A thought on the Court of Owls issue 6(?) layout

So, the segment in issue 6 (I think) of the Court of Owls storyline, where Batman is in the maze and the layouts are intentionally flipped upside down- when reading the trade I have the luxury of flipping the book upside down. But how does one deal with that with a stationary format like a computer screen?

How have those of you that read it digitally confronted this obstacle?


Disable auto-rotate screen/screen orientation lock.

That’s a great story and set of panels capturing the disoriented state of mind Batman is in while attempting to locate the court. World of Bats Book Club covered this story a while back, if ya want swing on by and share your thoughts on the story over on the thread here Batman: Court of Owls- #1-7


I mean I can disabling auto rotate working on a phone or tablet. For a while I was primarily using DC Universe on my desktop PC though. That could have been an awkward way to read it that I’m sure wasn’t foreseen when it was written amd published, and it’s such a unique situation I have to wonder if it would even be worth addressing.

I will check out the thread, I was very impressed with it from the first page. Almost makes me wish I hadn’t stopped reading Batman month to month during Morrison’s tenure, it wasn’t long after that New 52 happened.

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And as a bonus, you get to hear me talking about how much I despise it! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be sure to check it out. I’ve mostly enjoyed it but can see where there are some flaws (too talky, for one, also the massive retcon of “Court of Owls has always been there but we’re just now mentioning it” is one of those things in any story that feels like a stretch). I like Capullo’s art and so far find no fault in that aspect.

I look forward to reading the thread. Including why you despise it! I find opinions that disagree with my own are more illuminating than ones that echo my thoughts.


Oh do you not have your computer monitor secured onto a rotating mount? Best way to have a zoom meeting I tell ya. :sweat_smile:
If using a monitor that is stationary I suppose someone could take a screen shot and then rotate it. Out of luck I guess if person is reading from their tv though. :thinking:

Oh boy, has my opinion done a 180.

Or I guess it’s time to tone up and learn to do a handstand…

A lot of work for a few pages, though. :smiley: