😤 WORST DC Couple? 😤

While there are certainly plenty of loving and fun relationships in DC, there are also a fair share of terrible ones. Whether these pairings were designed to fail or just hit you the wrong way, we’re very interested to know which comic pairing make your blood boil.

So what’s your most hated comic couple?


The Hulk & Black Widow, it should be Hulk and Betty Ross.
Oh you mean DC Sorry, Superman & Wonder Woman, Cause Superman belong to Lois while Wonder Woman belong to Steve Trever!
Now as for Star Trek…


Supes and Wondie. Never liked it. Also I hate JS and Hawkgirl. But I’ve expressed that sentiment so many times, I’m starting to sound like a record player.


The Comedian and Sally Jupiter in Watchmen universe- that is the most devious, terrible, and abusive relationship I have ever read about. Whether they grew to love each other and care for each other after the fact is besides the point, he still did it. And its not just his treatment of Sally, but also other several women throughout the Vietnam era and early eighties.
Also forgot to mention but yeah deathstroke and terra was a terrible relationship as well. Even beast boy and terra relationship to an extent.


Lois & Clark and Batman & Catwoman Absolutely loathe both of those pairings.

Nightwing & Oracle and Connor & Ms Martian can be thrown in the dust bin as well.

Best relationships
Dinah & Ollie, Vic Sage Question & Huntress, and Supergirl & Brainiac 5.


Was I the only one confused by the random coupling of Martian Manhunter and Rose Wilson on Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths?


Not sure if there is any I don’t like. I have to come back to this.


Superboy and Ms. Martian (for fairly obvious reasons I think) and Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown for me. I love Tim(and I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of Stephanie), but the way that relationship started (with her constantly disrespecting his boundaries and really just the lack of development in general) and all that stuff that went on while they were together made me hate it. Even when it’s not terrible it’s just so, so, boring.
Oh, and Superman and Wonder Woman. Hard pass on that one



  • Deathstroke and Terra
  • Beast Boy/Changeling and Terra
  • Nightwing and Mirage
  • Raven and Kid Flash
  • Raven and that serial killer guy she dated for a while
  • Nightwing and Starfire (Not quite on the level of these others, but over the course of this relationship Kori is at best boring but often ranges from highly unpleasant to outright abusive, which may partially sometimes have been editorial’s fault sort of, but there it was in any case)

You know, I’m beginning to think that Marv Wolfman isn’t very good at writing healthy relationships. (I mean, I guess Vic and Sarah Charles is inoffensive and Donna and Terry is at worst only slightly weird because of the age difference, but that’s two.)

Non-Wolfman contenders that come to mind:

  • Nightwing and Tarantula (ew ew ew)
  • Roy Harper and Cheshire (comics only and even then I guess we at least got Lian out of the deal)
  • Catman and Cheshire

And yes, several of those on both lists were intended to be terrible, but they still qualify.


I agree with the Oliver & Canary, Question & Huntress, but I really like Nightwing & Oracle, Miss Martian & Connor, and Lois & Clark

I do despise Batman & Catwoman with how it was handled by Tom King though. I’m ok with Batman having a love interest, but I prefer Boumont from Mask of the Phantasm, because it gives him a reason he doesn’t date
I also hate Wonder Woman and Clark. Frank Miller best summed up why I hate this relationship “She needs a Super man” that is terrible writing and just inferiating

And anything mentioned in [BatJamags] list is up there too.

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Deathstroke and Terra’s romance is disguesting too, it was better handled in the cartoon


wasn’t it like a mentor ship in the cartoon? Terra is a teen in the cartoon and Slade is a grown man. does that mean that they were the same ages in the cartoon as in the comics… oh no…

The story line was better handled in the show then in the book because their was no romance, it didn’t exist.

I actually like the comic Deathstroke/Terra relationship because it is so disturbing to social norms. It’s not a relationship model I think people should have, but it’s good to point to for people in messed up relationships. In that sense it is very insightful.


Now that you mention it, it is a good example of a messed up relationship, but it seems a little too messed up for me. A 50ish year old man and a teenager doesn’t exactly work out well in reality

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That’s exactly why, Slade is playing her. She is in her own head playing Slade. Thinking that she can exert power over him by the fact that she is young, attractive and wants “more than just companionship”, (to keep it clean and well within community guidelines).

So you get to see both of them as relationship “users”. It just so happens that Slade is much more able to disassociate intellectually/emotionally/physically than Terra is. Much of which is because of his age and even more so with his life experience.

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Kyle Rayner and Alexandra DeWitt


Hate to reuse this, but u asked for it.


When she comes out in the overdone makeup & dress…quite disturbing. It creeps me out every time.


I can even see it as a plot point, but it gets weird when they bring it up at the same time they’re trying to sell Slade as this redeemable, morally conflicted figure in the aftermath. They really needed to pick one or the other.

And even if it’s a good plot point (debatable, I don’t know that it really adds anything and I think it’s handled poorly, but I’m not unilaterally against the idea), they’re a terrible couple in any case.