you rather it become the central focus again?

Lastly, what episode was your favorite?

  • Batwoman – “A Secret Kept From All the Rest”
  • Supergirl – “The Missing Link”
  • The Flash – “Success is Assured”
  • Legends of Tomorrow – “Freaks and Geeks”

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I’m conflicted on this for a number of reasons. On the one hand, I’m still sticking to my opinion that the team shouldn’t keep growing like it usually does on other Arrowverse shows, as I’m still enjoying the dynamic that Kate, Luke and Mary have w/ just the 3 of them. Plus, Parker is still in high school, which would make it more difficult for her to help out on a regular basis.

On the other hand, I really liked seeing her come back this week. Her interactions w/ Kate and Mary were great, and I especially loved how she was basically fangirling over the love triangle between Kate, Sophie and Julia. I think it would ultimately be wise of Kate to keep in touch w/ Parker so that she could offer some assistance in the future w/out being a full-fledged member of the team. They’ve already got a computer whiz in Luke, but she also proved herself to be pretty useful this week, and it would feel like a waste to not have her work w/ the team again

Alright, buckle up kids, ‘cause I’m about to go on another Supergirl rant:

While I thought this was a great installment for Lena, especially when it came to Katie McGrath’s performance at the end, I was furious at Kara throughout the episode. While I understand her surprise over Lena confronting her at the Fortress in the last episode, it really seemed like that was all it took for Kara to completely lose faith in Lena and start lumping her in w/ Lex as just another villain. It was perhaps the most out-of-character move in a half-season that has been filled w/ OOC moments for Kara.

What really gets me is the arrogance over Kara being furious at Lena calling her a hypocrite, when she actually has been acting hypocritically. It was earlier this season that she specifically said that Myriad was too dangerous for anyone to use, and yet she refused to consider any other alternatives to using it last week. Her accusation of Lena trespassing in the Fortress also rang hollow, as she showed up at Lena’s office/apartment multiple times unannounced when they weren’t on good terms. Going back even further to season 3, remember that she sent James to break into Lena’s lab to confirm that she didn’t have any more kryptonite, despite Lena giving her word that she didn’t.

I completely realize that Lena’s been misguided for most of this season and did cross some lines that warranted a sincere apology on her part. But it pissed me off so much to see Kara be blind to the further damage she had caused in these recent episodes. Yes, she had apologized for keeping her identity a secret for so long, but she seemed to act as if that’s all she needed to apologize for, when her mistakes really ran longer than that. All throughout this season, she’s had a distinct shortcoming in not being able to really see things from Lena’s perspective, and I can only hope that that changes in the future. I desperately want them to be back on the same side for good, but right now, this just doesn’t feel fully sincere on Kara’s part. She seems to be wondering if she can ever trust Lena again, when really it should be the other way around

I think it’d be a good move to keep her around past the (presumptive) end of her current arc. Efrat Dor has really brought this hauntingly crazed aspect to Eva that’s definitely made her more compelling than I would’ve anticipated. Plus I think it’s a good idea to keep a Mirror villain around, and since she’s more developed than Sam Scudder, who we haven’t even seen in a few years, she seems like the superior option at this point. I’m still holding out a bit of hope that we might get some sort of effective Rogues group in the future, even if it’s not as fully realized as I’d like, so having Eva stick around, even if she’s just in the background, would allow for a prime chance to see her again either solo or as part of a team

I’m still leaning toward the former in this case, as Ralph clearly still cares given how he warned Sue that she had been framed for Carver’s murder, but it’s definitely gonna take some extra work. I can’t imagine the two of them being in a happy romance if Ralph is always having to wonder about whether she’s telling the truth or not. I think if the series can show Sue’s honest side and keep them together while they work to prove that Eva killed Carver, all while keeping Sue safe, then we can be back on track to getting this iconic romance

Considering how much I’ve loved this show regardless of what subject material it utilizes, I don’t the time travel sometimes taking a back seat, but I absolutely don’t want to see it go away. Legends has proven that it can work w/ magic, zombies, aliens and more, and I absolutely support the show getting weirder and more experimental in what it decides to showcase. That said, I’ve always loved how time travel has remained at the core of the show, even when it starts veering off into different territories. The writers have continually found effective ways to mix that in w/ other elements, and it’s a big part of what gives the show its appeal and uniqueness. If it were to lose that, I think a lot of the quality would also be lost. W/ no distinct time travel visible in the preview for the next episode, it seems like we may have to wait longer to visit another period. But as long the time travel can receive a little more attention next season, I’m sure the show will still be just fine

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Yay new discussion thread!

