[World of Bats] Batman Vol 3 #16-20 "I Am Bane"

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This week we’re continuing our look at the (in)famous Tom King run by closing out his “I Am” trilogy, looking at “I Am Bane,” issues #16-20, with art by David Finch!

Links can be found down here:

Batman #16
Batman #17
Batman #18
Batman #19
Batman #20

Reading will run from 2021-11-06T05:00:00Z2021-11-12T06:00:00Z, but if you find yourself trapped in the depths of Arkham Asylum to protect yourself from a madman, you can always come back.

Looking forward to discussing these issues with all of you!

I know that many people gripe about the repetitive dialogue in this story, but I enjoy Batman’s singlemindedness.


Bruce might not be the most well adjusted person, what kind of person eats a burger (a fast food burger at that) with a fork and knife :rofl:


I’d make fun of Bruce for that, but I’ve often used a fork and knife for fried chicken, so I’m probably one to talk. :sweat_smile:


The kind of person raised by this kind of person:

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I mostly like this arc. Part 3 might have gone a bit too hard into Bane being a twisted reflection of Batman, but I think it worked. The ending felt a bit anticlimactic.


Yeah, I don’t know why, but I’m starting to get a feeling that maybe Bruce and Bane might have some things in common… :thinking:

I can kind of see what you mean by anticlimactic in terms of Batman vs Bane at the end – winning via headbutt and a “I’m Batman” does feel a little too easy, but I feel like the cat and mouse game between the two (somewhat literally with Catwoman’s assistance) and Bane going after all of Batman’s rogues were cool enough that I was satisfied with this arc in terms of action.

Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts! :smiley:


Coincidentally a comic YouTuber I like recently did a video about a certain motif that’s introduced in this arc and it’s other appearances. :rofl:


She makes some good points. The existence of Bat Burger in the DC Universe doesn’t make sense. Those punny menu names are great though :grin:

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I dunno – I can definitely see some enterprising a-hole making a Bat-Burger joint in Gotham City, and I could see it being appealing in other cities in a sort of Planet Hollywood kind of way. Maybe restaurants in Keystone and Metropolis can get relics like abandoned batarangs and used up acid spitting flowers, give people a taste of the Gotham life without actually having to live there.


The Bat Burger scene is without a doubt one of my favorite Batman moments of the last decade.


Possibly something to do with your Renegade Robins ribbing each other? :rofl:

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Finishing up reading I am Bane and I very muched enjoyed batburger. I wish they would put it in the movies would be awesome.

I also wonder why Bane isn’t bigger in the franchise because he basically beats up every villain in the Batman movies.

I kinda wish Bane turned to the good side which they could have done in the beginning.
I also hope they give him his own comic in Batman: White Knight Presents.

I love the character of Bane such a beast!

That would definitely be fun to see. I could see that being a thing in the DCEU, maybe in another season of Peacemaker or Batgirl or something.

In terms of other popular villains, he is pretty new, which probably plays a bit of a factor. His first role in a movie being Batman & Robin probably didn’t help matters much either. :sweat_smile:

Hmm, a heel to face turn could be potentially interesting. I take it you’ve read him in the Secret Six book? I think that was a good mix of good and bad qualities in him.

Really? I was thinking it was going to be Amygdala! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Batburger would definitely fit in the universe of Peacemaker especially the dumb look and speech of the cashier. Batburger for Peacemaker!

I still haven’t seen most of the batman movies to my dismay. I will probably take a look at them this year. Only seen the tim burton movies and christopher nolan movies.

I’m still new to the comics and only read a bit of Knightfall vol 1 so I haven’t read it yet. I’m gonna take a look at it right now, thanks!

Also, the ending of it was ■■■■■■■ amazing and can be put in a standalone movie animated or live action would be great.

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Speaking of Bane having a face turn, it turns out he actually does sort of have one in the Arkham universe. According to a Gotham City Stories, erm, story after solving one of Riddler’s riddles, you find Bane’s Titan prostheses in a shipping crate.

The story talks about Bane kicking his Venom/Titan addiction, returning to Santa Prisca to find it being overrun in a drug war, and Bane stopping it by basically taking all the enforcers and leaders, killing them and putting their heads on pikes.

So…not exactly superhero material, but let’s face it, Bane would probably never fit very well in that mold anyway.

Here’s the link:


pretty badass, would love to see it animated.