[World of Bats] Batman: The Knight

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For the next two weeks, we’ll be going back to the beginning, and exploring the (most recent iteration of) Batman’s origin by looking at the ten-issue maxi-series “The Knight,” written by Chip Zdarsky and drawn by Carmine Di Giandomenico.

The origin of Batman and his never-ending fight against crime in Gotham City is modern mythology, but what of the story in between? How did an angry, damaged young man grow into the most accomplished detective and crime-fighter the world has ever known? How did the Dark Knight…begin? Superstar writer Chip Zdarsky (Daredevil) and acclaimed artist Carmine Di Giandomenico (The Flash) will take Bruce Wayne on a fraught journey, making allies and enemies, on his training to become Batman in this definitive new series!

Batman: The Knight #1
Batman: The Knight #2
Batman: The Knight #3
Batman: The Knight #4
Batman: The Knight #5
Batman: The Knight #6
Batman: The Knight #7
Batman: The Knight #8
Batman: The Knight #9
Batman: The Knight #10

There is also a “The Knight: Compendium Edition #1”, which collects issues 1-3 and a preview of Zdarsky’s first issue on the main Batman title.

Reading will last from 2023-08-26T05:00:00Z2023-09-08T05:00:00Z, but if you’re participating in a fight club to get ready for your life of vigilantie activities, you can always come back later!

Looking forward to discussing these books with you all! :batparrot:

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“Didn’t they, like, do a whole TV show about that?”


A little off topic, but I enjoyed Gotham. It got pretty bananas and I haven’t watched any episodes since the finale but it was a crazy ride of a series. Not sure what the general consensus on the show is

I’m excited to read this series, the art on the covers looks great. It’s not going to be a story I haven’t heard before, but I’m hoping the writer will find some new way to view the origin of Batman


I haven’t watched all of Gotham – I think I got up to the first couple episodes of the season that had Mad Hatter as the big bad – but I liked what I’ve seen of it. It’s an utterly insane take on a lot of characters, and it felt like they were trying to go for a weird, freaky, horror-tinged camp, and I think that vibe does kinda work for Gotham City and it’s inhabitants. I’ll have to get into the rest of the series some time.

And looking forward to what you think of The Knight! :smiley:

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I’ve never watched it. I just can’t summon up any interest in watching the Muppet Babies version of Batman, no matter how good it is.

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Come on, not even for the best live action take on Harvey Bullock?

(I kinda want to do a Simpsons “Do it for her” meme but with him, but I’m too lazy/untrained in photoshop, so just…imagine that, I guess.)

Anyway, one week left for reading! Let us know what you’re thinking so far! :smiley:


I liked this take on Bruce’s globe trotting that molded him into Batman. I feel like it’s a story we aren’t told too often, Batman Begins covered it but not in so much detail. Ducard, Zatara, and Ra’s were names I remembered but the others were new to me.

I think the Zatara issues were probably my favorites. Possibly just a soft spot for magic, since really all of these are excellent.

Got the feeling that Anton is supposed to be somebody, especially after they gave us a good look at his mask. I didn’t recognize it though, so I looked it up. Ghost Maker? I think this is the first time I’ve come across this character

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Donal Logue was probably the best part of that show. Ben Mckenzie was great, too

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