:00_shazam: :00_hawkman: After The Movie: Black Adam and Hawkman :00_hawkman: :00_shazam:

So, you’ve seen Black Adam. Now, you’re saying to yourself “Self, what should I read next, so as to slake my thirst for more of Black Adam and Hawkman, two of the movie’s lead characters?”

To you my wise soul, I say that the @JusticeLeagueBookClub has you covered!

For more adventures of Black Adam teamed-up with other heroes of the DCU (including a Thanagarian, of course), be sure to check out this fine modern adventure:

For the Ultra members in the audience, here are two other suggestions on where to derive your next fix of Black Adam and/or Hawkman from:

:00_shazam: Black Adam: The Justice Society Files

A series of one-shots that take place before the Black Adam movie. We currently have the Hawkman, Atom Smasher and Cyclone issues in our library, while the fourth and final of the group, which stars Dr. Fate, will arrive in November.

If you want more of the Justice Society in the DCEU, the Justice Society Files are absolutely for you! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

:zap: Black Adam (2022)

Issues 1-4 of Christopher Priest’s mini-series are here and waiting to soar into your heart and mind. This one’s quite solid, so far (I’m sure @millernumber1 will agree) and…it features Darkseid. Or does it? You’ll have to read it to find out!

Now, let’s talk about the solo adventures of :00_hawkman1: Hawkman :00_hawkman1:!

Whether The Winged Warrior is new to you because of Black Adam, or you’ve known of Hawkman, but have yet to take a dive into his comics, the available to all members, magnificently-entertaining series down below is your ticket for high-flying adventure in the Winged Warrior’s way!

No matter if you’re in the mood for more of Black Adam or Hawkman (be among The Brave and The Bold™, and go for both :wink:), the above selections absolutely have you covered for the further adventures of Teth-Adam and his winged, fellow Justice Society adventurer, Hawkman!

Read what you like, discuss what comes to mind and I hope you’ll enjoy 2022’s most-anticipated big screen DC adventure, :00_shazam:Black Adam:00_shazam:!


Going to see the movie today.

I’ve read a few things on this list. Quick takes on my Black Adam reads below:

Black Adam: The Justice Society Files
My favorite out of what I’ve read. Great comic in its own right. Does a great job of fleshing out the JSA members and giving them backstories/origins. For the first time I actually find myself genuinely interested in them. The mini also tells two other stories: Teth Adam’s early days in ancient Khandaq (surprising how peaceful he was), and backstories for Sarah Shahi and Mohammed Amer’s characters leading right up to the movie. It’s all a very entertaining read, and I highly recommend checking it out before you see the movie.

Black Adam by Christopher Priest
Too early to make a verdict on this one. I subscribed, unsubscribed, resubscribed again, and now it’s an Ultra read for me. So far good not great, but that could change. It has some pacing issues, and can be a bit slow at times. It also suffers from thinking it understands current day Middle Eastern / Egyptian culture while not quite hitting the mark. Despite that, it’s of enough intrigue to keep me reading. I like the new pantheon of ancient gods it introduces into DC. I also feel like the ying yang between Black Adam and his “successor” is going to be fun :slightly_smiling_face:.



Also: That end credit scene? Yeah, you’ll love it. :clark_hv_4:

@moro speaks wise, folks. Heed his advice. :slight_smile:

I find this true of assorted Priest-penned tales.

In some titles it works (Rebirth Deathstroke, Black Adam), while in others, it drags them down (Rebirth Justice League). In others, its not even an issue (Total Justice; I don’t care if that was a “did it for the paycheck” gig or not, its a fun read :nerd_face:).

Agreed on both points. Ultra-speaking, I’m intrigued to see where things go after #4.

Thanks for chiming in, moro! Its good to see you in club-based environs. :superman_hv_4: :raised_hands:t2:


Thank you for having me! I’ve found that I’m too set in my own reading patterns to be a regular contributor, so I opt to drop a few lines when y’all are discussing something I’m familiar enough with :slightly_smiling_face:.