I’ll be back later to discuss but I want to ask some questions first.

Like mentioned there won’t be new episodes for a long while, but I was wondering if we will be discussing Stargirl? It will give us at least one show to talk about, and it was mentioned that it’s on E-2 at the end of crisis, and with it being on the CW I assume it will eventually be included. Just a thought and I’ll be fine whichever way you decide.

I also really like your idea of talking about the comics that inspire the shows. Some of the comics related to story arcs I’ve never read and that definitely sounds fun to discuss. And comics focusing on Arrowverse is always something I’m interested in.


I had actually decided against bringing Stargirl into the mix, mainly because there’s already gonna be a ton of discussion about the show in the community in general, so it feels kinda redundant to add to that. But thankfully I’m confident that there’ll still be enough material to talk about in the meantime

Thank you! Though it was actually suggested to me by another club owner, and it made a lot of sense, so I decided to run w/ it

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I was also thinking this and I can just post my thoughts on whatever board it is being discussed in. No worries.

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Still have to watch Legends. That Flash finale was surprisingly tight.

The delay for the next season does suck, but I think we can suffer through it if it means beating this pandemic (aka the corona aka the covid).

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I’ll have more to say this weekend but here is my weekly Legends thoughts:

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From the first time I saw Parker I was like yay! A new member for the bat-team. Then I was sad she wasn’t an “add-on” like Allegra has been in Flash. So obviously I want to see her again. She could be a really valuable asset.

I loved how they used the whole episode to basically say “you can’t do this alone Kate” you need your bat-cave buddies. She’s definitely get a good now with Mary and Luke. You got your doctor and your tech guy. What more can you ask for? lol

I love Hush. He makes me laugh, he’s so impatient. Where did he find the time to get two nice looking guns with silencers?

This just reminded me…Vespers whispered voiceover is just gold. chefs kiss

I have mixed feelings on this. Earned? I don’t know. Did it take too long? Definitely. I could sit here all day and try and discuss what each “side” could have done better but let’s just say the past is the past and move on. I’m hoping the show does incorporate more time into Kara and Lena actually discussing it, but I’m not expecting it. I was screaming Now Hug!! So maybe we will get a hug next episode? Lol

I honestly don’t know how Kara didn’t know all that Kryptonite was at the DEO? (Did she know?) She has X-ray vision! Was it all incased in lead? Am I forgetting a scene where she mentions it? I know Alex was surprised they had lexo-suits…but I don’t remember anything other than that being brought up.

I actually laughed when Lena dropped that server on the floor. That sure fixed everything! Lol. Jon Cryer and his yelling was excellent acting, I was thinking, wow he’s loud, imagine being Katie and having to stand there. I’d be frightened for sure. That whole scene was really good. Does Lena know he blew up the prison?

And brainy, come on man! You are a 12th level intellect, just outsmart lex and get rid of him. Enough of the betrayal! Brainy has been really underused this season.

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Considering his name, there’s no way in hell he’d go out on a killing spree w/out getting silencers. He’d find a way to make it happen

It is cool that they got an actual newscaster to play her. I’m just glad she didn’t break out the “Talk to me, Gotham” line. That just got real old, real fast

My fear/expectation is that they’re just gonna skip past this and have Kara mention that she talked things out w/ Lena. They’ve just been through too much for us to not see that much-needed conversation

We know they’re gonna shake hands, so this had better be the next step

It was a fantastic performance, but it also had me scratching my head at why Lex would react like that. I know his ego is his fatal flaw, but it’s kind of ridiculous that he thought losing his sh*t on Lena like that would actually get the response he was looking for. It’d be different if it was Eve, since she’s sadly back to being fully devoted to him, but Lena’s completely different. He knows that she’s just as smart as him and wouldn’t be willing to just roll over and take that kind of abuse, and yet he does it anyway

