[World of Bats] Batman '89 and The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1

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Apologies for being a little late, busy day including seeing the movie that’s inspiring this week’s reading! That’s right, in celebration of the now released The Flash, we’ll be looking at two different books. First is the six-issue miniseries Batman '89, written by Sam Hamm and drawn by Joe Quinones. Then we’ll be looking at the first issue of tie-in comic The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive written by Kenny Porter and drawn by Ricardo López Ortiz.

Gotham becomes torn in two as citizens dressed as Batman and The Joker duke it out in the streets. As D.A. Harvey Dent tries to keep the city together, he targets the one problem tearing it apart: BATMAN! And he’ll get Bruce Wayne’s help in taking down the Dark Knight!

After Barry’s adventure with the Justice League, he’s determined to become a truly skilled and inspirational hero. As a new threat emerges in Central City going by the name of Girder, Barry turns to Batman for advice on training to master his powers. Can the Dark Knight help show the Scarlet Speedster a way to defeat this metallic menace, or will the Flash be crushed by Girder’s strength?


Batman '89 #1
Batman '89 #2
Batman '89 #3
Batman '89 #4
Batman '89 #5
Batman '89 #6

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1

Reading will run from 2023-06-17T05:00:00Z2023-06-23T05:00:00Z, but if you are too busy doing the Batdance, you can always come back later!

Looking forward to discussing these issues with you all! :batparrot:

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I enjoyed Batman '89. It was cool how they made Bruce look like Michael Keaton, Harvey look like Billy D Williams, and etc. It makes me wish Billy D Williams had gotten the chance to play Two Face in live action; I feel like they really did something interesting here with him already struggling to reconcile where he came from with where he is.

I didn’t like the Flash issue as much. It was entertaining enough, but it didn’t really grab me. Probably didn’t help that I found it jarring that Barry didn’t have blonde hair; I forgot it was a movie tie-in. The hair doesn’t bother me in movies or on TV, but on the page it just feels weird for Barry not to be blonde

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Yeah, that would have been cool to see. If I remember right, I believe Batman Returns was originally going to have Williams as Harvey Dent taking a similar role to what Walken’s Max Shreck was in the movie. The climactic “kiss” between Selina and him was going to be the catalyst to him becoming Two-Face. I’m not sure why they changed that.

But at least Williams did get to play Two-Face in a fashion in The Lego Batman movie.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, as always! :smiley:

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