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I have read Flashpoint. And while Reverse Flash is in it, can you really call it on of his stories? All he did was admit that he had nothing to do with the events of that story and was killed by Thomas Wayne before he could try and kill Barry


Still a strong character in the story! I love the way he was put into that one. It made an impression on me. How about any of you other Flash fans? What did you think about Reverse Flash in Flashpoint?


I’m now roughly one-third of my way through the Rebirth/Current ongoing. Just going to jot down some quick thoughts:

-I really dig Godspeed. I think August’s decision to be a killer is a bit rushed. But I liked how he was used during Grodd’s attack on Central City.
-This might sound weird, but two individual issues I really enjoyed are 13 & 14. Nothing really major happens in either one, the latter is just a prologue to Flash fighting the Rogues. But they both contained character moments I enjoyed and found engaging.
-Speaking of the Rogues, this was my first time actually reading about them, and found them very fun.
-Gorilla Grodd is great. Any story involving a powered-up gorilla is awesome.
-My view on Barry Allen is pretty much the same as my view on Hal Jordan. On their own, they are decent protagonists. Nothing fundamentally wrong with them but nothing that unique either. However, when you compare them to the rest of their superhero families, you do find yourself picking out other carriers of the mantle as your favorite to read about.
-Wally West (the redhead) is great. I also really liked his red suit that leaves room for his hair and his blue lightning. He was a highlight in “Flash War” and the heart of that entire event. (By the way, f#*! you “Heroes in Crises”!)
-One of my favorite arcs from this first third is “Running Scared”, where Eobard Thawne has reclaimed his Reverse Flash name and brought Iris and Barry to the 25th Century. It had a very psychologically interesting moment regarding Thawne when he admits to Barry that he torments him because that’s the only way he can spend time with the man he idolized for so much of his life. I thought it was a unique way to show how psychotic (yet still vaguely tragic) a villain he truly was. And in a way, that story did end with the villain achieving some version of his goal.

Those are my main thoughts so far, now on to read the remaining two-thirds!


I’ve now read two-thirds of the current Flash title. For context, I have officially finished Joshua Williams’s run on the book. Here are a few more thoughts I have before moving on to wrap up the final third:

-I like the idea of having different forces such as the Still & Strength Force. But I feel like nothing actually came from it.
-One thing that was stronger in this second stretch was the romance between Barry & Iris. I’ve enjoyed her quite a bit in this last batch of stories.
-I thought “Year One” was pretty good. Although one major thing I would change is the scale of the final fight between Barry and the two Turtles. I get the idea is about inspiring hope even in the face of overwhelming odds. But I think having that same message in a conflict that’s a bit more grounded regarding size is a good idea. Otherwise, my brain starts comparing this to Scott Snyder’s “Batman: Year Zero”.
-During this second stretch, most of the stories were good but I didn’t love most of them…EXCEPT for “Finish Line”. Even though I have read very few Flash-focused stories pre-Flashpoint, I still recognized so many characters making their grand return or now finally meeting up with the Flash Family following their return to the timeline. It really is a love letter to the entire mythos. And I can’t tell you how happy I was to see Jay Garrick come back. I think Barry and Wally are both good…but my love for the JSA makes Jay my favorite carrier of the Flash name.
-I have no idea how the next writers will handle Wally coming back. I hate “Heroes in Crises” and Tom King for what that forced Wally to do, but dealing with the aftermath of such a BS event is a tricky thing to do. Hoping for the best.


I think you’re in for a treat!


Side note - I know that giving Wally a touch of Manhattan’s power for a short period is an over correction for HIC but hot DAMN that is a cool look


Don’t forget to read Flash Forward and Speed Metal!


Been there, read it


Skipping ahead, eh? :smiley:

Well, I look forward very much to when you hit the Jeremy Adams run!