But 1 thing that is fitting about the ending is that Lena ends up being the 1 to save herself, which I definitely liked. Hell, I even feel that in that move, Lena actually saved Kara as well. If she hadn’t returned to apologize and start working against Lex/Leviathan, Kara likely would’ve continued going down the warpath against Lena, and may have even crossed a point of no return. I do hope Kara realizes this and is able to further apologize to Lena for her more recent actions, but that feels like wishful thinking at this point

I think this goes back to how he needs Lena on his side to make his plan work and even when he goes back to talk to Lillian about the book giving scene he almost loses it then, cuz he knows how he’s slipping and not getting Lena to do what he wants. Then again yelling at Lena in last nights episode, doesn’t help his case.

In the last episode Kara seemed almost upset she called Lena a villian, but then in this episode she seemed VERY upset that Lena came into the fortress. Why wasn’t Kara this mad when Lena almost shot her with kryptonite canons? Of course we know Lena didn’t mean to do it, but Kara doesn’t know that. Like breaking and entering is her snapping point? But not kryptonite canons? Lol Even Alex seemed annoyed that Kara was going off.

It better be!!

Now with the much needed convo discussing “things” I feel that if it doesn’t happen next episode the almost year wait between episodes will make it almost be forgotten about. Continuity has never been great on this show.


I enjoyed Parker coming back. The only problem with her becoming a regular is that she and Luke are kind of redundant. They would both be the tech people. If she showed up every once in a while I think that would be good. I also was happy to hear the Julia reveal of who she was working for. It’ll be interesting how her betrayal of her deal works out.

I’m so happy that Lena and Kara are talking to each other again. The part that really bothers me is that it took Lena way too long to realize her brother was playing her. Lena should have noticed that from the beginning. I’m hoping we can get back to Lena being strong in her own, not everyone else’s puppet. She is way to smart to be used this many times.

Flash’s finale was way better than I was expecting, considering how it was supposed to be the finale. I hope Eva sticks around. I would like to see her character grow a bit more. Give her more than a handful of episodes to play the full villain part. Ralph and Sue I think will be a good pair eventually. But probably not to their level in the comics. (Though I haven’t read too much of their stories)

I hadn’t noticed we had done less time traveling this season until now. It hasn’t bothered me. The story has been moving and I like that we are focusing on demons and Gods. But I still think time travel should be a part of it. But I guess it doesn’t also have to be every episode.

Also, with Legends, my money is on Astra messing up the Loom somehow. We know she has a deal with the other Fate but Charlie mentioned earlier in the episode that they all need to work together for the Loom, and I don’t think she can work on the same wavelength as the rest of the legends.

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It’s crazy that we flipped the script from Alex being suspicious of Lena and Kara defending her, and now vice versa. I’m glad Alex is now willing to defend Lena, but it’s not worth the cost of Kara adopting the opposite position

Now that we know for sure that Safiyah will be playing a major role in S2, I think this also increases the odds that Julia will be sticking around as well. Kate didn’t seem quite as upset about hearing that Julia had lied to her in a big way for a 2nd time, but she may also just be keeping her emotions guarded. Between that, Reagan’s betrayal and walking in on her exes kissing, she’s got a lot to process right now, so maybe she just feels that going off on someone isn’t the best move

We knew that she was incredibly reluctant to join forces, but I think it speaks more to how hurt she still was over Kara’s betrayal than anything else. Between that and a minuscule amount of hope that perhaps Lex had changed post-Crisis, it seemed like a risk Lena was willing to take so long as she stayed extremely guarded. And admittedly she was able to get out before Lex inevitably betrayed her, and clearly time away from Kara has allowed her to more clearly see the mistakes she made as well. Now if only I could say the same for Kara

Yeah, this seems inevitable. I’ve already seen a number of people speculate that them getting together means Identity Crisis must be coming soon, but that really wouldn’t make any sense to me. Unless we get into double digits in seasons, the show’s just too late in its life to get TV Ralph and Sue to the iconic level they were at in the comics. Regardless of your feelings on Identity Crisis, you have to admit that the premise doesn’t even begin to work if you don’t have a truly iconic couple there as the tragic catalyst for the story, and I just don’t see them getting to that point. That’s not to say an adaptation of that story couldn’t potentially work w/ a different Arrowverse couple, but let’s not think about that right now

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if Parker’s once in a while works out, she could conceivably sit in should Luke suit up as Batwing, But I am getting way ahead of myself.

