[World of Bats] Batman by Tom King -- "Uneasy Alliances"

Hello and welcome to the World of Bats, the Batman Book Club!

For the next two weeks, we’ll be venturing back to the Tom King run of Batman and covering issues #54-60, along with issues #64-65. We’ll also be looking at Batman: Secret Files #1, Batman Annual #3, as well as The Flash #64-65 as part of the crossover “The Price.” We have some additional writers in this package, notably Joshua Willamson and Tom Taylor. The artists for this block include Matt Wagner, Tony Daniel, Mikal Janin, and Guillem March, among many others.

After disrupting his wedding, Bane’s plan to break the Batman begins in earnest! As members of his family fall or isolate themselves from him, the Dark Knight will have to make strange alliances with the likes of The Penguin, and find himself at odds with the likes of…The Flash?!


To Hunt the Beast:

Batman #54
Batman #55
Batman #56
Batman #57

True Strength:

Batman: Secret Files #1

Uneasy Alliance

Batman #58
Batman #59
Batman #60

The Other Side of the Penny:

Batman Annual #3

The Price:

Batman #64
The Flash #64
Batman #65
The Flash #65

Reading will run from 2024-02-17T06:00:00Z2024-03-01T06:00:00Z, but if you’ve been given a rather rude caliber of a gift by a crazy Soviet assassin, you can always come back later!

Looking forward to reading these comics with you all! :batparrot:

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NEXT: We’ll be looking further to the past we’ve ever gone…to another Age…


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Oh, Bruce and Dick, together again! I hope nothing bad happens!


Oh, it’ll be fine – Bruce and Dick will have some nice quality time together, and then suddenly Bruce just goes on a winter vacation and Dick has a very sudden vocational change, nothing to worry about! :sweat_smile:


I still have the Price left to read, but so far I feel like King does a really good job with the emotional moments in this selection. I especially love Batman 54 and the Annual. The mirroring of Bruce being there for Dick and Dick being there for Bruce really worked on me. A good Alfred story hits the spot, too. I just wish someone hadn’t been chopping onions while I read them :laughing:


Batman and the Flash make a great pairing. Both being detectives and having tragedy in their past. The Price suffers from being in the middle of a larger story. The beginning feels disconnected from what we read before and I found the conclusion unsatisfying