Wonder Woman Finally Has a Girlfriend!

Yes. Make Yara Flor gay. That way she can knock out the skin color and gay birds with one stone instead of changing a 70 or 80 year old character in a genetic way.


Her being bisexual has been in the comics for years now, as outlined above. And it doesn’t change the fact that she could have a relationship with Steve Trevor. That’s why it’s called bisexual. She likes both.

Lynda Carter has said the queer community has reached out to her saying Diana was an icon for them. Please consider that this character means many things to many people, even if she can’t fit into the tiny box you want to keep her in.


I’ve been reading this! I almost couldn’t believe my eyes!! :raised_hands: :tada: :00_wonder_woman_gold: :purple_heart: :00_dc_pride_bs: (and then I did this for a sec)

Not a bad series so far either.


@AAdocare2020.8856 I can appreciate what you’re saying, but every character gets new writers and artists regularly (in this case for 80 years), and is therefore constantly evolving, so “OG” really doesn’t hold much weight. There’s a whole new generation that will regard :point_up_2:this as :00_dc_pride_bs: “OG Diana”—that’s just a fact. Maybe it’s best to continue to like what we like and let others have a shot at enjoying something too? We might also find we like new versions just as much, if we’re willing to try it.

That being said…this is not “new” Diana.
Wonder Woman :00_wonder_woman_gold: was coded from her inception w/ heavy BDSM themes (as her creators were indeed psychologists who literally invented DISC Theory) and wrote her as a Bisexual character. :balance_scale: She’s been coded on and off ever since (that, and coming from an island of only women, it’s just statistics). Several clubs covered the Comics Code Authority and Queer-Coding over the Summer (as well as the Marstons)—perhaps reading up on it might help. Doesn’t get more OG than that. :purple_heart:


Well, I appreciate that you were a bit gentle with your response, compared to how a lot of other people would react to my post, probably hardcore hating on me. As I said, I’m not a hateful person or cruel towards people because of what a person may believe in or what they prefer, but I have mine too and I think a lot of people jump the wagon too quickly (not talking about you) and easily call you names that can make a person look bad. So thank you for being civilized about it. That’s something many people seem to lack.


Great analysis of WW.
Honestly, I am starting to view each writer’s change as a whole new Earth-Prime.

side note I do have a discussion thread for dark knights of steel started and given it’s empty I decided to post a link here: Reactions To Dark Knights of Steel Spoilers Allowed


Honestly, I think DC is thinking of all audiences. They’re considering the (already) strongly suggested elements of a character by making them more recognized and official for certain versions of that character so that other fans can enjoy it on a level they can relate with. For as long as I’ve been a fan of WW (since at least the 90s), I’ve always felt that most versions of her give off queer vibes; and I sensed this even before I knew what it truly means in general. I sensed it before I even sensed it with Harley and Ivy (and that’s saying a lot considering they’re my favorite canon couple of all time).

While I respect the intent of your words, I cannot get on board with the essence of them because they’re misinforming. This is not meant to argue nor insult; I just think it’s important to understand that your words, while I’m sure they weren’t intended to be harmful, can still be damaging. And I get it… many may feel that it’s difficult to continue idolizing/fantasizing about a character when a specific element of that character doesn’t always align with them in the way they prefer. But this is either because many may have not already recognized that specific element in the character because it’s not something they personally relate with, or because they’re worried that the entirety of said character will somehow be changed to go against what they prefer.




Nothing wrong with wanting things to stay how they are but in this case. This is Diana of Amazon Island, instead of Diana of Themyscira of earth zero. so they did create a different version of Diana. However also for a long time, DC actually did not know what to do with the strong independent women of the DC multiverse other than following the archaic Gender theory. As for the most part, they were all misogynistic men writing women, however, there was also a stigma attached to comics in the 54, ( do to the scathing book seductions of the incent, and well unfortunately if you were gay up till I believe the 1970’s you where considered mentality ill and criminal) so ya having some OG revamped in light of this is ok in my book.

(Something I can sympathize with as an autistic striate male as I fall into a similarly stigmatized section of the population.) you have to remember OG in this is 1938-1956 at the latest. so OG’s are getting revamped as Gay/Lesbian (Allen Scott, Hypolitad) Bi (Catwoman the first character with a woman in her monocular in DC comics yet she will always end up eventually with batman(unless he is killed off early) in my opinion #Batcatforever, Diana wonder woman,) Harley Quinn and Tim Drake are a modern age character as up till 1983 there was only one Robin, and His name Was Dick Grayson. so really not a lot of OG characters have switched teams…Jon Kent is not even 10 years old yet. Batwoman was created as Kathy Kane and not till 1956. I think Diana has had strong Bi learning since her creation so its not that big of a shock.