Did Lex want Supergirl to use Myriad because it would disrupt Lena’s do no harm project? But a reconciled Kara and Lena are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

I am looking forward to the official naming of Eva. Mirror Mistress, even Mirror Master 2 (assuming the Book of Ramon encountered a Sam Scudder). I remember pre crisis, earth 1 was a meta that can travel between mirrors and harrison wells of earth 2 mentions his mirror master using whatever technology.

I do like that they introduced Sue Dearbon if only for the fact that Ralph’s final point of getting over a break up: “Let’s face it: If she really was the love of your life, she would be in it.” Their cat and mouse shoud start as a slow burn but pick up depending on how she helps the team vs whatever lone wolf mission(s) she does.

With Legends using Greek deities (and demigods?), And a previous mention of Themyscira, could there be a mention of…

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That actually sounds like a pretty good idea. If Luke continues to be mainly the tech guy of the team, then yeah, Parker wouldn’t be able to help out as much. But since a lot of us want to see him become Batwing, bringing her into the fold to be the girl in the chair while Luke is out kicking ass alongside Kate could be a great way for us to have our cake and eat it too

I think the focus was more so to further drive a wedge between Lena and Kara, though we can see now how well that worked out

I was kinda hoping they’d officially call her Mirror Mistress, but based on the new season 7 description, it looks like she’s just gonna be Mirror Master

Even if it’s just a cameo, I’d desperately want this to happen. Hell, just bring back Lynda Carter as an older Diana training Amazons on Themyscira or something

I thought it was just a ruse so he would know the location of the fortress and steal whatever he wanted from it. And drive a wedge between Kara and Lena.



THIS. I know Kara has apologized and the 100th episode really did help to realize it doesn’t really matter when she tells Lena, something bad always happens. But to me Lena has realized the error of her ways and Kara is just like “well I need you, so ok.” I’m hoping we get a chat next episode.

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Considering we have Bloodwork and Godspeed playing a long game, would keeping Eva around also, be too much? Considering she has trapped Iris, and that’s pretty major I’d like her around a while longer. I think they were 3 episodes short for the season, so I wouldn’t mind her being defeated then we could get into the Godspeed mystery.

It made me laugh when Carver talked up his bio-whatever field as this big thing and he would be absolutely safe in it, but the “light” villains took it down extremely easily.

Why aren’t Nash’s smoke things used more often?! Could get them out of some tough spots. I also like his and Allegra’s bickering. Makes me think they are getting closer. I also went her to use her powers more.

Yay! Joes back, it’s like you were barely gone at all. :crazy_face:

I know Frost is going with her/caitlins mom to help her heal but I had the flashback to when they foreshadowed Caitlins mom to become an Ice-meta too. I hope we get into that. Frost is by far my favorite meta.

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It probably wouldn’t be good to keep her around as a big bad past the 1st few episodes of season 7, but I do think she could be effective as an occasionally recurring villain, similar to Thawne. If nothing else, maybe she could make just 1 more appearance after she’s taken down to be part of a new Rogues group

Plot convenience

I imagine that’s 1 subplot that’s could change a lot w/ the extended hiatus. You could tell they were sending Frost away to give Danielle Panabaker time away for her pregnancy. But by the time they start filming again, she should be ready to go. They may just keep to (what I’m assuming was) the original plan and have Frost’s next appearance be when she’s fully healed. But now they could potentially show the healing process w/ Carol and how she and Frost can finally get to know each other

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Yea, I kind of like this better. When before we probably wouldn’t have seen her for the last 3 episodes of the season, they can now potentially have her back quicker than they intended, or like you said and show the process. I definitely like that idea.

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I didn’t realize that was the reason for this whole subplot. It makes a lot more sense now. It felt out of place to me. But if it is for the actor, I’m fine with it. More character work and background for Frost and Caitlin, who are already great characters, sounds good to me too.

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