Wonder Woman: The Animated Series

Susan Eisenberg has said she is more than happy to voice the Amazon Princess in her own solo series.

My guess is that DC/WB is hesitant to pull the trigger because their success has been up and down. JL/JLU is one of their few, untainted treasures. And with McDuffie gone (rest in power), I can understand their unease about diving into such a project.

But… what if.
What if they did greenlight a series?
What if they found someone young who embodied the McDuffie spirit and had a good story to tell.

What if Wonder Woman TAS actually happened.

Would you watch?


I guess it depends on how they handled it. I really don’t like how the 90s Justice League animated series decided to tie her entry into Man’s World to the debut of the League. It erased any opportunities for her to have her own identity as a solo hero (even more so than the post-Crisis reboot did with Legends), and it arguably infantilized her.

By this point, I think we’ve had enough TV and film portrayals of Wonder Woman as innocent and naive. I really want to move past that idea and allow her to be completely competent.


I’d watch anything w/ Susan Eisenberg’s Diana, but I’m sure I’d still be interested in something like that even if she didn’t reprise the role


I’d watch that in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t mind if it were set in a different universe or with a different actress, but an animated series set in that world would be great just to complete the Trinity having their own series in that universe. I loved Diana and Martian Manhunter’s friendship in JLU and would want to see what other stories they’d tell for her.


I’d watch it for sure if it was produced by the DCAU original crew with the same heart as BTAS, STAS, JL/JLU, and GLTAS.


While I can agree that JL had her as innocent/naive, by the time JLU rolled, she wasn’t. Most noticeably represented by her tense relationship with Shiera. In fact that final arc of JL is where she finally “grew up”.

Susan Eisenberg has such passion for the role, I’d love to hear her reprise it.


I think this is way past due. Wonder Woman and the idea of mythological gods/figures interacting in a modern day setting with more contemporary villains is a great premise. If anything, her recent animated movie shows that there is no lack of enemies Wonder Woman can go up against.


I Say Great go ahead and do it.

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I agree with all of you. Including the growing up part and her coming into her own and being her own hero. If I were to write it, I would start her in the space she end in with JLU. Fully realized.

But that brings me to a second question.

I HAVE been writing a WWTAS series with my sister, and showcasing it on instagram to give an idea of what it could he like. So many good stories. We’ve done good work I believe. She started an embassy, is going against the malpractice of the medical industry, and has a witch who is pissed off at her for sharing themysciran resources with mortals. There have been heart moments, big fights, subterfuge, call backs, and vulnerability in her friendship with old man Trevor.

But I was on twitter the other day and saw something that made me think- would people only watch it if someone established in the industry wrote the show? Do yall think there is room for new voices in DC/Wonder Woman?


I’d definitely watch it!

That is exactly how I feel about it. Well said.


Ask your agent. If you dint have an agent, you may want to consider getting one. WB/DC pretty much requires representation for writers, directors, & actors.

Yes do it I love Wonder Woman and wish for a Wonder Woman animated series because once I saw Harley Quinn tv show and Wonder Woman was I need the trailer I ammediatly thought that dc universe should make a Wonder Woman series.

I meant to say in the trailer sorry for my spelling​:sob:

Considering that WW is one of DC’s iconic characters it’s curious she hasn’t gotten her own series or at least more attention. Batman and Superman have had how many movies and animated series? Wonder’s had like what 1 animated feature 1 live action movie and an antiquated series from what the …80’s. C’mon DC…,! I think it somewhat of a slight that Harley Quinn who’s the the Jokers doormat(yet finally liberated) of a girlfriend gets a show but WW who’s provided us with some of the best onscreen action is still under utilized, underdeveloped, and under represented.
With the changing tide of feminine voices coming to the fore I think this is an ideal chance for DC to bolster the much overdue convergence of womanly empowerment. Maybe she and Trevor could have some kind of romantic development. Maybe we could change that outfit to something less garishly expository. Work wondergirl into the mix; Wonder Woman as a mentor! …that’s gotta be pretty interesting.
At this moment in time releasing a well crafted well written WW series seems like a no brainer to me.
DC…get on that!


I would definitely watch the first episode and see if it was any good than see if I wanted to watch anymore of the episodes. I’m surprised that DC hasn’t done a animated series of her yet

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Animated would be the way to go. Lynda Carter and her WW are iconic. It’s been50+ years since we had a live action, just Superman show. Or a live action Batman series. I think in all 3 cases, Reeves, West, and Carter transcended the screen to be culturally iconic.

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Bloodlines was a great way to start an animated series, and the creative team was up for doing an animated series. Hopefully WB/DC will FINALLY give us the MUCH overdue WW animated series. I also still long for a WW77 animated series of movies, like the Batman 66 movies…


I was actually kinda disappointed by the Wonder Woman tv show. I’m sure it was good in other areas but watching it, it just felt kinda… cheap. And phony. Like in the second episode, WW has to get to steve who is unconscious in a barn that is full of munitions and on fire… and it just cuts to her running there at normal speed. She has to get steve trevor and a car that’s also there out of the barn as fast as possible… so she piles steve into it and drives it out… Wouldn’t it be faster to hoist steve on one shoulder and shove the car out of the barn with her leg? Sure maybe Linda Carter wouldn’t be up for that but that’s definitely something Wondy should be able to do. Maybe I’m nitpicking but this kinda thing just takes me out of it and makes me think about the show’s budget.

But you don’t have those problems with animation, so I would absolutely be down for animated amazon adventures.

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