I did it! Thank the Speed Force, I’m all caught up! Well, I use the Ultra Plan so technically I’m an issue behind, but you get what I mean. Remaining quick thoughts…

-Yea, I prefer Wally over Barry. Not to say Barry is bad. Wally though is a self-proclaimed weirdo and I respect that. I also enjoy his family and their chaotic dynamic. I miss Wally’s red suit with the open hair look from Rebirth but that’s minor.
-If I’m reading these comics correctly, I think they retconned “Heroes in Crisis” so that Savitar was actually responsible for what happened. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if I’m right…thank you Jeremy Adams!
-Wally’s adventures are bizarre and fun. That issue with Doctor Fate is the kind of bonkers I need more of.
-So…what do y’all think of “One-Minute War”? Personally, I ended up really liking it. (Also, did they just save EVERYONE that was supposed to die back in “Heroes in Crisis”? If so, THANK YOU JEREMY ADAMS!)
-Side note, where did Gold Beetle come from? I like her, kinda curious to find more of her.

Maybe I’ll get around to reading The Flash’s second volume, back when Wally first became the hero written by Mark Waid. Not right now, I need a break after reading so much. But this has been a HIGHLY enjoyable read!


You are correct! I was very happy about this.

And this is also correct! I was super happy about this!

One other thing, I think Joshua Williamson did, was say that Reverse Flash convinced Wally to stage the bodies to make it a murder mystery for Batman/Superman and everyone, via speed whispering. (which is such a crazy thing to type) But basically all of HiC has been undone at this point.

I liked the premise of HiC but not how it was done. I’m happy that most of it got fixed.

I’m also happy that you enjoyed your reading of The Flash! I hope you enjoy whatever you decide to read next.


I’m curious to see how Godspeed returns. “Finish Line” showed that August is alive so it will be interesting to see his revised history.

Also - I’m accepting bets regarding how and when Eobard Thawne will return as the Reverse Flash



Same and Same. I adore Wally’s family, and I miss his hair.

Adams doesn’t get the credit he deserves for having fun with the format!

I really enjoyed it! I thought it felt like a great big screen adventure for the whole Flash family. And yes, everyone saved!

Gold Beetle first showed up in Future State: Black Adam, I believe. It was one of Jeremy Adams’ stories in that event. But she really only gets fleshed out in this Flash run.

So, so glad you dug it! It’s such a great, great run!


Just read Flash #799. I am sad to see Jeremy Adams go. I had to laugh at this issue though. I feel like he looked at the DCU mythos and said, “Well, I undid HiC, I gave Wally another kid, what else can I do?” And then he gave Mr. Terrific back his son. Plus those other two kids, I assume they are important too.

Also, I forget how terrifying of a villain Granny Goodness is. DC should use her more. Not Darkseid, Granny Goodness. She is a great character.


Solid thoughts! It was a pretty great issue!


Agreed! :pray:


AGREED. Plus we can use some more good, straight up female villains in live action DC Films, versus anti-heroines like Waller or a certain psychotic clown princess, much less the tortured soles like Isabel Maru.

@EDT You can start with the Year One arc from Joshua Williams and then go back and read his run in chronological order, I would suggest. And I would agree that Rebirth will likely be confusing, even with the stuff you have read. I love Barry’s Silver Age issues starting with Flash 105, but it depends on if you like the modern JSA stuff or the older, OG Golden/Silver Age JSA runs. If you meant the modern stuff, which I suspect you did, you might enjoy some of the Wally’s later collection.

The New 52 is also a good jumping on point for Barry, and it’s very pretty both for the art and the layouts, but it might also be a bit confusing since they made some changes that since have been clawed back, but you can still read it and enjoy it and not be confused once you go to other things.

I think DC is not going to go there with either Diana or Barry, now that they have really worked on the Legacy numbering. I think they would like to stick to those high numbers till they hit 1000, and that’s really not unlikely or impossible in our lifetimes!

Off topic from comic books, but I’ve been buying way too many Flash related figurines:

I bought this one purely because it talks and lights up…


I read that the kids are supposed to be Donna Troy’s son (Robert/Robbie? Long, chaos/fire/red hair) and Garth/Tempest’s son (Ceridian, water/black hair). Both died pre-Flashpoint.


I have heard that, too! Though this arc was very multiverse/reality bendy with the powerful stone thingy, so they could be from other realities! Or something! But I know Adams was asking on twitter what happened to various kids many, many months ago, so I assume he did the research. :smiley:


Thanks for sharing! Now I gotta get one of those… (like I need more Flash figures :rofl:)…Too cool! Where did you get it? :00_flash: