:superman: 🤠 An American Tale: Superman Goes West 🤠 :superman:


Yeeeeeeeehaw and :fireworks: :boom: Happy New Comics Day :boom: :fireworks:, @ModernAgeSupermanClub!

Let’s all join in on telling Fievel to take a hike, as there’s a new American tale taking hold in the west and its found in this week’s new to retail release of Superman v6 #10 (main cover seen above)!

Now, as mighty-fine of a read this side of the Rio Grande as Superman #10 is pards, I reckon you ought go ahead and slap on your finest Stetson hat and ching along in your spiffiest spurs to enjoy other western-flavored :superman:uper-reads as well, specifically the following that feature Terra-Man and Jonah Hex:

Will you be reading Superman #10, pardnah?

Is Superman an hombre who’s tailor-made for the cowboy lifestyle, Mr. Leone?

Be it as a cowboy or an ecological terrorist, which version of Terra-Man do you reckon is your favorite?

Are you rarin’ to read more team-ups featuring the macho, ass-kicking hombres that are Jonah Hex and Superman?

Mosey up to the bar buckaroos, so that you can grab a drink and spin your thoughts on Superman as he goes west!


Yes! I love superheroes in cowboy stories! Always a blast!

Might go watch that JLU episode now…


By the way, I just want to say: that thread title, I see what you did there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Is this canon?!?! Oh my god I want this to be canon!


Dear Jurisdiction,
I had the same reaction :laughing: :00_superman: :desert:



Nope, not saying that again… ever.


A rootin’-tootin’ good time is always had when super-heroes and cowboys mix, I reckon.

Gasp and gadzooks, its almost like I planned it that way. :wink:

Pardnah, I ain’t sure about Superman #10 yet (just started reading it, I did) but as for the others…you bet your spurs they is!

G’day, ma’am.

Tips his :superman:-shield-branded Stetson @Razzzcat’s way.

Like I was telling that @Jurisdiction feller o’er yonder, the above comics that come after Superman #10 are canon…barrin’ any o’ them reboots or relaunches and how they sometimes upset the continuity horses, mmhmm.

I was watching a movie a while back where one of the featured leads said “Twinsies!” to her friend during an important scene.

It was a solid flick in a solid movie, mmhmm.

Ain’t no shame in sayin’ “Twinsies”, buckaroo. It don’t make ya any less of a macho hombre, I reckon.


This town sure is perty big, ain’t it, pardnah? Maybe it do got some space fer the two o’ us!


Walks up to a rocking chair outside the Ace O’ Clubs, then plops down into it and stretches his legs out and onto the wooden rail in front of him while he chews on some Bubble Yum.


Leans to his right and spits into a spatoon, then sits upright.

…this…“metropolis” of sorts is indeed a big burg. Why, I reckon it’ll grow at least another 5 miles or so in the next few years.

Leans back and plops another one into the spatoon, then sits upright once more.

Shooooot…the sky’s the limit for this here “metropolis” and by the by, that’d make a wicked-good name for a city, I declare.

Sees Miss Kitty walk out of the Ace O’ Clubs. She then turns and motions for me to come inside with her.

Well, hello, nurse!

I guess I best get inside as its breakfast time at the Ace and you don’t want to miss their breakfast, no sir, as they’ve the finest plate o’ eggs and sarsage one could ask for, mmhmm.


:laughing: How about Twinnerz?

No, that’s not better, but I have it on VERY good authority that twin siblings may… :eyes: or may not use this one.

Good day, sir. (Curtsies) :green_heart: I really enjoy this whole cowboy theme…and “continuity horses”! Here’s this:


If it’s 1885, I’ve got to get back to the future so I can read comics! Then again I’ve always wanted to meet Jonah Hex & Bat Lash! :cowboy_hat_face::racehorse:


Do you have it from…this Authority:

That Authority is VERY good and a real solid bunch of ass-kicking ladies and hombres, mmhmm.

It can truly be said that “I have a bat in my belfry.” they’re today’s comic stars, while also on their way to becoming tomorrow’s movie stars.

Tips his :superman:-shield-branded Stetson once more as he nods politely and says “Ma’am”. :purple_heart:

Its a fun 'un, that’s for sure.

I reckon that if the opportunity avails itself in the future, I just might try a cowboy Superman cosplay.

Could be based on the cover in the OP, could be my own design. Maybe a smooshing of the two. Either way, I’m confident in my abilities to hook that up and that it’d be fun and a real cosplay kicker.

Now, if someone’d make a cowboy Superman action figure, I’d be much obliged.

Slides the above request into an envelope, then slides said envelope under the office door of a certain company.

Gabrielle and Samson are continuity horses, but they don’t flitter their tails about when something goes awry. They just eat their oats and chillax, while the sun shines down and a cool breeze passes over them.

Much obliged, ma’am. I’ll frame that on the wall behind the bar at the Ace O’ Clubs.

One good cover/turn deserves another, so I give you this:

Giddy-up kids, its Marilyn Moonlight! Yee-haaaaaaw! :cowboy_hat_face:

Before you leave 1885, would you be so kind as to locate Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen and, upon locating him, deliver a swift and hearty kick to his coin purse?

I reckon that yellow-toothed, trouble-making buckaroo of a horse pie-eatin’ coward ain’t got nothin’ but empty space down in that thar region, but either way, its the effort that counts. Give him a good, swift, hearty and solid kick in the name of a Mr. Eastwood, if you’d be so kind, pard.

Put me down for meet-ups with them as welI.

Also, I wouldn’t a meet-up with Lilah Black and/or Madame Lorraine. They must have some interesting All-Star Western tales to tell, I reckon.


Wow! There’s a chance we may see Superman say “Yee-Haw” :+1: :cowboy_hat_face:


Random thought, but speaking of west… Imagine Superman speaking like a Californian :laughing:


I need this. :rofl:


The neck wrap on that cover seems like a choking hazard.


As long as he doesn’t quote, hum and/or sing “Californication”, I’m all-in on Kal speaking like a Californian.

In the words of Grampa Simpson, “Oh, b!tch, b!tch, b!tch!” :wink:

In my words, hi, Kon! :hugs: How ya been, pal?


Saddle-up, Ultra pardners of @ModernAgeSupermanClub, as Superman #10 is now available to you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: on DCUI!

Mosey o’er yonder and give 'er a read, buckaroos.

Then, skedaddle back here and jaw a spell 'bout it, ya hear? :cowboy_hat_face:




:raised_hands:t2: Ma’am, have you read The Good Book, yet?

Its a good 'un, mmhmm.