[World of Bats] Batman & The Monster Men!

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A new entry and a new month for October, which means it’s time to get :ghost:S P O O K Y! :skull:

So let’s ease our way into it with Batman & The Monster Men, written and drawn by Matt Wagner!

Batman has spent the early days of his career taking down the criminals and street thugs that plague Gotham City. But now a new threat arises he may not be prepared for as Hugo Strange begins experiments to create something more dangerous than normal villains—something more super.

Here are the links to this six-issue mini-series!

Batman & The Monster Men #1
Batman & The Monster Men #2
Batman & The Monster Men #3
Batman & The Monster Men #4
Batman & The Monster Men #5
Batman & The Monster Men #6

Looking forward to discussing these issues with you guys!


This was a fun story. It’s a bit spooky, but not much. I enjoyed the classic art style; visually, I feel like it was a perfect match for the story.

Seeing a newish Batman dealing with mobsters and monsters is almost always a treat and this was no exception. In places, this almost feels like a Hugo Strange origin story, which is pretty neat.

Personally, I didn’t expect that (basically) all of key villains would get away.

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Glad you liked it!

In a way it kind of is an origin story for Hugo Strange – it’s an adaptation of his first Golden Age stories back in 1940. If you’re curious, Wagner attempted to connect it to the Post-Crisis origin of Hugo Strange, “Prey,” which we actually covered all the way back in the very beginnings of the club!

And there actually is a sequel to this mini-series that does continue a lot of this called “Batman & The Mad Monk,” but sadly it’s not digitalized and therefore not on DCUI. :frowning:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


I think I’ll check out Prey

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Here’s what I said about Monster Men in the Prey discussion: