[World of Bats] Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life & Death

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This week, as part of Pride Month as well as in anticipation to the upcoming release of the Poison Ivy series by G. Willow Wilson, we’ll be looking at Pamela’s previous solo book, the miniseries “Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life & Death,” written by Amy Chu, with art by Clay Mann, Ethan Van Sciver, and Cliff Richards.

You can find the link to the entire mini-series here:

Reading will last from 2022-06-04T05:00:00Z2022-06-10T05:00:00Z, but if you’re busy dealing with lovable science experiments gone awry, you can always come back later.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this book!

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This book is alright; I liked the interactions Ivy had with Quinn, Catwoman, and Swampthing and the artwork was good. Something is missing from the story that’s keeping it around mid-tier, for me. Possibly I’m just not quite the right audience; the story feels a bit unoriginal (old guy does weird, unethical science things to live longer and hurts people in the process) and the new characters feel a bit forgettable. I enjoyed reading it, but I don’t see it sticking with me.

I appreciate the pick; I don’t read much Poison Ivy and it is good to read about different characters :grinning:

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I’ll agree that the mystery is kind of old-hat. I think I would have liked to seen more focus on the Sporelings, as they were an interesting new wrinkle in Ivy’s world, where she has to be responsible for young children who were born with the powers that she has.

Speaking of, this actually isn’t the last time we see Ivy’s Sporelings. Apparently they’re mentioned in Francis Manapul’s brief run on Trinity during the Rebirth relaunch, and they showed up fairly recently in the anthology Flash Facts as part of DC’s children’s graphic novel line.

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Yeah, I think it would have been more interesting if more time was spent on the sporelings. It felt like they were leaving almost as soon as they arrived