Is this available on digital?


You are most welcome.

That works! There’s always a reserved seat with your name on it for when the club mood should strike.

It is!

I prefer the toy line its based on. For what the comic is however, its an entertaining-enough read.


Two EXCELLENT recommendations! I myself plan to see the film this weekend, and have my movie tie in comics ready to go!


I’m gonna read this soon… and will probably end up dropping some money on ebay after.

I just had to ask, didn’t I?

Thanks Vroomy!


Thank you. I figured you’d like 'em, pard. :cowboy_hat_face:

Enjoy! I thought it was a ton of fun. You likely know this, but :superman:tay for the credits.

Speaking of, did you read Black Adam: The Justice Society Files yet?


Woohoo! I hope you like it.

While Super Powers volumes 1-3 remain the Grand Poobah of toy tie-in comics, Total Justice has its merits, both as a merchandising tie-in and, more importantly, as a comic in its own right.

“Operation: Get Moro to Buy More Kenner DC Stuff” is working like a charm! :smile:

Your timing is good, as Total Justice stuff is quite affordable right now.

Hell, its been affordable for the last 25+ years. :joy: Your wallet will be glad to know that there’s absolutely zero demand for it right now.

You’re welcome. Always a pleasure. :+1:t2:


That is what turned me off and made me leave after issue 1. It made a big deal about there being one Middle Eastern look (that looks like black) and used an Iranian.

There is no Middle Eastern look. They all look incredibly different. Just look up “Iranian people” and it confirmed what I already knew that they do not look like that.


Love this! Always nice to read some Hawkman!


I don’t think that particular panel means to say that “all Iranians look like that”, just that it was the officer’s uninformed perception. What State Department guy says in that panel though is what caught my attention: “Egyptian. Khandaqi tribe.” Egyptians don’t currently live in “tribes”. It’s little nuggets like that sprinkled throughout that bugged me a bit. I’m not worked up about it, because it is the fictional country of Khandaq we’re talking about. It would just be nice for a comic that is obviously somewhat self serious, to at least try & get it right.


I’m gonna do that tonight! Really, really enjoyed the JSA pieces. I love heroes.

I didn’t hate the movie, but I also didn’t love it. Just kinda fun but a bit forgettable, which is sad considering how much I love the cast. Hawkman was much more aggressive than I expect, since my normal experience with him is Venditti, who is much more relaxed and thoughtful. But I think he might be like that in other versions?

Regardless - I had a really great time, and I hope that the movie pushes people to check out these two great series!

The Peacemaker/Suicide Squad Easter Eggs actually got me more excited than the post-credits scene! I did tell my seat neighbors to stick around for the post-credits scene, though - and they were very happy they listened to me!


I think Johns summed up Hawkman real well in his run. With the helmet on he is a barbarian. With it off he is a scholar.

He has two distinct modes and alternates between them.


Can’t really blame him, can you?

When wearing heavy headgear, one is statistically more likely to be inclined to smash stuff with their mace.

When said headgear is off, that’s when one is statistically more likely to wax poetic about Chaucer, as well as traverse other roads of scholarly thought.


How interesting!

I know that whenever I am holding a stick, I am much more likely to poke things! :slight_smile:

Also, I just loved Cyclone and Atom Smasher. Such great newbie heroes who just want to do good and happen to look amazing while doing it!


I employ the Bart Simpson method when holding a stick:

“Jabbity-jabbity, jab, jab, jab!”

Of course, Bart poked at a multi-eyed, radioactively-mutated animal when he said that, while I, I would only poke at the dirt, as I’m not getting anywhere close to radioactive woodland critters. :smile:

Cyclone (think she goes by “Cyke”?) and Atom Smasher do look sharp.

While AS was mostly on-model to his comic look, Maxine was quite different, but still awesome, nonetheless.


I dunno what it was, but I just really, really enjoyed their action scenes! The powers looked so cool, and the actors were just having a great time!


Agreed. Cyclone’s powers were a lot of fun to see in action.