[World of Bats] Batman/Santa Claus: Silent Knight

Hello and Welcome to the World of Bats, the Batman Book Club!

For the month of December, we’re going to try something a little different. This month on DCUI, we’ll be getting a weekly series for the month and we’ll be reading each issue as they release!

What is the story, you might ask? As the title of the thread suggests, we’ll be reading Batman/Santa Claus: Silent Knight, written by Jeff Parker and drawn by Michelle Bandini.

THE DARK KNIGHT PARTNERS WITH A NOT-SO-JOLLY ST. NICK AS SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN! The four-part crossover event of a generation begins when a not-so-jolly St. Nick hits Gotham City to investigate a brutal crime in the days leading up to Christmas… What manner of man or beast could have committed such atrocities?! With the help of his former student, Batman, Santa will team up with the heroes of the DC Universe to right this wrong—or the world wakes up to coal in their stockings! A brutal, two-fisted holiday tale of hope, wonder, and monster hunting is the perfect treat to ring in the holidays—it’s Claus in canon!


Batman/Santa Claus: Silent Knight #1
Batman/Santa Claus: Silent Knight #2
Batman/Santa Claus: Silent Knight #3
Batman/Santa Claus: Silent Knight #4

And if you’re looking for some more holiday themed Batman comics between issues, check out these classics!

DC Special Series #21 pages 13-22 called “Wanted: Santa Claus…Dead or Alive!” Written by Denny O’Neil with art by Frank Miller.

Batman (1940) #27 pages 30-41 “A Christmas Peril”, written by Don C Cameron and drawn by Jerry Robinson under “Bob Kane”

The Batman Adventures Holiday Special #1, written by Paul Dini and drawn by various artists:

Reading will start from 2023-12-02T06:00:00Z2023-12-29T06:00:00Z, but if you’re being accosted by ghosts to tell you the meaning of Christmas, you can always come back later!

Looking forward to discussing these comics with you all, and whatever and however you all celebrate, Happy Holidays! :batparrot:

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Poor Penguin. Batman keeps taking away his sidekicks. First this kid, then Harold.

But I have to say that Oswald’s plot to steal from a paper truck has to be one of my favorite schemes from this foul fowl foe.

Batman 27 Penguin

Someone call Colin Farrell. I need this in live action.


First issue of Batman/Santa Claus is now available!


It definitely gets off to a strong start. The idea of Santa being a badass viking is really fun; it kinda reminds me of that movie Violent Night that came out last year (it’s a really fun movie and it’s probably streaming somewhere). And, of course, Batman trained with Santa while he was traveling the world :laughing:

Also, the Christmas Special by Denny O’Neill is great. Love that the star comes around to mean something by the end and Batman in disguise is fun


First and foremost @AlexanderKnox The penguin screen cap was - :ok_hand:t4:choice :smile:

@john.21795 I def agree with you! I wonder if they were inspired. But I totally felt that too. Loved that movie btw. Can wait to watch it again this year.

The art on this especially i’m enjoying on this series. :100:

And deciphering Zatanas spells is always a good time, for this #puzzlefreak lol.

Did anyone else call the :snowman: being something more before Zatana popped up ?
Like perhaps a murderer :joy: cause the (image i saw) screen cap i got :rofl:


I meaaaaaannn… lol

Also just some more cap commentary

How Zatana forgot she was a grown woman for a hot second. lol. so presh

“ Mr. Claus” lol

Prancer may have a warm name. But he’s all business. And does not appreciate dad jokes lol


And Batman Always good for a laugh, when he’s not even trynna be funny.

There’s goes my hero :saluting_face:

Lastly, kind of low key violent comic. Which I actually love :blush:

… and let’s gooooo :clap:t4: love this Krampus design

So yeah that’s my take on it so far. Like I said really digging it, can’t wait for what’s next in store.

Last item. And then im done i swear :sweat_smile:


Did any one else get call back to Ben Stiller naming the children, their age and their weight in Heavyweights (when santa was naming their address) ?

“ Conor Gerald - Age 11 - 141 pounds!”

one of many random movie quotes that live in my head. :sweat_smile:

Alright take it easy yall.


It’s on Amazon Prime right now! I’ve been meaning to give that one a watch.

Also, if you’re a fan of Viking Santa and willing to venture outside of DC, there’s another book that I definitely recommend called Klaus, written by Grant Morrison and art by Dan Mora. It was initially advertised as “Santa: Year One,” and it’s basically a fun mixture of Santa Claus and Conan the Barbarian – and it’s Grant, so there’s a dash of psychedelics and space aliens. :rofl:

Yeah, that’s great – and the solicits mentions that this is canon! I think my favorite detail of that so far is that Batman calls Santa “Kris,” so casual. :laughing:

It was highly suspicious, a little too jolly for it’s own good. :rofl:

Thank you both for your thoughts! :smiley:

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And issue two is now available! It looks like it’s on Ultra for the moment, but talking to the mods it sounds like it should be on the regular tier shortly. :slight_smile:

Also, the writer of this book, Jeff Parker, recently spoke about this book on the podcast/YouTube series Word Balloon.

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That cover for Klaus looks so cool!

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Part two was another strong entry. Getting to see the history between Santa and Krampus was really interesting. Especially how they worked together to get the kids to behave. It’s actually tragic what happened to Krampus

Miss Martian, Green Arrow, and Black Canary helping out made for some fun action. I wonder what Superman will have to say about the fact that his finest friend didn’t tell him that he was on a first name basis with Santa :laughing:

Looking forward to Part 3 next week

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The last page of this issue inspired this meme:

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Issue 3 is now live!


I completely forgot about quote. :joy:

I will def have to check that Viking comic out.

Thanks for the recommend :raised_hands:t4:

Also i’m def saving a rewatch of Violent Night closer to christmas. Which I’m super stoked for.

And Whoa! Didn’t realize i’m two issues behind. This family christmas business (the planned events) is wild out here. My sister has been inviting us to so many events - advent calendar style it seems :sweat_smile:. They’ve been fun though.

I’ll get on that read asap. :fist:t4::christmas_tree:


I can definitely think of worse reasons for being behind! Hope you’re having a good week. :slight_smile:


So true :sweat_smile:

Thank ya kindly. Have a great day / (silent) night as well. The good kind. The one that’s filled with sugarplums and rejuvenation. Not as murder :joy:


I don’t have a lot to say about part 3. I liked it and it does a good job setting up the grand finale. Superman’s interaction with Santa was great. Somehow, Superman getting taken over is simultaneously surprising and not surprising at all.


And issue 4, the grand finale, is now up!


I felt like part 4 was a great ending to a good and very enjoyable miniseries. The sentimental ending is a perfect fit for the Christmas season

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