Legends of Tomorrow: Freaks and Greeks (spoilers)

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! Let’s get our party on!

  1. I like that Zari used Sara as kind of a Cliffs Notes to avoid reading books. Already see future and nothing useful.
  2. Merlin used a Philosopher’s Stone? Does Nicholas Flamel know about this?
  3. As real as Santa is…shhh Gary’s in the room.
  4. Olympians fed off the devotion, when they stopped worshipping their magic disappeared. I wonder if that could be helpful later in the episode.
  5. The Chalice of Dionysus aka the chug cup
  6. Get your togas dry cleaned because we are going Greek…how I missed you Sara.
  7. Astra:” I left Hell so I wouldn’t have to work for a Fate.” I’m thinking ”Live your own life but leave me alone” in my head.
  8. Mick: “I’d like to wring your neck with that scarf.” “Building is fire resistant.”
  9. Zari: “ Reminds me of my entrance to 2044 VMAs”
  10. Dion is Dionysus god of wine and revelry of course he’d be in a frat house.
  11. Loombreaker…sounds like an 80s song to me, maybe Joan Jett.
  12. I like that Dion is a college lifer.
  13. Hmmm is Chalice enchanted to deem someone worthy, where have I heard that before?
  14. In order to get the Chalice and use the Loom of Fate we need to join a sorority. Zari: finally a mission I can get behind.
  15. Awww Mick feels he can’t get his little girl into college so he has Dr Nate pretend to be dad.
  16. I like that Astra is considered ambitious by ruling in Hell with minions below her.
  17. Yes she may travel with a bunch of rejects but they are my rejects.
  18. Sara: ah there’s the refreshing sound of failure.
  19. No one was going to kill each other Sara: No Astra was going to go for it, Zari put away your fork.
  20. Lita: Do you have a man crush? Nate: It’s unrequited. Lita fits right in with the Legends.
  21. Nate: “Only if your dad doesn’t set me on fire while I sleep.”
  22. Wow, voted out if pep squad for being too enthusiastic
  23. Gotta love the Beebo gif!
  24. Astra:” Illusion of fun may be only way to ply them to your bidding.”
  25. “ Sisters are the Glue that greases they wheels of time”. I actually want this in a T-shirt.
  26. We might not have it all together but together we have it all
  27. Anyone else notice their a Greek letters looked like the word Axe? Is there product placement?
  28. Shotgun Nate! Bros for life!
  29. “You’re twice the person these people are. Now let’s go p*** off some rich people.” The whole moment between them even Mick donating in past for Rory Hall was so sweet. I’m glad Lita got over being mad because she helps the team and I get more Mick!
  30. Charlie:” Still break rules. But I don’t have to hurt others because I have them.”
  31. Throw an even bigger party than a god. What is wrong with you? I’m still in Hell aren’t I? Only a plan the Legends can make work.
  32. WWAD?
  33. This had such an 80s movie feel with the popular kids in their frat house taking on the underdogs. Even down to a bet that if they lost they would have to close their sorority house. Love it!
  34. Yodeling should be in every person’s playlist.
  35. It all comes down to Beer Pong with Sara! So great! Reminds me when Bill and Ted played various board games against death. Wyld Stallions rule!
  36. D-bag…such trash talk from Sara.
  37. This one quote sums up the Legends perfectly: “ I can’t believe that actually worked. You get used to it.”
  38. I love they respect Zara’s religion by her not drinking, but they don’t make a big deal about it.
  39. I’m glowing due to the moisturizer. Must be some potent stuff Nate!
  40. Fate calling a favor from Astra just as she is now getting in good with the team. Of course. It must be fate.
    Well that’s all for this time. Until next time stay Legendary!

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Gotta say, Astra and Charlie were my favorite parts of this episode!

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When she did this I said “classic Zari” and made me think of her “history hacks” when she sent Helen to themyscira.

So really have Gideon do it? Lol. Also, classic Sara.

How long was that fork in her shirt?! Too funny.

I rewound to watch this again. And then I actually looked for this gif later.

I am also enjoying more Mick. It seemed like the show didn’t know what to do with him for a while there.

Ha. See what ya did there.

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Sara smacking Dion with her beer pong skills-while blind- was a sight to see. Her powers are becoming really handy

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I finally caught up!

Ohhhhh Gary… facepalm


This was the heart-moment of the episode for me. Poor Mick!

Nate was really having a blast throughout the episode.

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