[World of Bats] I Am Gotham

Gotham and Gotham Girl are mostly exclusive to Tom King’s Batman run (issues 1-85).

Damn didn’t think they would do Gotham man dirty like that. I liked both the new characters and kinda wished they wouldn’t of done that to Gotham man. On issue #6 right now!


Sad story, I hope Gotham girl recovers.


Yeah, Gotham (Man) definitely went through some stuff in this story. I always remember the page where he tries to talk down a guy trying to commit suicide, because of how hard he tries but how badly he’s doing it, like he’s hyping himself up more than actually trying to help. It’s like a dark inverse of the famous page from All-Star Superman where Superman talks a woman down from jumping.

Yeah, Gotham Girl also has a rough time ahead. If you want to see more of her, you should look at the next two parts of this “trilogy” that starts King’s run, “I Am Suicide” and “I Am Bane.” We’ve covered these two parts on this book club in the past, so if you continue to read these, please let us know your thoughts!

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I’m loving these sad stories, does this make me a bad person?

o well, I’m reading nightwing right now and trying to piece the second part of the crossover. I might skip to bane though.

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Nah, that doesn’t make you a bad person – might make you a Tom King fan, though! :rofl:

For real, I think an effective run should have a good mix of happy and sad stories. It’s like life, it’s never all one or the other.

I would recommend not skipping to I Am Bane, though, since the events of I Am Suicide also involves Bane and very much leads to that third story. You can probably skip the Rooftops and Date Knight issues since that deals more with Bruce’s relationship with Catwoman (which is a rather big part of King’s run in general).

I gotta read more tom king stuff and I also like a mix of happy and sad stories. I’m reading batman: white knight also and I am loving it when the bad guy turns good.

Also, who is batwoman? It doesnt say in the novel.

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White Knight is definitely a very interesting story! If you want to talk about it with us, we also covered it a while back here:

As for Batwoman, there a couple different versions, but the one who probably has the most stuff and is now most associated with the character is Kate Kane, cousin of Bruce Wayne, former Army cadet who was discharged due to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, who picked up Batman’s crusade against crime in her own unique way. If you want to read more, I would most recommend the Greg Rucka run on Detective Comics starring her, and the James Tynion IV’s run of Detective Comics, which featured both her and Batman teaching the younger generation of Gotham heroes.