Side rant:
However for all of DC pride…there are a lot of LGBTQ characters now yet we still do not have an Autistic hero. We have a mentally ill anti-hero in Harley Quinn, but none that fall on the spectrum. Personally, I feel Bruce Wayne, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne all fall on the spectrum, Selina kyle may fall on it. Let’s have these guys come out as Autism Spectrum Disorder level 1.

I actually did a post on this:DC Hero's and Rogues Who I Feel May Fall On the Autism Spectrum


My question is, is she gay? This is a physically healthy woman with healthy desires who lived for a thousand years surrounded by only women. Am I wrong to say that under the circumstances she would have been intimate with women. But since leaving Themyscira every relationship we’ve seen her in has been with men. Steve Trevor, Nemesis, Superman. Batman, Aquaman, Trevor Barnes and others. I am not saying she would be adverse to a Non-Amazon same sex relationship. I always thought there was some heat between her and Cheetah, or her and Veronica Cale. But now that she lives in a world where she has choices she seems to prefer men. But things change. Now her mom, Hippolyta, definitely gay.


Friendly reminder everyone, this is an Elseworlds story. 80 years of comics history doesn’t really matter here.

Wonder Woman has a girlfriend in this story. I understand that some people don’t like this development but please don’t use 80 years of comics as a reason to say this shouldn’t be happening. There is no reason to hate this. If you don’t like it. Don’t read it. That’s all you have to do.


does this mean she will join the JLQ?

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Awesome :metal:


Times Change, Values Change,Stories Change, Populations Change, Businesses Change and to grow all Businesses want to tap the new buyers and those that spend the most, that 18-35 demographic. That group is considerably more multi cultural, racially diverse, less religiously indoctrinatated and socially aware than when these characters were created, and even than my 55+ age group. Of course like all folks I prefer the heroes of my youth who reflected the values that were important to me then.That being said, this generation deserves heroes that reflect their time and values. Frankly, I enjoy viewing the new interpretations and perspectives this brings to characters I’ve been reading for 50 years, that doesn’t mean, I don’t :heart: a good tale involving the silver age Legion or golden age Superman, though. Additionally, what we were reading and the nuances behind the characters do change as we get older, at least that’s the case for me.
Of course I wasn’t the brightest of kids, I loved Scooby Doo as a youth, and it wasn’t until college when I happened to be watching it one day, that the light went off in my head about all the 60/70 drug culture references. My point is I still :heart: Scooby Doo but I do watch it in a different manner than when I was young.




Welcome to the community! We’re happy to see you’re excited about this juicy WW news :0_wonder_woman: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I never had to confront what it could be like to not have representation in media. I still don’t personally know what it must be like, but I can understand how harmful and difficult it must be, so I am glad to see the changes in recent comics. It could really make a difference, especially in a young person’s life, and must be gratifying as well for those who grew up without that kind of representation. So, this seems like a good step forward.

My only concern is, as @kryptokat says:

I am looking for a strong love story and not a lingerie pillow fight. Tom Taylor has written some really first-class stuff so I am thinking we will get the former. I believe in you, Tom!

And it’s not like this is really anything new (says the Golden Age Wonder Woman fanatic), the difference is now it doesn’t have to be hidden.


Queer relationships are no more inherently sexual than straight ones. When we see a straight couple kiss in a romcom, we don’t instantly think it’s being exploited for sexualization. Same should be true for queer people.

Unfortunately, our society still deems words like “lesbian” and “gay” as inherently sexual terms. In fact, it’s only recently that you have been able to search Google Images with the safety filter off and the word “lesbian” and not see x-rated images.

Yes, it should not be overly sexualized, but then that goes for all comics, especially with female characters, whether they’re straight or not. A sexuality is not inherently sexual, being straight is a sexuality, but there’s none of the fetishization and it’s unfair.


One of the things I like about a forum like this is that I have the opportunity to see things from different points of view that I would have never thought of before, when people are patient enough to explain their thoughts, for which I thank you.

I would quote points from your post in which I had to step back and think, but I would be quoting pretty much the entire post. It is sometimes disconcerting to find out there are things about which I haven’t thought about or understood after 50 years on the planet, but it is also one of my greatest pleasures. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts @Mae . You’ve given me much to think about.



:hugs: Hopefully that didn’t come off as too preachy, sorry if I did.